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Comment think differently (Score 1) 587

The Secret ingredient is DON'T just be a technical resource, understand the business, add value at architecture, design and analysis of projects and problems, if you have government customers then things like security clearance and customer knowledge etc. As a purely technical resource you are a commodity item that is readily replaceable, as part of the business you are much more valuable. Their is this myth that still perpetuates that outsourcing to cheap overseas labour means poor quality, that is not the case any longer (at least not if they are hiring well), It is hard or impossible to compete directly on skill/cost as they have such a huge advantage in cost so you have to add value elsewhere that cannot easily be outsourced.

Comment Re: No constitutional crisis at all. (Score 1) 733

impeachment is separate to the prosecution, impeachments entire purpose is to remove someone from office for offenses committed while in office, impeachment has no purpose if they are not in office as the prosecution is separate it is like trying to fire someone who already quit. William Belknap was impeached after resigning but only because it was said he resigned specifically to avoid impeachment so they voted anyway, interestingly they then failed to convict him and their was even one who refused to vote on conviction as he believed they did not have jurisdiction due to the resignation.

Comment Re:Your responsibility as a clearance holder (Score 1) 733

A guys wife running up a large debt is actually a concerning scenario from a security perspective, it means external parties now have a financial leverage point against you, these are areas that make you a potential vulnerability and are areas that external parties actively seek.

Comment Re:650k emails in 9 days (Score 1) 733

Only if it was one person doing the review. I imagine they had a very large team, given the publicity, going through them and the vast majority of them would be easy to filter out as noise just like anyone elses inbox. probably comes down to less than a thousand per person needing careful reading.

Comment Re:Ballmer's only regret is this?? (Score 1) 114

He made plenty of mistakes (but so does every CEO as you can't predict the future perfectly), but on the whole he was extremely successful CEO that increased profit and revenue throughout his tenure. He certainly missed the smartphone boat, but he got the Surface right (after the initial dud that was RT).

Comment Re:Turkey and Kurds (Score 1) 94

A quick history of the past 40 years would quickly tell you what a batshit crazy idea that would be. ISIS, Al Queda and many other groups are the result of meddling in politics and wars and supplying arms in that region by the west. It is sad to see that some people think more of the same is the way to fix it.

Comment Re:The choice (Score 3, Insightful) 220

Let's see, I can choose between:

iPhone: Proprietary, unchangeable, walled garden, one vendor, one device.

Android: Open source, changeable, free, many vendors, many devices.

Is this even a choice?

I use a Samsung Galaxy S7. I don't think ANY of your options are reasons for the majority of consumers. They care about price, features and interacting with their friends with another smaller (but highly lucrative target group) caring about fashion and trend. The people that give a shit about the proprietry/open source/walled garden etc stuff is so insignificant that I don't think either side intentionally targets them.

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