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Comment Re:So what. (Score 1) 316

He didn't say "everything worthwhile revolves around convenience", you condescending dick. He merely said when it comes to movies, it's far more convenient to stream it than keep a physical disc and player.

He may be off base when saying older people don't understand that, because the real reason might be "noooo I like the way I've always done it and I fear change." Either way, who cares? Young people buy more movies anyway.

Comment Re:How can they make money? (Score 1) 156

The question isn't "how is Uber making money at that low a price" but "Hey wtf why is this shitty shuttle costing me $12?!?!?"

Tourists line up at Penn Station for taxis for 15 or 20 minutes sometimes, for the privilege of paying more. They just don't know that there are 50 Uber drivers in the neighborhood. Sure, everyone here knows what Uber is and how to use it. You think the whole population is that knowledgeable?

Comment Re:Lost $800 Million (Score 1) 156

Weird, they seem like a transportation company to me - every time I use their app, I've been successfully transported somewhere.

As for the operating conditions, I'm all for it. Eventually the competitors and their payoffs.... erm, FEES.... to the local governments will go away. I don't see the problem.

Comment Re:Anti-trust? (Score 1) 65

I'm not a lawyer in America, but it sounds like you're talking about American law, in which case, you would be wildly off-topic as this article is about Prime Video's presence in other countries. But why let something stupid like staying on-topic get in the way of you shoehorning in your pet peeve?

Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

Modded "Interesting"? Gimmie a break.

Better check on your "rape Melania" source. Turns out some wag Photoshopped a couple of pictures to make it look like someone brought a sign that said that to an anti-Trump protest. But okay, you keep believing whatever you see on the internets without doing a 5-second google search.

Comment Re:Anti-establishment (Score 3, Insightful) 105

An average of the polls in 538's model not only predicted the results of the last two elections, it predicted the outcomes in 49 of 50 (2008) and 50 of 50 (2012) states correctly. When your "gut feeling poll" reaches an accuracy level of 99%, call me. Until then, shut up with your paranoid "polls are bullshit" wishful thinking. This is a site that generally attracts people that understand math. You may be looking for's comment section.

Comment Re:Media (Score 1) 269

They're not competing with the iPad. They're competing with Sony PS and Xbox (sort of), except they're targeting a slightly different demo of the gamer market, and throwing in "hey it's a tablet too!"

Hard to stand out? I'd say this design stands out, as there's really nothing else quite like it. As to whether it will be successful, depends on the execution. All the old farts were poo-poohing the Wii before it came out too. That did okay.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1, Insightful) 109

It doesn't matter who's doing the hacking? Are you that myopic that you take any excuse to crowbar in your anti-Hillary rants? Of course it matters. And thanks for trying to take a Slashdot post about Russian hackers and turning it into yet another "Clinton vs. Trump" debate, which will probably work. You dick.

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