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Comment false statement (Score 1) 281

"is the only developed nation on Earth which allows pharmaceutical companies to set their own prices."

this statement is simply not true. Even in Australia they set their own prices and drugs not listed as being subsidised by government can truly have insane prices. The only thing we have is the government rejects drugs for the program subsidies if the pharma companies aren't reasonable in price. Being a government subsidised drug is far more beneficial than a limited market at high prices in most circumstances.

Comment Re:24 cores, vs 256 cores Tegra X1 (Score 1) 113

what do you mean so long to get this to market? it has been in the market for a long time now and is being used by quite a few large companies for various engineering, design and architecture work. Seems so far it is hugely successful though incredibly pricey as each device is multiple thousands of dollars..

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