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Comment I don't do "social events" (Score 1) 135

I do, however, go out with my GF, and when I do, the phone is in my pocket. I might check my email when she's getting 2nds at the buffet, and she checks hers while I'm taking a leak, but when we're eating or watching a crappy movie, we don't use our phones.

Comment Re:how about reliability first? (Score 1) 253

And it happens all too often, far more often than DSL. DSL might be slow and crappy but it is more reliable than cable.

Yup! Years ago, I switched from Time Wartner to DSL. DSL was significantly slower, but it was nearly always up. I think TW was working about 50% of the time.

Comment Re:Physical books are better (Score 1) 134

When I want something that can fit in my pants pocket, ebooks fail - but paperbacks deliver.
When I want to throw a book in a backpack, paperback wins.

My Kindle fits as well in my pocket or backpack than most books, and it has 100+ books in the space of one.
Also, on the road, I can and do read from my iPhone.

Comment First big bug (Score 1) 285

This happened when I was still in school. One of my COBOL programs worked fine at first, but then gave results that didn't make any sense at all. I looked at it until my eyes crossed, the code looked fine, but the results didn't. Finally, I was taking a crap, and something occurred to me. After I completed my important business, I took another look and realized that one of the table subscripts was getting set to 0, and writing outside the table.

I learned an important lesson that day. If I get stuck on a problem, a good long crap will fix it.

Comment Re:Not Everyone Owns a Garage (Score 1) 904

Yes, but how many of those homes have a garage? And how many of those garages are used for parking vehicles? How many garages are capable of fitting all vehicles owned by building residents?

^This! My current house has a driveway, but no garage. My previous house had no garage, no driveway, and no place to build one. The last house I lived in with a garage didn't have electricity to the garage. An electric car wouldn't have worked for any of them.

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