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Wired Founding Editor Now Challenges 'The Myth of A Superhuman AI' 36 comments
Ask Slashdot: Could We Build A Global Wireless Mesh Network? 67 comments
Developer Shares A Recoverable Container Format That's File System Agnostic 77 comments
NASA Launches Super Balloon To Detect Cosmic Particles From Near Space 3 comments
Microsoft's Surface Revenue Drops By $285M (26%) 66 comments
Russian-Controlled Telecom Hijacks Traffic For Mastercard, Visa, And 22 Other Services 43 comments
Some Of The Pentagon's Critical Infrastructure Still Runs Windows 95 And 98 104 comments
Startups Struggle For Survival As Investors Turn 'Picky' 67 comments
Medal Encrypted WhatsApp Message Recovered From Westminster Terrorist's Phone 105 comments
Wikipedia Is Being Blocked In Turkey 73 comments
Computer Pioneer Harry Huskey Dies At Age 101 43 comments
Italian Police Say Amazon Has Evaded $142 Million of Taxes 82 comments
Stray WiFi Signals Could Let Spies See Inside Closed Rooms 39 comments
Medal EPA Website Removes Climate Science Site From Public View After Two Decades 135 comments
Medal Surgeon Plans To 'Reawaken' Cryogenically Frozen Brains, Transplant Them Into Someone Else's Skull 112 comments
Trump Order Helps Offshore Drilling, Stops Marine Sanctuary Expansion 142 comments
MIT Creates 3D-Printing Robot That Can Construct a Home Off-Grid In 14 Hours 62 comments
Open Ports Create Backdoors In Millions of Smartphones 101 comments
Medal Airbnb Gives In To Regulator's Demand To Test For Racial Discrimination By Hosts 214 comments
Washington State Orchard Owners Look To Robots As Labor Shortage Worsens 119 comments
Apple, Tesla Ask California To Change Its Proposed Policies On Self-Driving Car Testing 28 comments
WikiLeaks Reveals the 'Snowden Stopper': CIA Tool To Track Whistleblowers 89 comments
Amazon's Alexa Can Now Whisper, Bleep Out Swear Words, and Change Its Pitch 34 comments
A Database of Thousands of Credit Cards Was Left Exposed on the Open Internet 35 comments
IT Leaders Will Struggle To Meet Future Demands, Study Says 105 comments
Elon Musk Outlines His 'Boring' Vision For Traffic-Avoiding Tunnels 151 comments
NSA Halts Collection of Americans' Emails About Foreign Targets 48 comments
We're Getting Closer To Mass Production of Bones, Organs, and Implants 51 comments
Medal Report Shows Another Diversity Challenge: Retaining Employees 280 comments
The Internet-of-Things is Maturing 33 comments
Qualcomm Says Apple To Stop Paying Royalties 57 comments
An Open Letter on DRM To the Inventor of the Web, From the Inventor of Net Neutrality 46 comments
Medal Medal Slashdot Asks: Should an Employee Be Fired For Working On Personal Side Projects During Office Hours? 380 comments
Amazon Confirms Advertising Will Become a 'Meaningful' Part of Its Business 69 comments
BitTorrent is Shutting Down Its Live TV Streaming Service 17 comments
Nintendo Announces 2DS XL 52 comments
Lawsuit: Fox News Group Hacked, Surveilled, and Stalked Ex-Host Andrea Tantaros 99 comments
Apple Patent Hints At Wirelessly Charging Your iPhone Via Wi-Fi Routers 136 comments
NASA Delays First Flight of New SLS Rocket Until 2019 106 comments
Medal Kill Net Neutrality and You'll Kill Us, Say 800 US Startups 295 comments
DNA-Based Test Can Spot Cancer Recurrence a Year Before Conventional Scans 24 comments
AT&T To Roll Out 5G Network That's Not Actually 5G 88 comments
Medal University of California IT Workers Replaced By Offshore Outsourcing Firm To File Discrimination Lawsuit 303 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Are Your Favorite Books On Entrepreneurship? 86 comments
Backdoor Could Allow Company To Shut Down 70% of All Bitcoin Mining Operations 101 comments
Tesla's German Automation Expert Klaus Grohmann Ousted After Clash With CEO Musk 69 comments
Medal Medal Should Banks Let Ancient Programming Language COBOL Die? 371 comments
