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Comment: Re:It really doesn't matter (Score 1) 292 292

I don't think the media cares too much so long as it's a mainstream politician with either a D or an R next to their name. But it's pretty easy to see that if the media doesn't want a candidate to win, they''re pretty effective at making that not happen by first not even acknowledging the candidate even exists, and failing that, by branding the candidate as fringe or a kook. It's not just the Pauls, but also candidates like Bernie Sanders and virtually every third party candidate.

Comment: Re:OPNsense (Score 1) 34 34

by toddestan (#49904085) Attached to: M0n0wall Fork SmallWall Has First Official Release

One thing to compare is the hardware requirements for running OPNsense versus m0n0wall or SmallWall. OPNsense requires essentially a fairly modern computer, whereas I run m0n0wall currently on a 15+ year old 600Mhz P3 (which spends about 90% of its time twiddling its thumbs). I'm guessing that almost no one who was running m0n0wall is able to install OPNsense on the same hardware, as the requirements for OPNsense would be extreme overkill for m0n0wall.

That does bring up an interesting question about the MIXTPC boxes. My understanding is that m0n0wall will only use one core in a multi-core system, a few tens of MB of disk space, only and certainly won't use more than 128MB of ram. The MIXTPC boxes will still work, but even the cheapest one at $250 is way more than you'll need.

Comment: Re:Good god. (Score 1) 253 253

by toddestan (#49902645) Attached to: Missing Files Blamed For Deadly A400M Crash

Bracing yourself like that is about the worst thing you can do. Ideally you'd try and go as limp as possible to avoid injury, and if at all possible let go of the steering wheel before crashing. Which is of course counter to what your brain and body wants to do, as your reflex is to tense up. Not tensing up is one of the reasons that drunks tend to better survive the accidents they get themselves into.

Comment: Re:Still Running Like a Champ (Score 1) 558 558

by toddestan (#49895721) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: What Hardware Is In Your Primary Computer?

Considering it would be a 486 motherboard, that's even more impressive. Though later 486 motherboards would take 72 pin simms. Actually, you would not want to put more than 64MB in most Pentium motherboards because the L2 cache would only cache the first 64MB, and since Windows likes to use the higher memory first you could take a performance hit in many cases.

The Pentiums were actually okay at MP3 playback. The worst were the Cyrix chips. Their silly "PR" rating really only applied to integer operations, their FPU's were completely outclassed. I had a 6x68 PR200 system that would take 50%+ CPU to play an MP3 and was basically unusable for anything else while doing it. I finally upgraded to the somewhat uncommon K6-3 and was amazed that playing an MP3 was now like 3-5% CPU and I could easily leave Winamp in the background with no noticeable impact on anything else.

Comment: Re:Dear Microsoft. (Score 1) 133 133

by toddestan (#49855167) Attached to: Microsoft To Release Low-Cost Windows 10 With Bing Branding

Probably very few. Anyone who wants Windows but doesn't want to pay for it just pirates it instead. Besides, unless they built their own PC, most of those people probably paid for Windows anyway, but for various reasons aren't using the license that came with the computer.

Comment: Re:Hard-coded with Bing (Score 1) 133 133

by toddestan (#49855163) Attached to: Microsoft To Release Low-Cost Windows 10 With Bing Branding

I'm assuming that one of the main reasons why Chrome has so many users is that it comes bundled with so much other stuff that if you're not careful you'll inevitably end up with a drive-by installation of Chrome on your computer.

As for Bing, I don't really find Google's search results to be any better nowadays.

Comment: Re:But 'Murica?! (Score 1) 830 830

by toddestan (#49854591) Attached to: Presidential Candidate Lincoln Chaffee Proposes That US Go Metric

In case anyone is curious, the shekel was actually a unit of weight, weighing approximately half an ounce (like many units back then, the exact weight was not as well defined as units today and varied over time). Not surprisingly coins minted with the weight of one shekel ended up being called by the same name. The shekels accepted for payment for temple tax was about 95% pure silver, which would make the modern value about $8-9 US in terms of precious metal content. The Denarius was about 80% pure silver, and hence considered less desirable by many.

Comment: Re:We can't have this! (Score 1) 830 830

by toddestan (#49854555) Attached to: Presidential Candidate Lincoln Chaffee Proposes That US Go Metric

2000 lbs would be a short ton in the English system. A long ton is 2240 lbs, which actually turns out to be 1016 kg, which is considered "close enough" to a metric ton for many purposes. By the way, the metric ton isn't really an SI unit, the proper usage would be a megagram, though most people know what you're talking about.

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