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by Concerned Onlooker (#46801601) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

And from this site (

"However, in a republic, a constitution or charter of rights protects certain inalienable rights that cannot be taken away by the government, even if it has been elected by a majority of voters. In a pure democracy, the majority is not restrained and can impose its will on the minority."

I would be happier to go with the "republic" definition for my country.

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by Concerned Onlooker (#46799685) Attached to: Google and Facebook: Unelected Superpowers?

"Sometimes I wonder if democracy is dead."

Not dead, just taking a deceptively deep sleep. In the US we still have the possibility of democratic action. So far. The problem is that people just don't participate because their lives are comfortable enough or they are too busy just trying to survive. They don't take the easy actions (voting and political participation) and then when pressed they feel they have to take the drastic actions (aiming guns at Federal officers in the dessert). It's stupid and it's not forward thinking, but that is just how human beings generally live.

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'However disgusting, "revenge porn" ought to remain legal...'

It's not about free speech. It's about not respecting someone else's privacy. It's about breaking an implicit trust.

Tell you what, if it's OK to post the pictures I say it should be mandatory that the real name of the person submitting them should be posted right alongside the image, in order that women everywhere could know who to avoid.

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"Don't quit your day job..."

You might want to re-read the summary. His day job is quitting him.

And to the original question asker I'd say go with development because you'll never be good at something you don't like.

Also, when you've landed that good job, reward your girlfriend amply for helping make it all possible. :-)

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Yes, if we continue to waste helium like idiots. However, one design for modern airships involves re-compressing the helium to control buoyancy rather than bleeding it off.

The future of airship transport looks pretty interesting to me:

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