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Journal: Not with a bang, but a whimper... 29

Journal by Shadow Wrought
I've been on the dot for over ten years now, and that's only counting me contributing to the conversation. I lurked for at least a couple, three years before even posting. During that time I watched it grow and flourish. It went from a site that was entertaining to read while waiting for jobs to finish to a site that I checked regularly. It was during this Golden time that Teh Circle grew and there would be 20-30 JE's a day from interesting people all over the world. Great discussio

Comment: Source Code (Score 2) 1

by Shadow Wrought (#36953344) Attached to: Movies
What bothered me about Source code is that the entire construct of the train and it's surroundings was created through mapping the brains of those present, or something along those lines IIRC. So, since the actual terrorist was not there for them to glean the information from, there was no way for him to see the van or anything in it, let alone the actual terrorist to have a conversation with.

I saw it in theatres and I remember really enjoying the fact that it was something different and original, but it bothered me that it didn't follow its own logic. I would've rather have him find the guy sooner, but then have to push past the barrier and have that what created the parallel universe, or whatever you want to call that different timeline.

But, all in all, very enjoyable. If it wasn't so new, different, and well done I probably wouldn't have held it to the higher standard, come to think of it...

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 1) 12

by Shadow Wrought (#36901888) Attached to: Fate of Slashdot
It would be great to see you again! I'm trying to see if I can put togather an East Coast swing next summer and hopefully see you this time :-) We'll see though, a lot of things have to come together first...

It ended up being a very cool visit and, just to be different, Portland weather cooperated with us for a change!

Comment: Re:Sigh (Score 1) 12

by Shadow Wrought (#36836840) Attached to: Fate of Slashdot
There was a time when slashdot was a destination. Now it's just a service station bathroom break on the way to a different destination - on a good day.

This! I very rarely come here anymore, which is kind of sad. Many of the /. types I communicated with regularly are on twitter, and that accounts for most of my communciations with Teh Circle remnants.

I have hopes for G+ but have been too busy to really get into it yet (although I do have some invites) Hopefully we can reconnect there!

Hope all is well with you! (BTW, technolust is coming to Portland tomorrow, finally going to meet him in person with peacefinder)

Comment: Re:To play the devil's advocate... (Score 1) 5

by Shadow Wrought (#36427888) Attached to: TSA Agent Arrested over 15 year old "Sex Slave"
It really doesn't matter whether he was using his Psecial TSA Powers as part of it or not. He's in a position of public trust and should be held to a higher standard. By your logic, and I realize it is a Devil's advocacy, Weiner's namesake really shouldn't be news either since he wasn't using his position (AFAIK) to send the pics. If he was not TSA but any other member of Law enforcement, from Judge to Junior Deputy Trainee, it is news because of the nature of the job.

Comment: Re:Worked for me (Score 1) 2

by Shadow Wrought (#36427806) Attached to: I don't know what to do.
Absolutely agree. I always thought of therapy as a great idea for everyone else. I went through it when I was going through my separation and it has helped me immmeasurably.

The analogy I use is if you think of emotions as muscles. A good therapist is like a personal trainer teaching you how to use your emotions. Plus, its nice having someone on your side.

Good luck, and feel free to email directly if you feel the need.

Comment: Re:To play the devil's advocate... (Score 1) 5

by Shadow Wrought (#36379942) Attached to: TSA Agent Arrested over 15 year old "Sex Slave"
Because he is in a position of authority and public trust. It is more of a story if someone in law enforcement is breaking the law in such an egrigious manner. The 7/11 clerk or taxi driver's job isn't predicated on keeping the rest of society safe, so its shocking, but not as shocking.

Comment: Good Luck... (Score 1) 1

by Shadow Wrought (#36338352) Attached to: Life
Changing yourself is hard to do, but I think it will be worth it. There is something to sharing your enjoyment with others. As a thuoght, if you remember the people who invited you out at work, back int he day, maybe you should invite them? They're likely the most social anyway and that could help jump start things, too. Especially after you get a bit more cleaned up.

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