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Comment Nexus 5X (Score 1) 179

I really like my Nexus 5X. Using Project Fi so it uses Sprint or T-Mobile (or WiFi) - whichever has a stronger signal. Security updates from Google every month. And the power management is superb - usually end a day with 30 - 40% battery left.

Removable battery not that important (I carry an external, which I haven't needed), but a micro-sd card would have been nice.

Comment Tech Issues (Score 1) 202

I agree that its win-win. Still there are a few tech challenges:

1) Upload - forget streaming, way too much bandwidth (think 1000's of officers for a large city, not just ONE stream). Will require wired connection and daily time for each officer.
2) Storage - need to keep YEARS of data for on-going and potential court cases.
3) Search and retrieval

Comment Re:AMD (Score 1) 207

The larger server has four spinning drives and one small non-RAID SSD for the OS. MB supports six SATA drives, tower case supports even more. Backup is to an external (removable) USB drive and is accomplished via rsync and tar.

Comment AMD (Score 1, Informative) 207

I have a couple of AMD based desktops I use as file / compute servers. Both running Ubuntu and hosting VM's with VirtualBox and running as fileservers with software RAID-5 and RAID-10. The CPU's are 6 and 8 core and were fairly cheap. Graphics was not a consideration and the machines are servers.

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