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Comment: Re:This is one thing I love about it (Score 1) 544

by Mysticalfruit (#46652363) Attached to: 60 Minutes Dubbed Engines Noise Over Tesla Model S
So I'm in the market for a new car and I've been thinking of getting a volt... I have a couple of questions...
1. How did the battery do this winter?
2. Did you buy the optional 220v charger?

Overall likes/dislikes?
I suspect if I buy one, I'll end up getting one with all the bells and whistles, etc.

Comment: Re:I think they took a step in the wrong direction (Score 1) 198

by Mysticalfruit (#46594985) Attached to: Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears
I'm not disagreeing with that. I think it's been a positive for the linux kernel as well, making linux a much more secure platform. I just thought it was funny that the Russians swapped their hardware for something that ostensibly the NSA has had more access to.

Comment: I think they took a step in the wrong direction... (Score 0) 198

by Mysticalfruit (#46594427) Attached to: Russian Officials Dump iPads For Samsung Tablets Over Spy Fears
If they're worried about the NSA having code running on their tablets.... why did they swap their mach/freebsd running tablets for ones running and OS that's had heavy development from the NSA?

More than a decade ago the NSA got involved in linux development and never left. Is it possible that their security people have poured over the millions of lines of C and assembly that make up the linux kernel and all the drivers that are running on their tablets? Possibly, but highly doubtful.

Comment: Re:NASA needs SpaceX. SpaceX doesn't need NASA. (Score 1) 292

by Mysticalfruit (#46546759) Attached to: Back To the Moon — In Four Years
Finally somebody else who agrees with me! I have long advocated that we should have bases on the moon and mars just in case something bad happens on Earth.

I think it would be a noble goal to not only put a base on the Moon and Mars but to make them self sufficient. Beyond having a self sufficient base it should also have a repository of our institutional knowledge just in case something cataclysmic should happen on Earth. Speaking of eggs... I think that something that should go to these bases as well is a chunk of the eggs and sperm we currently have in cold storage that'll never get used. This would provide a safety net for genetic diversity and provide a starting place in case something bad happens on Earth.

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by Mysticalfruit (#46311433) Attached to: VA Tech Experiment: Polar Vortex May Decimate D.C. Stinkbugs In 2014
I know my relatives up in Minnesota despite their bitching about it being -60 are glad that it's decimated the ash bore beetle infestation. Up here in the north east we're hoping it'll have the same effect on the Asian longhorn beetle as well.

Though evolution being what it is, enough of these really cold winters and we'll just have populations of these insects that can winter over these temperatures.

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by Mysticalfruit (#46229717) Attached to: South Carolina Education Committee Removes Evolution From Standards
Please describe a "rational discussion of the message of the bible." As the saying goes the devil's in the details. In order to make any sense of the bible in any rational sense means doing a hell of a lot of cherry picking. Unless you're advocating that stoning your wife on her fathers doorstep because she's not a virgin on her wedding night is a rational position to hold. (Deutorotomy 22:22)

So right away there's whole chunks of the bible that you're choosing to ignore. What do you keep then? I hope that the pieces you decide are relevant are the same pieces other people find relevant...

The four gospels we NOT written by people named Matthew, Luke Mark and John. Moreover the first three gospels suffer from major synoptic problems. John's gospel is an acid tripping roller coaster ride compared to the first three but in places still has bits and pieces copied from the first three. Six of the thirteen letters attributed to Paul and now considered complete forgeries. The whole thing is a literary train wreck.

I'll now stop whipping this horse and turn my attention to other horses... The ten commandments.
Ask yourself this simple question... Imagine you're all all seeing all powerful entity and you have the opportunity to distill your vast knowledge of everything into ten rules... Now looking at the ten commandments, there seems to be some serious room for improvement. Just imagine how many people would have been saved from dying of water borne diseases had one of those commandments had been "If the water is not of the purest mountain stream, boil it." I could belabor this but you get the idea.

Comment: Great experiment to completely debunk Astrology... (Score 1) 625

by Mysticalfruit (#46229153) Attached to: Majority of Young American Adults Think Astrology Is a Science
Create flash cards that have a horoscope but replace the sign with a number. Then create another set of flash cards that have the astrological sign on one side and the corresponding number on the other side. Have a decent sample size of people try to match up the signs.

This experiment has been run many times and the result is that it's completely random.

Without knowing the sign ahead of time every other horoscope works equally well for any other horoscope. You get out of it what you read into it.

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by Mysticalfruit (#46155123) Attached to: Watch Bill Nye and Ken Ham Clash Over Creationism Live
The bigger issue I have with this whole thing is that Nye is letting Ham frame the debate. They're already talking about making DVD's out of this. What happens if Nye completely obliterates Ham? I don't think this will happen, but if at the end of the whole thing Nye is seen to have taken Ham to task, how do you think they'll edit the DVD? These jokers have shown themselves time and time again to not be interested in the facts. At heart I know that Bill Nye is an educator and believes if even one person in the audience has a eureka moment he's done his job. Unfortunately, I get the sense that the creationists see this as some type of big game hunt.

tl;dr I think the creationists are going to edit the debate to ensure it shows Ham in a great light and show Nye poorly and declare victory.

Comment: I think calling it a "study" is pushing it. (Score 1) 237

by Mysticalfruit (#46109825) Attached to: Hard Drive Reliability Study Flawed?
Backblaze was analyzing their particular experience building a very large storage system using commodity drives. What they found was that certain manufacturers fared better than others. I didn't see anything in their paper about performing any types of performance tests, reliability tests, etc.

This was merely "We put X harddrives of brands A,B,C,D an E of sizes A', B', C', D' and E' and here's how they fared"

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by Mysticalfruit (#46100505) Attached to: Facebook Puts 10,000 Blu-ray Discs In Low-Power Storage System
I'd assume the drives are capable of using the many write media, it's then the economics of media cost. Also at some point is it easier to just discard the media then worry about a piece in a middle of a backup set going bad after X number writes?

I've just assumed all along that they kept everything. Deleted just meant "not seen".

I'd love to see the machine they built. A 10k stack of bluray discs at 1.2mm a piece is 12m. How are they storing the media so they can get to each piece? I'd imagine their using an ink jet printer to label each one. Maybe they're bundling them in stacks of 100 and labeling each stack?

So many questions!

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