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Comment Re:2050-2065+ (Score 1) 285

SpaceX has been operating for 13 years and have yet to put a single person into orbit. They have yet to even succeed at their stage recovery mechanism, which is the cornerstone of their cheap access to orbit plan. Honestly, what makes you think they'll put a man on Mars in 10-20 years? They simply don't have the any track record of success to support such an aggressive time line.

Comment Re:Before a human walks on Mars... (Score 1) 285

Actually, that's not good enough if we're talking about preserving life beyond the probabilistic expiration date of Earth. People are talking about asteroid hits, which are once every several million year events. If a Mars colony is a hedge bet against those types of catastrophes, then the atmosphere has to last longer than the mean time between events.

Comment Re:Exodus (Score 1) 692

European king circa 700 AD: You live a glorified log cabin. You poop in a bucket. You wipe with your hand. Your food is mostly burnt slop. You will never eat chocolate, guacamole, pizza, or any style of cuisine that isn't native to your country. Almost all of your time is spent fighting wars on horseback. You sole entertainment is practicing for war. When you go to war, it almost always ends in a bloody, pointless stalemate. Enemies, friends and family are all scheming to kill you in horrific ways. Maybe you have a couple of homely concubines, but better not let any one in the Church find out.

Poverty absolutely is relative. In terms of quality of life, the American working class is far richer than any European king in 700AD

And on the seventh day, He exited from append mode.