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Comment: Re:Two options (Score 1) 425

by jandrese (#49147085) Attached to: Ask Slashdot: Old PC File Transfer Problem
I'd be a little wary of USB/Serial adapaters. I've found a lot of them are really only designed to let you console into a Cisco or something. Start blasting them with Zmodem and they have an obnoxious tendency to lock up or even bluescreen your machine (even a Windows 7 machine). A better solution would be to find a medium-old desktop with a real Serial port on it an use a Null Modem cable there.

PCMCIA Ethernet would be by far the best solution (although good luck on the drivers) if you can find someone who has a dusty old card sitting around on a shelf somewhere, preferably with the still hopefully good driver floppy. Look for cards that don't have the bumps on the top of the connector.

Comment: Re:8bit (Score 1) 483

by jandrese (#49140751) Attached to: Users Decry New Icon Look In Windows 10
This is my #1 complaint with modern UIs: Elements that don't convey any hint of their function in their form. Buttons that are just text with no border. Dropdown menus that are just text or a uselessly generic icon (like Firefox's hamburger icon). Radio buttons and checkboxes that are just text. Invisible dividers that don't do a good job dividing different parts of the screen. It's the box of chocolates style of UI. Just tap everywhere and see what happens. I can't wait for this fad to pass. I'd love to just look at an interface and be able to discern how everything operates immediately like the old days.

Comment: Re:"Free" exercise (Score 1) 253

by jandrese (#49121411) Attached to: I ride a bike ...
I do both. 30 minutes to cycle about 5 miles to the nearest metro stop, then another 15-20 minutes to ride into work, followed by a 10 minute hike to the office. The hike is actually the hardest part, as it is all uphill in the morning. Works pretty well, but my wife is less enthusiastic about the extra 30-40 minutes my commute takes since it means less time with the kids in the evening. Also, this winter has not been kind to cyclists with lots of exceptionally cold days and snow.

Comment: Re:Here's what happened (Score 2) 150

by jandrese (#49114561) Attached to: Is Sega the Next Atari?
By the time the Dreamcast came out, SEGA was already a dead man walking. The 32x and Saturn failures had taught developers that if they developed for SEGA hardware they wouldn't get sales and the platform would be abandoned quickly. The Dreamcast was a perfectly capable box but it was surrounded by the stench of death from SEGA HQ.

Meanwhile Sony was following up their tremendous success on the PS1 with what was hyped up to be a technological tour-de-force with the PS2. Third party developers couldn't wait to sign up and sell a million copies of whatever they put out.

The final nail in the coffin is that SEGA's first party development teams were just kind of bad at their jobs. A problem that exists even today. Sonic titles are just a solid stream of garbage since the end of the Genesis days. Nintendo has a similar problem with third party support on their consoles, but it doesn't matter too much because they put out a handful of really excellent first party titles each year to keep the platform alive. If SEGA had been putting out a killer Sonic game every year they probably could have kept the Dreamcast going and maybe made some headway against the PS2, although the PS2 was such a juggernaut that it would have still had an uphill battle.

Comment: Re:How does this compare to radio? (Score 2) 303

by jandrese (#49112201) Attached to: Pandora Pays Artists $0.001 Per Stream, Thinks This Is "Very Fair"
You have never used Pandora I see. There is no way to make Pandora stream a particular song (or even artist!) repeatedly. It's very much internet radio, you only get to make somewhat vague hints as to what sort of genre you want to listen to. If you give it the name of a particular artist, you will hear exactly 1 song from that artist and then it will go off into never never land and stream anything but that artist.

Comment: Re: What's not to like (Score 1) 104

by jandrese (#49107505) Attached to: "Exploding Kittens" Blows Up Kickstarter Records
I think he is as surprised as everyone at how many copies were sold. Their original estimate was for maybe a few hundred or a thousand if they were lucky. It's just a dumb little card game. But it resonated with the internet and sold nearly a quarter million copies.

In the risks and pitfalls section he mentions that there shouldn't be a problem unless they sell too many copies. I'm thinking whatever plans they had to produce and ship these originally are now toast. I wouldn't be surprised if these don't ship until 2016 now, especially since the original plan was basically "They're just some cards, how hard can it be?"

However, Mr. Inman also has some of the blame here by turning the kickstarter into a party (literally in some cases) where people were doing crazy things for internet "achievements" and generating a lot of buzz. If he didn't want it to be so big he could have managed it a lot worse like most Kickstarters.

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