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Comment Re: Finally (Score 1) 540

Right instead we should just create make work meaningless jobs that people can work 8 hours a day for minimum wage since the point of life is just to work, rather than rethinking our economic and societal systems to make a better society for all that involves less work and addresses income inequality.

For the record I usually work 60 hours a week (and get paid for every hour since I'm a contractor) because I have a creative and rewarding job I like and would still do it even if I got a bare minimum essential wage from the government.

Comment Re: That's easy. And it doesn't violate the 3rd pr (Score 1) 711

Yes I understand that. I probably should have made it clearer, but I was replying to the original poster explaining to him why his idea of "just bouncing around photons/internal solar sail" isn't what an EM "reactionless" drive would be since it would still be ejecting mass and the rocket would be getting lighter just like any kind of rocket would.

I was about to do a back of the envelope calculation on the energy requirements of a traditional photon rocket, but it looks like a poster ahead of me just did. 1kW = 0.00334 millinewtons..

Comment Re: That's easy. And it doesn't violate the 3rd pr (Score 2) 711

Here's the thing people that don't really understand the physics don't get. Mass is energy energy is mass. If you're throwing photons out the back that you are creating then you are ejecting mass.

While a photon rocket is efficient in terms of mass it's actually terrible in terms of the energy required to accelerate something.

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