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Comment Re:How much will it cost. (Score 1) 396

Even those of us who live in houses might have problems. My previous house didn't have off-street parking. Neither did most of the houses on that block. My current house has a driveway, but I'd need an extention cord to reach the house. Houses with garages are the minority in my area.

Comment Re:There are ads on the internet ? (Score 1) 351

I'm sorry that the legit guys lost too, but it is kind of like 50 people pass through your house, one is a thief. None of them NEED to be there, so you can lock the door without feeling bad about it.

Actually, it's more like 50 people passing through your house and 49 of them are thieves. Too bad they ruin it for the one good one.

Comment Re:The ultimate identity theft! (Score 1) 31

1) Tell a person that he might be a descendant of ancient Irish Kings.
2) Collect a DNA sample to verify.
3) Clone the person, from the DNA sample.
4) Somehow magically make the person age n years in a matter of days
5) Somehow magically apply all the nurture the person ever received to the clone so that it will actually be similar to the person (including things like handwriting)
6) Befriend the clone and get him to totally trust you. This is necessary for step 8, and will also help with step 9
7) Kill the original person, and replace him with the clone.
8) Instruct the clone to change his last will and testament, leaving all his wealth to you.
9) Instead of instructing the clone to kill itself, kill it yourself and make it look like an accident

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