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Comment: 4 1 (Score 1) 113

by N1tr0u5 (#36424344) Attached to: AI Takes On Pac-Man
Given equal AI (and ghost speed of, say, 75% of Pac Man), the ghosts will always win. If you assume that they are programmed to give PM a little bit of room around the power pellets, taking that time to spread out around the possible exits from the pellet area, then a four mob coordinated predator pack will have no problem tagging a one mob prey, even with the occasional role switch.

Comment: Re:This is a SIGNIFICANT problem (Score 1) 246

by N1tr0u5 (#36299816) Attached to: No Moon Needed For Extraterrestrial Life
Any civilization/sentience/life that is sophisticated enough to do those things that you mention in order to harness all spare solar energy will likely have also found a way to harness infrared (and anything else).

It sounds like you predict life evolves to create dyson spheres. If that's the case, then once all energy is harnessed by this civ, then they won't show up to us anymore.

Comment: I went to ITT... (Score 2) 557

by N1tr0u5 (#35406568) Attached to: Can For-Profit Tech Colleges Be Trusted?
I will never recommend any for-profit paper mill to anyone, particularly ITT. I've got 40k worth of debt for the majority of classes entailing being a teacher reading a book to us. There were only two teachers that were worth a damn (Hi Mr. Miller and Mr. Richie) and I took three classes under them, total. Going there went something like this: First three quarters: This is pretty basic stuff, guess I get to the meat of things later. Second three quarters: Well, this seems to be as good as it gets, I've already spent almost 20K, may as well finish it out. Last two quarters: Regret. At least I'll have a diploma. Not to mention there was a guy in the classes that did nothing but surf the web for nothing but entertainment sites, did poorly on all the tests, didn't turn in homework, but still managed to get on the honor roll. I hate that place with all my heart and I chalk it up one of my life's biggest lessons/mistakes. I wish I would have paid 1/10 of what I did and gone to community college for the same education.

Comment: Pick the one that CREATES energy... (Score 4, Insightful) 633

by N1tr0u5 (#34678518) Attached to: Trek Tech That Most Needs To Be Invented Before I Die:
Pick the one that CREATES energy... not consumes it. The only logical choice is the warp drive.

One has to assume that all of these lovely devices consume MASSIVE amounts of energy in order to function, and we as a species are already having problems managing the "scant" resources we have. Make the warp drive, even just one, and we get MUCH further toward the rest of the tech than the other way around.

Also, reaching other planets and/or system to obtain more resources is possible with this tech.

Comment: Feels like an illusion. (Score 1) 337

by N1tr0u5 (#33302240) Attached to: PS3 Hacked via USB Dongle
I notice that they didn't ever skip the video back to the PS3 after "loading" the backed up game. I don't have a PS3, so I can't confirm and/or notice any differences in OS between what a proper disc loaded up looks like or vs. what a backed up game would look like (when they view the ratchet and clank game).

I am skeptical given that the forum link is down, and that something as simple as USB run code breaking open the hypervisor seems shady.

If I'd known computer science was going to be like this, I'd never have given up being a rock 'n' roll star. -- G. Hirst