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Submission + - Scientists grow working vocal cord tissue in the lab (

sciencehabit writes: For the first time, scientists have created vocal cord tissue starting with cells from human vocal cords. When tested in the lab, the bioengineered tissue vibrated—and even sounded—similar to the natural thing. The development could one day help those with severely damaged vocal cords regain their lost voices.

Submission + - We can't let governments use Paris attacks to excuse increased surveillance (

Mark Wilson writes: The tragic events in France have, almost inevitably, led to renewed calls for increased surveillance of the internet. This cannot be allowed to happen; terrorism cannot be used as an excuse to infringe upon the privacy of millions of innocent internet users.

We have groups such as Anonymous taking a vigilante stance in a bid to drive ISIS from the internet, but governments have leapt on the massacres as a justification for additional snooping powers. This smacks very much of being a knee jerk reaction, and there is a very real danger that rushed legislation will cause greater harm than good.

Mass online surveillance is never right. We have already seen the NSA and GCHQ sucking up more information than they are able to process. It's a sign of governmental panic that rather than trying to come up with a meaningful, workable solution to terrorism (like, oh I don’t know... maybe not bombing people perhaps) those in power would rather chuck a load of money at projects that indiscriminately gather data in the blind hope that something useful will turn up.

Submission + - How Bill Nye insulted NASCAR fans about the sport being the 'anti-NASA' (

MarkWhittington writes: Bill Nye, the former science guy and current head of the Planetary Society, is very depressed about NASA and NASCAR, according to a story in Business Insider. He believes that the red-state yokels pay too much attention to NASCAR, which employs gas guzzling cars in races, and not enough to NASA, which employs cutting edge and environmentally correct technology, to explore the universe. However, it is a meme that the space agency itself once disagreed with. Indeed, NASA has suggested that the exploration of space is like NASCAR only with rocket ships instead of souped up, high powered cars

Comment Simple checklist (Score 0) 400

1. Are you American. You're on an unconstitutional and illegal watchlist.
2. Are you Canadian. You're on an unconstitutional and illegal watchlist.
3. Are you European. You're on an illegal watchlist.
4. Are you from anywhere else? You're on a watchlist, but it's probably legal.

Oh, and they are tracking your cell phones. Always.

And, yes, your xBox One and PS are spying on you, as well as Windows 10.

Should you be paranoid? Doesn't matter, actually.

Comment Fingerprints can be hashed (Score 2) 242

Most match protocols use point algorithms to store the points and patterns.

The fact that you've never seen this does not mean we don't have it. We just don't tell you.

However, all biometrics are highly hackable. Including and especially facial recognition.

The chief way to stop people is to pay attention to your actual vulnerabilities and concentrate on those, and vary the more easily defeated protocols.

Stop believing movies. Most of what you see in those are fake.

Numeric stability is probably not all that important when you're guessing.