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Comment Re:Poor Nazis (Score 1) 978

Modded "Interesting"? Gimmie a break.

Better check on your "rape Melania" source. Turns out some wag Photoshopped a couple of pictures to make it look like someone brought a sign that said that to an anti-Trump protest. But okay, you keep believing whatever you see on the internets without doing a 5-second google search.

Comment Re:Anti-establishment (Score 3, Insightful) 105

An average of the polls in 538's model not only predicted the results of the last two elections, it predicted the outcomes in 49 of 50 (2008) and 50 of 50 (2012) states correctly. When your "gut feeling poll" reaches an accuracy level of 99%, call me. Until then, shut up with your paranoid "polls are bullshit" wishful thinking. This is a site that generally attracts people that understand math. You may be looking for foxnews.com's comment section.

Comment Re:Media (Score 1) 269

They're not competing with the iPad. They're competing with Sony PS and Xbox (sort of), except they're targeting a slightly different demo of the gamer market, and throwing in "hey it's a tablet too!"

Hard to stand out? I'd say this design stands out, as there's really nothing else quite like it. As to whether it will be successful, depends on the execution. All the old farts were poo-poohing the Wii before it came out too. That did okay.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1, Insightful) 109

It doesn't matter who's doing the hacking? Are you that myopic that you take any excuse to crowbar in your anti-Hillary rants? Of course it matters. And thanks for trying to take a Slashdot post about Russian hackers and turning it into yet another "Clinton vs. Trump" debate, which will probably work. You dick.

Comment Re:What does that even mean? (Score 2) 36

Seems doubtful. Aren't most of the files anyone cares about first being uploaded to newsgroups? After that, anyone can grab a movie and try to be the first to put it on TPB. Catching that guy isn't going to get you anywhere.

If you think TPB is a honeypot, I've got a few questions about 9/11 and jet contrails that I need to ask you. You know, before I politely excuse myself and find a normal person to talk to.

Comment Re:Eggs and baskets (Score 1) 102

In the United States, the first 10 million dollars inherited is tax-free. And that's per child.

After that, yeah, the money starts getting taxed. If it doesn't, that money that funds stuff you like (like interstates, military defense, whatever) has to come from somewhere else. Who ends up paying the difference? People that actually worked for the money.

So yeah, I think an inheritance tax is a fair thing. In fact, with the first $10 million tax free, it's really really fair right now.

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