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Comment: Re:New boss - same as the old boss (Score 3, Interesting) 79

Not a troll. They are ALREADY trying to figure out how to stifle free speech. Net Neutrality the concept is great. Net Neutrality as defined by Politicians and the current laws is so screwed up as to be dangerous.

And with the President's penchant for "executive orders", just imagine how the next one will screw it up even more.

Comment: Re:What is Net Neutrality anyhow???? (Score 1) 309


It isn't what was promised, is having crushing problems. Even if you want Universal Healthcare, this is not what this is. It was doomed to fail. And don't give me any leftwing excuses and anecdotal evidence as proof that it is working. It isn't.

Comment: Re:What is Net Neutrality anyhow???? (Score 1) 309

If you believe the government is doing this for "net neutrality" reasons, you're both blind and stupid. What the government passed was NOT Net Neutrality. It was dressed up like it, but putting lipstick on a pig doesn't make it a whore. And this is very much like putting lipstick on a pig, in the end, you're gonna get Sausage instead of a nice blowjob.

Never underestimate the ability of government to fix something until it doesn't work at all.

Comment: Re:Trash (Score 1) 140

by Archangel Michael (#49327323) Attached to: "Google Glass Isn't Dead!" Says Google's CEO Eric Schmidt

Here's the problem, you fear the guy filming YOU, when you're being filmed by everyone. There is no difference except your feelings on on the subject.

Lets say you're in a bar, and you get drunk and do something drunken. Does it matter if it is Surveillance camera or Google Glass that captures the moment and gets posted to YouTube for all to see?

The difference between being illuminated by an LED and having a torch shoved in your face is not the same as camera or a camera. But if that is how you look at it, then good luck to you.

Comment: Re:And now why this can not be done in the USofA (Score 0) 314

And you actually believe they would SUPPORT a Solar Farm, a Hydro Electric Damn, a Nuclear Power Plant, or Windmill Farm?

It is one thing to "say" you support something, and another when it actually comes around.

1) Solar Farms destroy ________ habitat
2) Hydro Dams destroy ________ habitat
3) Nuclear is scary dangerous
4) Windmills kill ______ birds.

What Greenpeace and others say is they support whatever, as long as it doesn't impact the environment. And since EVERYTHING impacts the environment, they oppose it on those grounds.

It is not a strawman when you compare rhetoric to actions. And while saying one thing, and doing another is hypocritical, it is also excused by people like yourself. Let me know when Greenpeace isn't opposing, but is actually supporting the next dam, wind farm, nuclear plant or solar farm. I won't hold my breath.

Comment: Re:You can have my steering wheel. . . (Score 1) 341

In my neck of the woods, making a lane change, and slamming the brakes is considered "unsafe lane change" and is a moving violation. It happened to me, and the other driver was cited for that among other charges. That and I am (was??) a good driver, and almost missed him completely. The skid marks on the road, showing me maintaining control of my car, was enough for the police to rule right there that I was not at fault.

Comment: Re:Most transparent Admn ever.... (Score 1) 334

The media has a decidedly left viewpoint, even if it has moments that seem right leaning. Pointing to odd cases of seemingly "right" leaning events, doesn't change anything.

And if you as me about the press' coverage leading up to the war, it is easy to see why. Then Sen Hillary was a war proponent making all the same claims as GWB. The press was giving her deference, which happened to line up with GWB.

By the time she ran for president, the press was more towards BHO, and that definitively helped him get elected. I mean, he was elected essentially for not being "white" and not being "Bush". He had no qualifications and it shows to this day.

Comment: The Laptop Should be what works. (Score 1) 385

by Archangel Michael (#49287403) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Choosing a Laptop To Support Physics Research?

Why not have a Mac or WinTel machine and put VM software on it to run LINUX, you're likely to have much better compatibility once you go into a VM and it provides the best of both worlds.

A nice big SSD, and 16 GB Ram should suffice, even if you have to get them elsewhere.

Comment: Re:Eqaul Protection (Score 1) 759

There is a simple problem that Socialism never accounts for. When a government agency is the last provider of a service, it is never allowed to fail. It just gets more money, run by the same people, who couldn't do it right.

Socialism, by necessity, obliterates the opportunity to find alternatives in quality, price and service, you get what you get, no more, no less, and for price that is more than it should be.

My recent example is the DMV. I recently had to go to our local "Monopoly" government agency, to register my vehicle (special case). I had to wait for two hours, for a 3 minute window visit. I mean, I spent no more than three minutes at the window. You're telling me, that government provides this wonderful service is the most efficient? Private enterprise offering this stellar service would be out of business.

There is no way, you're going to convince me that government is efficient, simply because there is no pressure to be efficient. The only inefficient markets are the ones that have government interference.

"What is wanted is not the will to believe, but the will to find out, which is the exact opposite." -- Bertrand Russell, _Sceptical_Essays_, 1928