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Comment: Yet another terrible story (Score 1) 182

by Bill, Shooter of Bul (#47937959) Attached to: Snowden's Leaks Didn't Help Terrorists

The story in question, reviewed how specific encryption programs have changed or failed to change in light of snowden. That is all it can speak to. We know nothing of the relative rates of use of these tools before and after snowden. Their use may have spiked dramatically post snowden, and we would never know.

  Snowden also revealed information on phone tapping and spying at the service provider level, and many, many other forms of communication. The article did not speak to the effect those had. Its entirely possible that the they have taken counter measures against these as well. Its also possible that they may have moved with the crackpots in our midst to more secure service providers that are believed to be outside the reach of US intelligence.

Comment: Re:Simple set of pipelined utilties! (Score 1) 378

by Bill, Shooter of Bul (#47927425) Attached to: Torvalds: No Opinion On Systemd

Wait are you saying that other things may influence boot time to significantly affect the comparison? They were running on the same hardware.

I don't understand your complaint about his comparison. It would be better perhaps, if it was a comparison of centos 6 with and without systemd. But is pretty close to my benchmarking on debian. There really isn't an argument here. SystemD speeds up Boot and shutdown. People hate it for other reasons. No one in their right mind, would challenge this point.

Comment: Re:The DC-10 was killed by poor management. (Score 2) 111

by Bill, Shooter of Bul (#47926013) Attached to: A DC-10 Passenger Plane Is Perfect At Fighting Wildfires

Yeah, designing for safety also means designing against lazy behaviors by end users that compromise security. If the approved way is to remove 198 bolts, and the stupid, wrong, but seemingly possible way to do it is to remove three pins, well people will do it the stupid way.

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by Bill, Shooter of Bul (#47912905) Attached to: 3D-Printed Car Takes Its First Test Drive

Can they print a car body as quickly as the company did in the article? Have they?

If not, then that's the point.
If they have, then well the story sucks as much as everyone says it does.

Step back from the myopic meaningless look at the details, and see how the small dots form the larger picture.

Comment: Re:it's means it is (Score 1, Interesting) 132

by Bill, Shooter of Bul (#47904711) Attached to: 3D-Printed Car Takes Its First Test Drive

No one said you couldn't. But no one has previous printed such a large piece, so precise, and so fast. Its an engineering milestone, not the discovery of radioactivity.

If todays geeks were alive to see the first model t the'd be bitching about how much better other cars were, and how it was nothing new. The new-ness is how it was made and how cheaply it was made.

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by Bill, Shooter of Bul (#47873405) Attached to: DNA sequencing of coffee's best use:

I apologize, if it wasn't obvious that my post was in jest, a mild amusement over the psychological and physical addiction to caffeine.

Coffee tastes good, and its a morning ritual. I could just as easily drink tea, or yoga, or bobsled. Coffee seems to be more readily available and socially acceptable at work .

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