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BlackBerry To Release More Android Phones In 2016, But No New BB10 Devices ( 61

LichtSpektren writes: BlackBerry Ltd. launched its first Android smartphone in October 2015, the BlackBerry Priv. CEO John Chen has commented "so far, so good" on the Priv's sales, two months in. Also in the same month, the BlackBerry developers' blog posted that there are no plans to make enhancements to BlackBerry OS 10 except for privacy and security updates. Now CNET is reporting that BlackBerry will release "one or two" new Android phones in 2016, but nothing with BB10.
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BlackBerry To Release More Android Phones In 2016, But No New BB10 Devices

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  • Sad news indeed (Score:5, Interesting)

    by dgarciam ( 1291598 ) on Thursday January 07, 2016 @08:45PM (#51259357)
    BB10 is superior to android in many forms. In part due because they had to build into the OS many features that other have via 3rd parties that no one ever made for them. I own a z10 and i've tried Nexus 5X to try to sub it, but it just doesn't have the same versatility (of course, you can upgrade your experience via 3rd party apps), and to be honest the android emulator on bb10 works fairly good. That being said, i can't imagine a better way to embrace the new paradigms of android world than holding hands with blackberry. I know the gods of smartphones dont smile to them as of lately, but i guess when my phone brakes of, that is the way to go. I just hope for all that is sacred that this works. I don't see the appeal to an iphone device.
    • by Anonymous Coward

      Just about everything is better than Android. Let's be honest about that.

    • Well, it's not a platform that most devs that want to make a living are going to bother with at this point, so it was probably the right decision. Emulation is a great crutch, but it's not going to be ideal for the kinds of apps that people use day to day, because emulation carries a tremendous processing overhead that translates to battery utilization.

      And I never saw the appeal of iOS either, but I hate walled gardens.

      • by GNious ( 953874 )


        Isn't Android a (modified) Java Runtime Environment running on top of Linux? Why would have a JRE on QNX have a tremendously higher processing overhead, compared to a JRE on Linux?

      • emulation carries a tremendous processing overhead that translates to battery utilization.

        Blackberry's Android compatibility isn't emulation at all. Why would it be, when they're running on ARMv7 CPUs just like Android? Emulation is unfortunately just a convenient name people call it. WINE has the same issue with such labels...

        And if you look at Intel's Android emulation for Android... It doesn't come with any performance penalty either, because they do a simple translation once at install time. No ongoin

    • Yep, really sad. I was expecting at least one new BB10 smart phone from BB in 2016. It seems I will have to contemplate their Android powered smart phones instead.
      • why? they are the only phone manufacturer who openly admits to helping law enforcement agencies read the contents of YOUR phone. i.e. only one admitting they sell backdoored phones.

    • by Faust6 ( 4161211 )
      Man, I should really pick up the Classic. I'm still carrying a 9320 Curve. For a long time now I've dismissed smartphones as useless noise, bloat and ugliness but I'm starting to see the value in a few of the apps (e.g. Uber) and (now finally) a better web browsing experience.
    • by xystren ( 522982 )
      I agree with that. I find it nice that I don't need to get into bed with google or apple - On a BB Q10 and absolutely love it, incuding the OS (although I do dislike the light color scheme that Chen decided to go to. This was one of my fears when I heard they were bringing out an Android device is that the QNX/BB10OS would be left behind. *sigh*
    • "BB10 is superior to android in many forms." Your opinion, which I respect. My experience was a broken implementation of DAV extensions (bug report filed, never fixed) and a ghastly "app store" with apps that are gutted compared to their IOS and Android counterparts. I was GIVEN a Z10 and it just wasn't as useful as an iPhone or Android phone.
  • by xra ( 1021817 ) on Thursday January 07, 2016 @08:47PM (#51259365)
    That would be sad because BB10 is by far a superior os to android.
    • by Octorian ( 14086 )

      Unfortunately, they've discontinued enough forward-looking development and laid off enough people that it would probably be very difficult to get BB10 going again. Also, their ability to have a useful Android runtime (a necessary compatibility crutch) continues to become more and more difficult as Google (necessarily) retakes control of Android from the AOSP.

      • That is true. Doesnt help you much to have android runtime that works more than not, if all the new apps coming out have as a dependency Google Play. Even if I don't like the new direction, i can completely understand why they did it
    • I'd be interested to know if there are architectural benefits of sticking with QNX

      i.e.they've modernized it to support a smartphone stack and may have a point of difference in basing their Android runtime on a linux-free env.

