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Comment: Re:I'm pretty sure Jesus said not to do this (Score 2) 859

A better question. Why would you want someone photographing your wedding that hated you?

I'd prefer to spend my money on someone else.

Paraphrasing Ben Franklin. 'Why would you want to shut-up your opponents. Let them talk, encourage them to talk. That way everybody knows they are idiots.'

The world is a large place, gays will find photographers and bakers. Holy rollers will lose money. It's not 1950, assets are not so closely held and there are plenty of heathens, even in the bible belt.

Comment: Re:Biggest issue is still liability (Score 1) 177

Your performance is limited by the tire contact patch vs the weight of the car. (Don't even answer if all you've got is the first order friction approximation.)

Upgraded brakes without upgraded tires first is almost certainly a waste of money. Were the old brakes incapable of locking the tires?

Brake upgrades will improve your control and brake feel. But the tire is the limiting factor.

Real Users find the one combination of bizarre input values that shuts down the system for days.