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Comment Every anti-Linux clickbait article is the same (Score 1) 164

Mark my words, this is the last time I'm logging into Slashdot. It's become just anti-FOSS clickbait with Microsoft ads littered throughout.

Why do I say this? Because every time some very minor Linux vulnerability crops up -- usually ones that have not actually affected anybody (the exceptions being Heartbleed and Shellshock) -- there's some ultra-clickbaity article about how the entire Linux world is getting pwned simultaneously. Thankfully some comments showing why this is total nonsense are upvoted, but also upvoted are anti-FOSS shill posters going on some laughable and preposterous rant about how Windows has such a better security record. Examples of this behavior include the recent GRUB vulnerability, Dirty Cow, and the systemd DOS attack.

To the staff of Slashdot: your audience is primarily FOSS supporters and nerds. You are alienating them. Start vetting your articles instead of posting any random crap that gets submitted, or your days are done.

Comment Re:Why Trump won (Score 1) 2837

I don't doubt that you're right, but you're missing the point: he said he was going to do something about it, while everybody else was hostile or silent about it. If you're in the rust belt and desperate for work, the choice is obvious. Hence why Trump swept Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Comment Why Trump won (Score 2, Insightful) 2837

Don't be daft and lie to yourself that Trump won because America is overwhelmingly populated by misogynists, homophobes, racists, and xenophobes.

He won because he spoke up on behalf of the workers who lost their jobs to outsourcing, due to free trade deals and H1-B1 programs and illegal immigration that favor big business at the expense of the middle class. Clinton pretty much openly pledged her allegiance to Wall Street, so those desperate for work already made up their minds.

That's definitely the biggest issue. There's also the fact that the Democrats are still supporting Planned Parenthood even though they've been caught multiple times illegally selling baby carcases to maximize their profits and not reporting ongoing sexual abuse, and the fact that Clinton's the war hawkiest war hawk in recent memory and people don't much like having America bombing every country it can get its grubby hands on. But hey, keep telling yourself that it's because everybody else is so uneducated and votes out of fear. I'm sure Trump won't win his reelection off of your same mistakes.

Comment So what (Score 1, Flamebait) 113

Seriously, who cares? Nobody uses Firefox because it has the best performance. They use it because Mozilla cares more about users' privacy and rights than Microsoft, Apple, and Google do, and also the superior extensions and built-in privacy/security features.

If Mozilla wants to nab some of the things that are better in Chromium right now like the PDF viewer, all power to them. Less work for the Firefox devs, and surely Google couldn't care less.

Comment Re:They'll come crawling back (Score 4, Informative) 277

This has happened many times in many countries. The problem is, they didn't choose Linux because it is superior to Windows, they chose it only because Linux is not a product of an American company.

There certainly are many good reasons to dislike the U.S. and American companies, but, business decisions made out of spite rarely work out well.

Come back when you have any evidence for your claim that the Linux migrations didn't work out well. The millions of dollars that Munich and France and Brazil boast about saving means there's a pretty heft burden of proof.

Comment Re:How is this different from the last 3 times? (Score 1) 277

All of those links are talking about different things, they're not five updates on the same story. So let's look at them in chronological order:

First link (2007): Announcement of Linux to be installed in every Russian school.
Second link (Jan 2009): Russian gov't working on an official OS for the whole country.
Fifth link (May 2009): The proposal for the national OS is temporarily shelved due to lack of support from the legislative branch.
Fourth link (Nov 2009): A follow-up to the first link, where the plan to deploy Linux in every Russian school faces some difficulties. This article is terribly vague and there's no follow-up to this one, so it's hard to say just how bad it was; it could've gotten right back on track next year for all I know.
Third link (2010): Putin declares Russian federal gov't will move to Linux. Doesn't seem to be related to any of the previous articles, except perhaps as an official clarification of the second.

Today's article of 2016: Moscow City in particular is beginning their migration to Linux.

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