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Comment Re:A simple test is in order (Score 1) 453

Actually, almost all digital cameras are sensitive to IR and if you take a picture of a powered IR LED it will show up as lit. How much depends on how sensitive the camera is - most consumer-type stuff tries to filter it out, but the filters generally don't filter out all of it. But there are some cameras that allow you to completely remove the filter, the most famous probably being the Sony Nightshot which did exactly that to be able to "see" at night. Film generally isn't that IR sensitive, but there are special IR films you can buy.

Comment Re: When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 453

I have. They may like the movie, but they're fidgeting around or looking about. They may like the video game, but after about 15-20 minutes they want to do something else. But they like the game, they'll come back to it, but can't play it more than a few minutes. They are also some of the worst channel surfers I've known. Kind of like

Them: *changes channel and it's not an ad break*
Me: Hey why'd you change the channel?
Them: I wanted to see what else is on.
Me: But that was Star Trek! I thought you liked Star Trek?
Them: I do!
Me: Then why'd you change the channel?
Them: I wanted to see what else is on.
Me: ...

Comment Re:When The Lunatics Take Over The Asylum (Score 1) 453

While I think her condition is bullshit, please go inform yourself about the differences between:

Electric fields
Magnetic fields
Electromagnetic radiation

You may also want to study the different types of electromagnetic radiation, as some are pretty harmless and others are not.

Comment Re:US (Score 1) 416

Have you seen some of the newer trucks? They're basically luxury cars now with a bed sticking out the back. Leather, navigation, heated seats, electronic everything - you can pretty much get it all in a truck nowadays. The truck as a pure utility vehicle with vinyl seats, manual transmission, crank windows, and a rubber floor died out sometime in the 90's.

Comment Re:I don't want it - and I am in IT (Score 1) 416

I'm kind of in the same boat with the automatic climate control. I got it on my car, which is a '99 Infiniti. It's something that I didn't really want, but figured I could put up with. However, I've found that it's nice in the sense that I can just set the temperature and it figures out the best way to make it happen. I've probably gone months without touching the climate control system on my car. My only real complaint is that while it's supposed to turn on the defogger automatically if it thinks it's needed, it's not particularly good at it which means I often have to do it myself, which is a single button press. However, since it's an older car, the automatic climate control system has its own dedicated, single purpose buttons and VFD so overriding it is quick and easy. Using similar systems on newer cars where everything is touch or accessed through menus is a pain in the ass.

Comment Re:The Homer! (FP?) (Score 1) 416

Car manufacturers sell cars to people who buy new cars. Most people who buy new cars only keep them 3-4 years before they trade them in for the latest shiny new features, so they don't care about how the "infotainment" system is going to work in the long term. The people who buy used cars may care, but since these people don't buy used cars and not new cars the manufacturers really don't give a shit about them. The people who buy a new car and hang onto it for 15 years do exist, but they are a minority of the new car buyers.

Comment Re:Photoshop / Lightroom anxiety (Score 1) 418

I wouldn't sweat it too much at this point anyway. You've got almost 5 years of support left on Windows 7, and if you're willing to put up with Windows 8.1 you'll be supported until 2023. Though I'm not sure for how much longer you'll be able to easily get a Windows 8.1 license.

Comment Re: 80GB still being sold? (Score 1) 275

You're not going to find 1920x1080 on a 19" monitor. They are usually either 1280x1024 (5:4) or 1440x900 (16:10), or 1366x768 (16:9). 19" was always kind of a crappy size as LCD panels go, because all the popular 19" resolutions are the same as the popular 17" resolutions, so there was really little reason to buy a 19" monitor over a 17", since it's just the same resolution but less pixel density.

Comment Re:Still Using XP (Score 1) 275

Most likely you could get Windows 95 to talk to a modern hard drive. You wouldn't have SATA drivers, but Windows 95 could fall back on talking to the drive through the BIOS, MS-DOS style. It might be slow, but it would work. Now try to get Windows NT to talk to a SATA drive.

Comment Re:Waste Disposal (Score 1) 319

What's not sustainable about it? The people who are replaced by robots get new, more productive jobs. That's what's been going on for the last 500 years.

Eventually, we'll reach a point where society can be run by a handful of people, who are so ultra-productive that they can grow all our food, build our houses, dispose of our waste, etc. thanks to technology and automation. This wouldn't be bad necessarily, but what about all the people not working? The way society is set up now, no job means no income, and no means to buy food, shelter, health care, etc. The current system just isn't going to work in the long term. We either have to set up some kind of basic income, or create a massive "make work" system so that everyone has a job just so they can get a paycheck.

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