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Comment Re:Toyota engine, Subaru body. Subaru in airplanes (Score 1) 238

Bolt patterns worked out that way do to 'distributed design'?

And you can 'probably' walk away from the first flight. I don't think you're making the point you intend. There is thought required for all the mods you list, particularly for the first to do them.

Comment Re:Toyota engine, Subaru body. Subaru in airplanes (Score 4, Insightful) 238

Just focusing on two parts: You think you can just thoughtlessly bolt any engine to any propeller?

Not unless you want to die. The FAA certifies them as sets. The certification process is long and involved.

And idiots still take saws-alls to propeller tips. Thinking they need 20 cm more clearance and never thinking a prop has a resonance frequency.

Comment Re:1 million processing operations = 1.2 inches (Score 1) 52

A ball bouncing into the road is often followed by a child. On urban/suburban streets a bouncing ball is cause for hard braking.

This is the kind of problem that will require strong AI to resolve. Until then we will have to make do with highway driver assists.

For those who say: 'Simple, the class of toys is finite. Just build an expert system to recognize bouncing balls etc.' Consider how much fun it would be to throw a bouncy ball from an overpass into highway traffic. Your expert system also has to deal with that.

Comment Re:Conclusion not supported by given evidence (Score 1) 266

You need to look at the decade running up to it, not 2 years. There was a great increase in money chasing enrollment running up to the peak. At 2 year difference in the peak isn't likely statistically significant.

I sat on the floor of the overstuffed lecture halls. EE not CS. But close enough.

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