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Comment: Re:Who will win? (Score 4, Insightful) 159

Right, so if I go fly a plane with no training or testing it's ok, because I'll only do it once?

And this is why private pilot and commercial pilot licenses are very different.

The emissions and brakes, sure, but guess what? Those are things the RIDERS will notice, and they will get bad rating for it and get deactivated before too long.

Even airlines skip on maintenance. This has already killed people. These airlines still exist, making your point unconvincing at best.

Further, lots of Uber drivers don't actually drive that much. Certainly not more than, say, someone who commutes in a major city, or who goes on road trips. If you are going to harp on this further, I would suggest a better system would be to have inspections based on miles driven, rather that periods of time elapsed.

And now you are pulling numbers out of your arse. There is a reason why insurance companies insist on commercial insurances for professional drivers.

And in any event, you are ignoring the elephant in the room, the enormously expensive medallions/good-old boy "regulations" that price everyone out of the market and create artificial scarcity.

Uber has problems with the law even in cities/countries that go without a medallion (i.e. anybody who has a commercial driver license and commercial insurance can have their own taxi).

Comment: Re:Draw The Pedophile (Score 1) 868

by dunkelfalke (#49611309) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

Concentration camps were invented by the Brits during the Boer wars (which was colonial warfare at its finest). First world war had colonial rivalry as one of the causes, second world war had also several colonial wars (North African campaign, Pacific war). Even Vietnam war started as a colonial war.

Comment: Re:welcome to Europe my dear Americans... (Score 1, Insightful) 868

by dunkelfalke (#49609771) Attached to: Two Gunman Killed Outside "Draw the Prophet" Event In Texas

Sorry, but no. The ancient Greeks are not related to the current ones (who are ethnically mostly Turkish) in any way. Besides, your Christian religion was a hindrance for Europe for many centuries, not a blessing. It directly contributed to the downfall of the Roman empire, hundreds of wars and lost knowledge.

This is so funny about you nationalists, no matter from where. You are convinced that you are a blood legacy of some master race, but the reality is usually very different.

Comment: Re:A Fish rots from the head down (Score 1) 162

No, I said what I meant. Eastern Ukraine. Not the war zone, because it is just a part of Eastern Ukraine. If I wanted to say "war zone", I would have said so. My basic communication skills are good enough and you are the first person who has interpreted me like this. So it is your reading comprehension that is malfunctioning. Please don't project your own problems on me.

If you said "I went to Fukushima" then it would mean that you went to the Fukushima perfecture, or maybe to the city of Fukushima, which is still outside the exclusion zone. So the problem we have here exists only in your head. And if I say to you that a visit to Pripyat and Chernobyl is next on the list, presumably in mid-October when I have more time, then this is what it is.

Your problem is that you absolutely cannot admit that you were wrong. Instead you weasel around, move the goalposts, accuse others of being liers and and generally hurl more insults. Like I said, go visit a therapist. You might not recognise it, but you really need professional help.

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