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Comment It's a craft. (Score 1) 313

There's been a few very interesting takes on this really old (in terms of how long games have been a field with discussion) argument in the past few weeks:

My favorites:

My personal take? I'm a grad student working on procedural narrative, hacking the cognitive loop of story building players go through during play. So... I agree with Jaffe? It's really much more of a slider than a dichotomy. In fact...
It's a way more broad than even a single slider. I'm not even sure that Kelly's 2d graph comes close to the rich diversity of experience that can be created though video games.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 312

Universe doesn't fight entropy. It slides towards. Life, as a pocket of order, necessitates a more rapid descent towards disorder as its consequence. In other words, life acts as a catalyst for the increase of entropy. So it doesn't violate the laws of thermodynamics. By introducing a catalyst, the slide into entropy is expedited.

This is my religion.

Comment Re:Update on this story (Score 2) 377

Hopefully we get more rulings like that restrict the scope of commerce clause justifications. To me, the commerce clause expansion isn't all bad - it's original invocations were in the support of the Sherman Anti-Trust act to break up the corporate run-arounds. Rather than have a multi-state iron processing cartel they create single-state subsidiaries that would only buy or sell to each other, reinstating a vertical monopoly over the steel market. Without using the commerce clause to apply a federal law to what was now a single-state problem, Anti-Trust practices in the early 1900's would have failed. That's not a good thing in my book.

Computer Science is merely the post-Turing decline in formal systems theory.