Apple Is In Talks To Launch Its Own Venmo 48 comments
Google Loses Top Hardware Executive 26 comments
Chrome Will Start Marking HTTP Sites In Incognito Mode As Non-Secure In October 67 comments
Facebook Pledges To Crack Down on Government-led Misinformation Campaigns 107 comments
US Space Firms Tell Washington: China Will Take Over the Moon if You're Not Careful 157 comments
Facebook and Google Were Victims of $100M Payment Scam 50 comments
'World's Most Secure' Email Service Is Easily Hackable 77 comments
Early Nintendo Programmer Worked Without a Keyboard 111 comments
Xbox Chief: We Need To Create a Netflix of Video Games 142 comments
Hackers Exploited Word Flaw For Months While Microsoft Investigated 46 comments
What Happens To Summer TV Binges If Hollywood Writers Strike 198 comments
Apple Wants To Turn Its Music App Into a One-Stop Shop For Pop Culture 54 comments
Microsoft Co-founder Pledges $30 Million To House Seattle's Homeless 174 comments
Computer Program Prevents 116-Year-Old Woman From Getting Pension 213 comments
LinkedIn Testing 1970's-Style No-CS-Degree-Required Software Apprenticeships 198 comments
NASA Inspector Says Agency Wasted $80 Million On An Inferior Spacesuit 76 comments
Chinese, European Space Agencies In Talks To Build a Moon Base 88 comments
Popular Belief That Saturated Fat Clogs Up Arteries Is a Myth, Experts Say 270 comments
New Study Suggests Humans Lived In North America 130,000 Years Ago 235 comments
Hacking Group Is Charging German Companies $275 For 'DDoS Tests' 29 comments
Will the High-Tech Cities of the Future Be Utterly Lonely? 108 comments
Ask Slashdot: Are Accurate Software Development Time Predictions a Myth? 220 comments
British Cops Will Scan Every Fan's Face At the Champions League Final 89 comments
Pirate Site Blockades Violate Free Speech, Mexico's Supreme Court Rules 35 comments
FCC Announces Plan To Reverse Title II Net Neutrality 201 comments
Medal Medal Most Millennials Have an Unrealistic View of Their Retirement Prospects, Analysts Say 544 comments
GE Fixing Bug in Software After Warning About Power Grid Hacks 38 comments
Adidas Creates Trainers Made From Plastic Ocean Debris in Bid To End Pollution 82 comments
Energy Star Program For Homes And Appliances Is On Trump's Chopping Block 272 comments
Mylan's Epic EpiPen Price Hike Wasn't About Greed -- It's Worse, Lawsuit Claims 158 comments
Medal Medal The Cheap Energy Revolution Is Here, and Coal Won't Cut It 478 comments
Amazon Wants To Put a Camera and Microphone in Your Bedroom 207 comments
Maybe Don't Manually Install Windows 10 Creators Update, Says Microsoft 114 comments
Windows is Bloated, Thanks to Adobe's Extensible Metadata Platform 134 comments
Medal Suicide of an Uber Engineer: Widow Blames Job Stress 286 comments
Five Years Later, Legal Megaupload Data Is Still Trapped On Dead Servers 82 comments
Sergey Brin Is Reportedly Building 'Massive Airship' In NASA Research Center 119 comments
Uber Must Provide Waymo With Data Regarding Its Otto Acquisition, Rules Court 31 comments
An Artificial Womb Successfully Grew Baby Sheep -- and Humans Could Be Next 188 comments
Medal Medal Oregon Fines Man For Writing a Complaint Email Stating 'I Am An Engineer' 729 comments
US ISP Goes Down As Two Malware Families Go To War Over Its Modems 93 comments
Facebook Shows Related Articles and Fact Checkers Before You Open Links 117 comments
AT&T Brings Fiber To Rich Areas While the Rest Are Stuck On DSL, Study Finds 166 comments
Netflix Is Now In China Via a Deal With iQiyi 18 comments
Murdered Woman's Fitbit Nails Cheating Husband 130 comments
EU Lawmakers Include Spotify and iTunes In Geoblocking Ban 68 comments
Streaming Services Help Global Music Industry To Fastest Growth in Nearly 20 Years 47 comments
IBM Watson Now Being Used To Catch Rogue Traders 60 comments
Medal Medal In Costly Bay Area, Even Six-Figure Salaries Are Considered 'Low Income' 358 comments
