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Comment Re:Exodus (Score 1) 692

European king circa 700 AD: You live a glorified log cabin. You poop in a bucket. You wipe with your hand. Your food is mostly burnt slop. You will never eat chocolate, guacamole, pizza, or any style of cuisine that isn't native to your country. Almost all of your time is spent fighting wars on horseback. You sole entertainment is practicing for war. When you go to war, it almost always ends in a bloody, pointless stalemate. Enemies, friends and family are all scheming to kill you in horrific ways. Maybe you have a couple of homely concubines, but better not let any one in the Church find out.

Poverty absolutely is relative. In terms of quality of life, the American working class is far richer than any European king in 700AD

Comment Re:Republicans and their unhealthy space obscessio (Score 1) 110

"Sensor" is a very broad term. Which sensors are used NOAA satellites that have no other antecedent but those developed NASA? Something that was specifically and uniquely developed IN HOUSE at NASA that no other organization would have the expertise to develop.

Comment Re:Republicans and their unhealthy space obscessio (Score 1) 110

NASA doesn't really build anything. NOAA's satellite are designed, built and launched by contractors like Orbital Sciences or Lockheed Martin. You are right that NASA collaborates on oversight and support, but if you imagine a world without NASA, that would still get done.

Comment Re:Only Two Futures? (Score 5, Informative) 609

Only three out of the ten commandments are codified into US law: thou shalt not kill (murder), thou shalt not steal(theft), thou shalt not bear false witness (perjury). Adultery laws might still be on the books in some states, but I doubt they'd hold up in court. Otherwise you are perfectly free to dishonor your parents, worship graven images, work on Sunday, take the Lord's name in vain, and covet your neighbor's wife. As for abortion: an embryo or a fetus is not a person and it is not viable to live on its own. Even the Bible makes this clear since the punishment for striking a pregnant woman and causes her to miscarriage is not the same punishment as murder.

Comment Re:Honestly (Score 1) 587

Not science, economics is the problem. If there were some valuable resource that could only be obtained on the Moon or Mars or Venus or somewhere else off-world, then we'd actually see investment in space technology to obtain that resource. And this where hard SF has always fallen short, too. Exploration and colonization are presented as a given without ever given much justification beyond "human spirit" or some other handwaving.

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