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Comment Re:Original premise of Uber. (Score 1) 130

Evidently, no. That's what you would assume something known as "ride-sharing" would mean, but neither Uber or any other so-called ride-sharing company thinks so. They ALL are a taxi-service over the internet, but don't want to follow any of the taxi regulations.

I think one of the companies actually did finally roll out a sub-service that actually is ride-sharing, it was basically car-pooling organized over the internet.

Comment Re:Yes. No. Maybe. (Score 1) 399

But foreign gov'ts are ALREADY handing Trump bribes, openly. They are renting out groups of rooms in Trump's hotel to gain access to him.

Yay. You got rid of "pay for access" Hillary, where you could pay the Clinton's foundation to get connected to the State Department. It's so much better now that we've fixed that problem. Now you can hand Trump cash to gain direct access to the President.

It's pretty clear that Trump's slogan "Drain the Swamp" doesn't mean what most people think, that Trump wants the swamp to disappear, but rather, that the swamp gets bigger and better and that he's the only one in it.

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