  • It's kind of a shame to see it die off following Firefox OS (though I guess it will still live on in their car version?). Everyone that has owned a BB10 device seemed to just love the OS. Not sure if this is because they only used blackberry or because they actually think it's better by comparison. This kind of goes the same with WP. Still, I am glad they are moving to Android, I personally would love to have a phone with a physical keyboard again.
  • by hguorbray ( 967940 ) on Thursday January 07, 2016 @09:06PM (#51259467)
    Surprisingly, or not, BB seems to have made one of the best Android phones to come out so far:

    Admittedly, there is a lot of junk at the Android low end, but I spent a fair amount on an LG Volt a few years ago and it has it's share of crappy design and performance.

    If the BB is available in the states I will probably make it my next phone based on this review.

    -I'm just sayin'
    • I have the Priv and the phone is hardware-wise indeed very good, with the exception of the front-cam (and in some devices [maybe just the first batch due to production issues?] physical gaps due to sloppy margins)

      Firmware-wise they have kept to their promise of monthly updates, which does feel secure. Pretty much all the (minor) firmware additions to Android are good and well executed (picture password is a great feature, as is operation with the flip case and double tap to wake). I don't care that much for

  • by DarkOx ( 621550 ) on Thursday January 07, 2016 @09:11PM (#51259489) Journal

    If you like BB hardware here is your chance. The next phase is no doubt to license the name and logo to some third tier Chinese or Korean manufacturer churning out utter crap that will try and ware the logo as a air of legitimacy.

  • by PineGreen ( 446635 ) on Thursday January 07, 2016 @09:23PM (#51259525) Homepage

    I use BB10 on passport (which was my first blackberry phone ever). I bought it on a whim, more for the freshness factor, and I love it, I find it way better than android in terms of workflow and apps that work, work very well. I just love this phone. Check out amazon reviews and you'll see a lot of people love it.
    But I guess, for most people it was too little too late. I'd be sorry if they abandoned it completely...

  • We sold three of them!
  • Now if only they would start selling them overseas.
  • These allegedly later versions sound like a huge step backwards.

  • I saw the release of the Priv and was excited... then I started digging into it to ensure it has the same BB10 keyboard as well as the Hub but the kicker for me was that Android doesn't seem to do multitasking like BB10, much to my shock and surprise. So let me give you an example - I can have a playlist on Youtube running (there's no app for it, it's just via the browser) and I can go to another browser tab or reply back to messages or even turn off the screen - and the playlist will continue running. From what I've been seeing on all Android and Apple phones, this is not possible - you have to have Youtube as the main focused app and have to have the screen running. So will be sticking with my Z10 (or maybe get the Z30).
    • It's more of a pay-for feature in the normal Google Youtube apps. If you have Youtube Red (part of a Google Music account) you get these features. I would very much like to see a Passport with a better camera come to Verizon Wireless. I'd like a Priv, but I've heard the Hub on BB10 is a lot better because it doesn't require you to load multiple apps to reply to messages. Blackberry seems to favor a "native experience" which I think is stupid.
    • Thumbs up !! I have been using a Q 10 for two and a half years now, and am convinced BB 10 ( recently upgraded to 10.3 ) ist the best and most cleverly-designed mobile OS on the market. With the standard set of apps I can do all my daily "productivity" things: manage contacts, appointments, take notes, browse etc. etc. I only added Skype (which runs very well). And yes, indeed - you can run any amount of tasks simultaneously, as long as your cpu is not fully saturated. Ask for that on Android and iOS !

      • The funny thing is, the Z10 came out 3 years ago... and Android/iOS still haven't been able to do multitasking like this! And the set of apps available on BB10 is pretty good for normal situations - but I guess for those who like playing a lot on their mobile, it's not appropriate. You can load Android apps onto BB10 but I've found that it tends to run slower and causes system issues :s
  • The *only* thing making BB/BES attractive to the only audience it has left - enterprise business - is its more finely-grained device management. BB10+BES allows a device to be much more tightly controlled and locked-down than an IOS / Android/ Windows Mobile device. Without that, there's no reason to limit yourself to the Blackberry device or BES's MDM.

  • I love the BB10 platform and the hardware. It's fast, reliable and secure. Yeah, I know there aren't many BB10 apps, but I can load pretty much any Android app I need on my Z10. The BB Hub is a great feature that I use for all of my accounts.

    Plus, using my Z10 with my company's BES12 service is freaking awesome. Work and personal information is completely separate.

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