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Comment Re:Easy to do when backed by the PRC (Score 1) 195

I do have the 'bad feeling' about the outcome. Then again, foreign markets will buffer their crash.

I'd be even more worried if I believed the average Chinese citizen had much money in their markets or banks. I know enough Chinese people to bet they've got as much of their net as hidden as possible, in tangible assets, preferably farmland. Maybe it's a stereotype...They bought up all the rental houses in Sacto 2-3 years ago. (Farming fat kids?)

Comment Re:Easy to do when backed by the PRC (Score 1) 195

Do you play civilization?

Do you realize just how big a size multiple S Korea's economy is vs the north's.

America has been in the DMZ to keep the south from going north for 20 years or more. It wouldn't be much of a fight. Only the nukes and China complicate things.

Sure N Korea has lots of old artillery. S Korea has the gun positions zeroed.

Comment I know someone who did far better. (Score 3, Interesting) 34

Back in the 70s. Bought a 10,000psi stainless cylinder at surplus. Screwed on a fin set, nozzle and burst plate he constructed. Then filled it 80% with water before building a bonfire around it.

They drank beer until the pressure plate popped out at about 8,000 psi.

They were walking around, stomping out fires in the dessert when a group of nice airmen in a Huey invited them to come and talk. They denied everything.

Apparently Russian launch detection satellites saw the flight. He claims they made 10k meters+.

Comment Re: How about more offensive public mailing lists? (Score 1) 685

By giving all coders bellyrubs you are weeding out the good ones.

The simple fact is that 90% of 'coders' just shouldn't. If you let them shit all over your project then all the good coders will leave.

'You aren't a good enough coder for this project, go away' is not constructive criticism, but what if it's true?

Comment Re:Easy to do when backed by the PRC (Score 1) 195

Shanghai stock exchange has an average PE ratio of 70. After 'the correction', It was 100.

Posting this information from China will get you arrested for talking down the market.

That's what happens when you have a real society where the 1% can have the government prop up their bad investments.

China has for decades been managed for a single metric...100% industrial utilization. It might turn out that wasn't such a good idea.

We can only hope the Chinese finally remove the peg from the Yuan. So far we only see it move rapidly when it helps them.

The Shanghai stock market is still at least 4x overvalued and it is not being allowed to move. Keeping that up will require infinite money. Something will give.

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