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Comment Which is worse? (Score 1) 1010

Mishandling classified information (Clinton) or starting a war without cause and basically being a war criminal (Bush, Cheney, et al)? As a practical matter neither one has any chance of being prosecuted if for no other reason than to save the country from turmoil (yeah let's indict a major party's candidate in an election year over some relatively minor transgression in the grand scheme of things). Just like how it was better to just to move on after the 2000 election fiasco, some injustices just aren't ever going to be remedied.

The funny thing is I'm sure a lot of the very same people here on Slashdot up in arms over this issue think Assange, Snowden, Manning are heroes for releasing classified information. Of course they shouldn't have been prosecuted either.

Comment Works great for podcasts (Score 1) 296

I listen to podcasts at double speed and have gotten so used to it that they sound weird and slow if I play it at normal. The only time I have a problem is with people that are heavily accented or speak quickly normally.

That said this idea sounds stupid I can't imagine watching something at double speed.

Don't they some times alter the speed of film by a minor amount like one extra frame a sec or something to adjust long films to play in a certain amount of time? In addition to cutting scenes.

Comment My work headquarters (Score 1) 119

Meh, I'll take my work headquarters, my home office, over theirs any day. Nothing beats the 15 sec commute, clothing optional, my own boss basically, no one dropping in for a quick chat (except the wife and maybe a quickie) work environment. I know everyone can't do that or have jobs amiable to that but I personally can't go back.

Comment Haha (Score 1) 819

You I don't even take drugs or even drink, but if a company asked me to take a drug test to work there I would laugh in their faces and then immediately go interview at one of the other 50 opportunities I had available at a moments notice. Granted it's great to have a skill that's in demand, I do feel sorry for people that don't have that opportunity and are forced to deal with this nonsense. And of course drug testing should be required for occupations involving transport and other situations impairment could be dangerous. Thankfully this all this is a moot point for me since I'm happily self employed.

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