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Comment: Re:Why not on land? (Score 1) 81

by Mysticalfruit (#48619363) Attached to: SpaceX To Attempt Falcon 9 Landing On Autonomous Spaceport Drone Ship
I agree plus it gives them flexibility. As much as Elon talks about having the first stage land back at the launch site, there's simply too much valuable infrastructure. Having a fleet of these autonomous ships gets Elon the reusability without endangering his personal and launch sites.

Comment: Re:Simple... (Score 1) 153

by Mysticalfruit (#48615169) Attached to: In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional
It seems it's centered around some perceived benefit (usually financial). Well meaning bean counters who don't see the whole picture and get befuddled by glossy brochures. Though in my experience once all the numbers are on the table and we really start talking turkey, suddenly they realize the math makes no sense.

If you're a start up and you have zero infrastructure, the cloud makes perfect sense, until you get to a certain size and then it suddenly stops making sense.

Comment: Simple... (Score 4, Insightful) 153

by Mysticalfruit (#48612179) Attached to: In IT, Beware of Fad Versus Functional
These are the questions I end up asking when someone runs into the I.T. department shouting that we need to upload all of our code to the cloud and power down our data center.

1. Does this technology put our companies assets at risk?
2. Does this technology significantly improve the performance/security/reliability without violating rule #1?
3. Does this technology put us in a situation where a single vendor/point of failure/attacker can road block us?
4. What are the long term costs of this technology compared to our existing infrastructure?
5. How disruptive is this technology and do it's benefits outweigh the disruption?

In many cases once we get into the conversation and the person has a better understanding of what's going on behind the scenes, suddenly "" stops looking like such a great deal.

Comment: Domain specific superior AI is the key (Score 3, Interesting) 417

by Mysticalfruit (#48566341) Attached to: AI Expert: AI Won't Exterminate Us -- It Will Empower Us
I've commented about this in the past, I think strong AI will be what allows us to take the "great leap forward". However, I don't expect us to have some general purpose AI. Instead I see us generating a domain specific AI that becomes superior to humans in it's understanding.

A good example might be to give an AI all the data from the LHC and then ask questions like "Does this data demonstrate the existence of X particle", "Design an experiment using the existing design of the LHC that would most likely generate X particle"

That same approach could be applied to any number of fields.

Comment: Re:Modern board games (Score 1) 171

by Mysticalfruit (#48564879) Attached to: Preferred Type of Game?
Lord of the Fries is great. What's even cooler is that most of those games now out of print are available as Print-N-Play PDFs on their website.

As for Kill Dr. Lucky, Titanic games licensed it and produced a really nice version of it. When my original KDL game fell apart from use I bought this and tucked in all the paper expansions.

Comment: Realize this is 14 years away... (Score 1) 86

by Mysticalfruit (#48556033) Attached to: China Plans Superheavy Rocket, Ups Reliability
They're talking about building a rocket whose first launch is in 14 years. Yeah, I know it takes a long time to engineer something complex like a HL rocket, but I think in this case they're hedging their bets. A valid strategy might be to just go slow work up a design and then watch what SpaceX and NASA does and modify their design based on the lessons learned from those HL systems.

It's not a bad way to go, but it also means in the short term no Taikonauts will be leaving LEO...

Comment: Time to turn off the laptop and go read. (Score 2) 312

by Mysticalfruit (#48532579) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Dealing With Electronics-Induced Inattentiveness?
Buy yourself a kindle... no not a tablet, that gives you too much access to the internet. Then that hour you normally spend sitting on your laptop while watching tv... spend it reading. We live in the golden age of literature... you have more books at your fingertips that anyone in history.

Comment: Re:Woohoo, let's explore (Score 1) 140

by Mysticalfruit (#48531355) Attached to: NASA's Orion Capsule Reaches Orbit
Even if stacked under this capsule was the entire mars one stack, you would still need the capsule in case something goes wrong from from T-0 through SECO. Being able to abort and bring people home is a critical element to this.

Once you're in orbit, now you can spin the capsule around, mate it to the transit vehicle, get comfy and head on to mars. In your nice roomy hey let's go to mars bus!

As for what this cost? Less than we've spent bombing ISIS or for that matter what the DOD spent on diesel last year. We MASSIVELY under fund our space agency. Go check this out:
It's a joke. We spend NOTHING on our space program. Tests like this are not a waste at all, we need to test these systems before we rely on them.

Comment: I want strong AI! (Score 1) 574

by Mysticalfruit (#48507605) Attached to: Hawking Warns Strong AI Could Threaten Humanity
I don't know about the rest of you, but I think a strong AI would benefit humanity. Turn it loose on the problems that have baffled us and see what it comes up with. Fusion, grant unified theory, etc. The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself. If along the way it and we figure out how to transcend our bodies and all kinds of other sci-fi awesomeness, all the better.

Comment: Oh there's a story here? (Score 1) 452

by Mysticalfruit (#48462489) Attached to: The Schizophrenic Programmer Who Built an OS To Talk To God
I got distracted by the crazy link bait crap at the bottom of the page. Come on slashdot... I've been a member for nearly 15 years but you're about to lose me. I don't mind a banner ad here or there but I see one more "10 foods that'll make you old" I'm going to scream.

Oh yeah, so the intersection of a crazy and computer science brought this to life... oh great.

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