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Comment Re: By smashing them (Score 2) 71

or you can just overload/jam the wifi network, or have a router that broadcasts with a more powerful signal, or cut the cable/telephone lines going into the building...

Using Wireless devices for home security is...stupid. You at least have to run a wire to avoid the most basic attack, loss of a network connection.

Comment Re:now we know why tech is protected (Score 1) 457

Sure it's illegal to spy in other countries, but that's their problem to figure out who's doing what (if they aren't actively partnering with either agency). But them doing it isn't a surprise either to US citizens or foreign governments.

But what isn't in wikileaks, and all kinds of wack jobs have implying that they are linked, is that the CIA have been using these on American's in the US and the real wack jobs saying the CIA was/is using these tools to spy on Trump (because Trump's tweets about being spyed on and the release of this information happened close together in time).

Comment Re:offenders? (Score 1) 50

There is LOTS of stuff the US can't readily produce. Or produce at a cost remotely comparable to what China can.

If you want everything to be "Made in USA", be prepared to do without a LOT of stuff. A lot of things just won't be in stores, and a bunch of other stuff will get much more expensive.

Comment Re:now we know why tech is protected (Score 2) 457

Everything described is EXACTLY what the CIA is expected to do. It is literally their job to spy on other people.

If Wikileaks publishes something along the lines of the CIA using these tools on people within the US, then that would be something that is notable (and illegal).

Now the NSA having these tools is more problematic, as they are tasked with both spying on others for USA's economic gain, but it is also their job to secure America from foreign espionage, so keeping software vulnerabilities (which pretty much all of these tools depends on) secret aids in part of their job, but hinders the other... The CIA doesn't have this issue.

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