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Comment Re:How much would it help? (Score 1) 262

Not necessarily. Road bike brakes aren't that strong and the very narrow tyres haven't a lot of stopping power. Cyclocross bikes have somewhat wider tyres, but they often use cantilever brakes which suck donkey balls when it comes to stopping power even compared to v-brakes - basically the lowest brake version for cheap city bikes. Better ones use hydraulic disc brakes - which are allowed on cyclocross nowadays but not many riders use them yet.

Comment Re: Easy solution (Score 1) 74

Szydlo is just a puppet of the aforementioned head of the Piss party and probably hates Russians herself, like every other self respecting Pole. And they don't exactly need to spy on their own people and seize control of the courts, they just do it because they can and because it is what nationalist governments tend to do.

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