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Comment: Re:Is he a senior? (Score 1) 249

by Cro Magnon (#47758445) Attached to: TechCentral Scams Call Center Scammers

These scumbags have a knack for calling seniors - old people - with great accuracy.

I'd like to know how they are getting the names and numbers.

Is AARP selling them a list of people and phone numbers? Everyone who has been hit by this are also AARP members; which isn't much of a correlation but what other organization would sell this information?

Are they somehow getting Social Security or Medicare lists?

Who is supplying the telephone numbers?

That's interesting. I got one of those phone calls. I'm not an AARP member, but I'm old enough to be on their list (they keep sending me snail mail asking me to join). Unfortunately, they called after 10PM when I wasn't fully awake, so I didn't think to play with them. He said something in a thick accent I could barely understand about my computer being slow, and I mumbled something back that he probably couldn't understand and hung up.

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