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Comment: Sounds like a perfect plan for a Eugenics program. (Score 0) 394

by Mysticalfruit (#48190021) Attached to: NASA's HI-SEAS Project Results Suggests a Women-Only Mars Crew
Clearly, we need to start a eugenics program that would create humans that have the following traits:
- Petite in stature
- Ultra efficient metabolism. Just increasing our intestines efficiency by 1 or 2 percent would save huge amounts of food.
- Highly intelligent.
- More efficient gas exchange (Humans in the Himalayans already have this trait) so they could function in lower pressure, lower O2 levels.

A human with those traits would be perfect.

Comment: Re:So competition is bad? (Score 1) 232

My parents (who live in Auburn (a suburb of Worcester)) have Charter and even compared to Verizon they've had great service. They had an issue with one of their boxes and Charter came out same day, replaced it, a second box and then proceeded to replace the wiring in the house, all at no cost. As an ISP they're not world class, but their reliable and responsive when problems crop up.

Is Charter a panache? No. They're just a bit better than the average which oddly makes them pretty damn good.. which is really sad.

Comment: Re:Mars has no magnetosphere (Score 1) 549

I guess that's cool until the moment some crazy terrorist engineers some crazy strain of the spanish flu and kills half the population.
Or Yellow Stone erupts and the world is thrown into climatic chaos
Or an asteroid hits, etc...

Why don't we do both? Make Earth a paradise and build the technologies to go to mars and make it a paradise too.

Comment: How about we blame everybody... (Score 1) 622

by Mysticalfruit (#48132827) Attached to: The Correct Response To Photo Hack Victim-Blamers
Firstly, There needs to be better education about what happens when you take a picture with your phone and where it ends up. I've had conversations where the person doesn't get that once the picture is on facebook if they delete it from their phone it's still on facebook. We don't have to go into the gory details, but there needs to be better understanding about the causality of posting a picture, even as a text.

Secondly, the person should clearly understand that if they post a nude picture to something like apples cloud what the permanent ramifications of that are.

Thirdly, (I know this is already happening) device manufacturers need to start implementing two factor authentication and key management systems.

Thus if [insert random person] wants to send a nude photograph to someone... a) the file is encrypted on the server use the persons private key and the recipient is using a separate revocable key to look at it. Thus in the future if things don't work out, the first person take that recipient off their allowed list and presto the pictures aren't viewable.

This doesn't prevent the recipient at the time from making copies or forwarding the pictures, but it would mitigate some of the danger of the persons phone getting hacked.

Nothing is perfect other than not taking pictures, but in the social age we're in, that behavior isn't going to suddenly change so technology should keep up to protect people as best as possible.

Comment: More grant writing... less science... (Score 1) 283

by Mysticalfruit (#48090735) Attached to: Glut of Postdoc Researchers Stirs Quiet Crisis In Science
I have many friends who are post docs who are now out of their field doing other stuff for a simple reason. Their jobs stopped being about doing research and became about getting money to do research. They spent 95% of their time writing an endless stream of grant proposals for an ever vanishing slice of the pie. Moreover, many of them were frustrated by the fact that it seemed that some institutions vacuumed up huge amounts of grant money leaving other labs high and dry. The system is clearly broken and basic science is suffering for it.

Comment: I call bullshit. (Score 1) 575

by Mysticalfruit (#48040997) Attached to: Obama Administration Argues For Backdoors In Personal Electronics
Dear Attorney General,

Please provide a list of cases where you can demonstrate that this capacity was effectively used to stop a crime in progress.
Exactly. This is pure fear mongering on the guise of "Think of the children."

Conversely, if the government can covertly install spyware on any device it wants anyway, why would the encryption matter in the first place. Wouldn't the government just falsely embrace it claiming it's good for privacy knowing full well they can subvert it.

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