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Comment Re:Dump article by dump people (Score 1) 349

Dear Average User,

This person was bitching about linux on the desktop. If you're not using it on the desktop, this conversation simply ends. However, if you decide to take the dive and switch your machine from whatever it's currently running to linux, don't start complaining about things in it that are and have been standards since internet forever.
While you don't know what unix is or care about it's inner workings, your gleeful ignorance saddens me.
Sagan said it best: "We live in a society exquisitely dependent on science and technology, in which hardly anyone knows anything about science and technology."

Comment Re:Cart before horse (Score 2) 115

Honestly, it's still not going to be that big of a waste... They're going to reuse all the avionics, etc out of that booster. What will end up being the museum piece is the empty shell that landed... I suspect they'll swap out the engines for dummy's and reuse them as well.

Also at this point recovery isn't factored into the cost of the launch... It's just gravy. They charge $50M because they assume the booster is a write off.

Once, they start recovering these with regularity, the pricing structure will suddenly change from $50M to $10M for a launch... Then pressing every booster back into service becomes part of the savings.

Comment Dump article by dump people (Score 0) 349

This is an article that should have never made it out of the bin, nor to the front page. The author of the article demonstrates a general lack of understanding in regards to both unix and linux in particular. This is best demonstrated by point 31. where they complain about unix case sensitivity. Not only is unix file systems case sensitive, they're actually designed that way... on purpose.

Dear Slashdot editors, please review articles a bit better before passing them on. This article is a crapfest from beginning to end.

Comment Outsourcing? (Score 1) 39

I came here to write a snarky comment about deciding to out source lifting services when your cobbled launch system goes boom. However, the more think about it, this seems like the smarter thing for Cygnus to do.

Get out of the lifting business. ULA and SpaceX (last launch not withstanding) have a reliable proven launch systems.
Bezos is coming to the party possible soon.

What they should instead do is get everybody at the table and agree to an interface that everybody would use for connecting their space craft to the lifting system. That way if your X launch system. You receive a standard launch container. You'd latch it onto a testbed that would do gyro/tip weight balancing calculations.
Have your software take the balancing calculations to figure out angular moment, etc, then mount the container in the fairing, put it on top of the rocket, and away you go.

Comment No Thanks. (Score 1) 40

If I want to play Pen and Paper D&D, I'll do it the old fashioned way... Yeah I understand people move, etc. roll20 is for that.

If I'm going to go out and buy an occulus rift, you better be damned sure when I put the goggles on:

I'm going to be crawling through a beautiful dungeon, disabling traps, plundering chests and kicking the shit out of orcs / kobolds / goblins and all manner of monsters!
I'll be going into taverns and getting into bar fights with surly dwarfs!

I'll be riding a dragon, blasting pirate galleons in defense of my king!

What I won't be doing is sitting there playing table top D&D on a virtual table... That's just stupid.

Comment Re:Off-Earth habitation (Score 1) 684

I've asked this question as well. I feel our energy would be better spent on getting viable graphene production up and running so we can use that to build mega scale structures in space. Once we've got the technology I think building a bunch of O'Neill cylinders makes more sense. Though I don't entirely discount going to mars. I think we should develop as much general purpose technology as possible.

Comment Russian Space Agency Hand Waving (Score 1) 307

I'll start this comment by stating up front that a SpaceX fan.

Now with that said, imagine you're in the Russian space industry... Falcon9 / Dragon / DragonRider/ CST100 represent serious competition. At a time when the Russian economy could best be described as struggling, the last thing it needs is for SpaceX to start gobbling up the lucrative ISS lift slots. Yes, I know congress just recently decided to keep funding sending astronauts via Soyuz. However, in the longrun, once Dragon{9,Rider} prove themselves, that source of funding dries up...

Ask this question... Once SpaceX has a fully operational DragonRider... how much does that cost per seat? Would the Russian government in the face of financial short comings come to the conclusion it's cheaper to spend US $20M to send a Cosmonaut to the ISS on a SpaceX rocket instead of the cost for a whole Soyuz?

Comment As a Patriots fan... (Score 1) 225

*shrug* By all measures actually having properly inflated balls caused the Pats to play better... it doesn't seem this was much of an "advantage."

With that all said... I was also shocked to find out that the NFL didn't just supply the balls... it seems obvious. Let's let the pitchers bring their own baseballs to the baseball game... what could possibly go wrong....

Comment Re:Single case anecdote. (Score 1) 469

I have a somewhat similar story. I was an aspiring CS college student and had bought a copy of Turbo C++ (3.something). I had saved a ton of money I went off and got myself a pentium 166. The thing rocked... except it ran Win95 and my fancy IDE compiler environment... yeah it crashed... a lot.

A buddy of mine came over with a pile of floppies, a zip drive with slackware and a "Learn linux in 24 hours" Sam book. We got my machine duel boot, got X working and then my buddy headed off.

I dove in head first and while the learning curve was steep, I figured it out. Even better, I had a functioning C compiler and "Jed" as an editor. I did managed to dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/hda within the first week and learned how to reinstall everything... so that hurt, but that's how you learn.

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