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Comment Re:Un. Be. Effing. Lievable. (Score 1) 151

Businesses sell BS every day. Atomic grade, deadly bullshit is common. Visit a 'natural health' store, anywhere.

But they convince themselves and don't go on record: 'of course [InsertBSproduct] is bullshit'.

This guy thought he could get away with it. Look at his history. I bet you he's done similar before, but his connections kept him in tea and crumpets.

Look at who this guy knew, the ones trying to look inconspicuous and hoping the sacrifice will be sufficient. I smell an upper class twit conspiracy. Should unravel with a few swift kicks. Going to have to give him something to get it unrolling.

Comment Re:Crime doesn't pay? LOLOLOLOL (Score 1) 151

You don't see the blowjobs on high ranking suits this bastard had to perform to get the contract.

The basic problem is deliberately broken contracting processes. He thought he could get away with this. Let him go, if he snitches out every crooked politician and purchasing officer. Then let him go, to the families of those that died with his gadget in their hands.

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