China To Boost Non-Fossil Fuel Use To 20 Percent By 2030 43 comments
Uber is Getting Serious About Building Real, Honest-To-God Flying Taxis 90 comments
Alphabet's Self-Driving Cars To Get Their First Real Riders 53 comments
BitTorrent Inventor Bram Cohen Will Start His Own Cryptocurrency 103 comments
Google Looks at People As it Pledges To Fight Fake News and 'Offensive' Content 173 comments
Antivirus Webroot Deletes Windows Files, Causes Serious Problems For Users 67 comments
Wikipedia Founder Jimmy Wales is Launching an Online Publication To Fight Fake News 187 comments
Medal Gamers in Hawaii Can't Compete... Because of Latency 269 comments
Marissa Mayer Will Make $186 Million on Yahoo's Sale To Verizon 156 comments
BrickerBot, the Permanent Denial-of-Service Botnet, Is Back With a Vengeance 111 comments
Intel Launches Optane Memory That Makes Standard Hard Drives Perform Like SSDs 144 comments
In Preparation For Model 3, Tesla Plans To Double the Size of Its Supercharger Network This Year 177 comments
Medal How Online Shopping Makes Suckers of Us All 248 comments
A Caterpillar May Lead To a 'Plastic Pollution' Solution 70 comments
Uber Gets Sued Over Alleged 'Hell' Program To Track Lyft Drivers 36 comments
Square Said To Acquire Team From Struggling Social App Yik Yak 15 comments
Slashdot Asks: Which Wireless Carrier Do You Prefer? 208 comments
NSA's DoublePulsar Kernel Exploit a 'Bloodbath' 186 comments
Lyrebird Claims It Can Recreate Anyone's Voice Based On Just a 1 Minute Sample 121 comments
Verizon's $70 Gigabit Internet Is Half the Price of Older 750Mbps Tier 67 comments
Microsoft's Nadella Banks On LinkedIn Data To Challenge Salesforce 34 comments
Apple Cuts Affiliate Commissions on Apps and In-App Purchases 81 comments
Linux 4.11 Delayed For a Week 48 comments
Medal Medal Ontario Launches Universal Basic Income Pilot 521 comments
The EPA Won't Be Shutting Down Its Open Data Website After All 43 comments
Amazon Might Be Planning To Use Driverless Cars for Delivery 121 comments
World's First Vaccine Against Malaria To Arrive Next Year, Says WHO 84 comments
The Linux Foundation Launches IoT-focused Open Source EdgeX Foundry 33 comments
Some of the Biggest Economies Aren't a Big User Of Social Media 78 comments
No Longer a Dream: Silicon Valley Takes On the Flying Car 148 comments
Medal Billionaire Jack Ma Says CEOs Could Be Robots in 30 Years, Warns of Decades of 'Pain' From AI 287 comments
Amazon Launches Marketplace For Digital Subscriptions 7 comments 'Heartbroken' After Being Caught Selling User Data To Uber 109 comments
Aurora Enthusiasts Discover A Strange New Light In The Sky And Named It Steve 56 comments
Richard Stallman Interviewed By Bryan Lunduke 171 comments
Wall Street IT Engineer Hacks Employer To See If He'll Be Fired 198 comments
Medal Medal Ask Slashdot: Do You Like Functional Programming? 417 comments
Scientists Consider 'Cloud Brightening' To Preserve Australia's Great Barrier Reef 108 comments
Medal Is Social Media Making Us Hate Each Other? 312 comments
Uber Tried To Hide Its Secret IPhone Fingerprinting From Apple 115 comments
Companies Are Paying Millions For White Hat Hacking 58 comments
Startup Still Working On 'Immortal Avatars' That Will Live Forever 90 comments
America's Most-Hated ISP Is Now Hated By Fewer People 97 comments
Flawed Online Tutorials Led To Vulnerabilities In Software 96 comments
'Detergent' Hydroxl Molecules May Affect Methane Levels In The Atmosphere 68 comments
Pioneering Researchers Track Sudden Learning 'Epiphanies' 30 comments
CIA, FBI Launch Manhunt For WikiLeaks Source 199 comments
Medal Medal Slashdot Asks: What Was Your First Programming Language? 630 comments
Should Ignore Robots.txt Directives And Cache Everything? 174 comments
Linux PC Maker System76 Plans To Design And Manufacture Its Own Hardware 103 comments

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