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FTC Approves Amazon's Acquisition of Whole Foods 6 comments
Here's Why People Don't Buy Things With Bitcoin 58 comments
Wading Through AccuWeather's Response 43 comments
Google Unveils a New, Cheaper Networking Option For Cloud Customers: the Public Internet 11 comments
Medal Microsoft Will Never Again Sneakily Force Windows Downloads on Users 111 comments
Samsung Says It's Working on an Amazon Echo Competitor 41 comments
We Can't Stop Checking the News Either. Welcome to the New FOMO 69 comments
The Asterisk on Madden's Annual Release Legacy 15 comments
Apple Puts Brakes on Self-driving Car Project, Report Says 61 comments
Samsung Unveils Galaxy Note8 With 6.3-inch Infinity Display, Dual Rear Cameras 80 comments
Wal-Mart To Enter Voice-Shopping Market Via Google Platform 25 comments
How a Tax Inspector Used Google Search To Locate the Founder of SilkRoad 79 comments
Medal Mozilla Testing an Opt-Out System For Firefox Telemetry Collection 193 comments
Medal Sony Blocks Yet Another Game From Cross-Console Play With Xbox One 140 comments
German Company Building An Electric 'Air Taxi' Makes Key Hires From Gett, Airbus and Tesla 65 comments
Medal Slashdot Asks: What Are Your Favorite Android Oreo Features? 256 comments
Autonomous Forklift May Eat Up Warehouse Jobs 119 comments
Medium Will Now Pay Writers Based On How Many 'Claps' They Get 120 comments
Sony Loses Class Action Lawsuit In Waterproof Claims For Original Xperia Z Line 23 comments
Iowa Computer Programmer Gets 25 Years For Lottery Scam 119 comments
Justice Department Walks Back Demand For Information On Anti-Trump Website 124 comments
IBM To Trace Food Contamination With Blockchain 47 comments
Medal Fourth US Navy Collision This Year Raises Suspicion of Cyber-Attacks 348 comments
Getting NASA To Comply With Simple FOIA Requests Is a Nightmare 93 comments
Austria, Carmakers Agree To Update Software of 600,000 Diesel Cars 11 comments
Let Consumers Sue Companies 109 comments
Estonia Proposes Estcoin, a Government Backed Cryptocurrency, Issued Via an Initial Coin Offering After e-Residency Success 51 comments
Popular Weather App AccuWeather Caught Sending User Location Data, Even When Location Sharing is Off 123 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Are Some Cloud Backup Solutions That You Recommend? 224 comments
Code42 Says Crashplan Backup Service Will Discontinue All Personal Backup Plans 131 comments
People Are Using Recycled Laptop Batteries To Power Their Homes 151 comments
Medal Sonos Says Users Must Accept New Privacy Policy Or Devices May Cease To Function 316 comments
Two-Factor Authentication Fail: Identity Thieves Hijack Cellphone Accounts to Go After Virtual Currency 74 comments
People Start Hating Their Jobs at Age 35, Study Says 227 comments
Verizon To Start Throttling All Smartphone Videos To 480p or 720p 188 comments
Bricklaying Robots and Exoskeletons Are the Future of the Construction Industry 222 comments
Facebook Makes Safety Check a Permanent Feature 107 comments
China Relaunches World's Fastest Train 113 comments
iPhone 8's 3D Face Scanner Will Work In 'Millionths of a Second' 151 comments
DJI Spark Owners Must Update Firmware By September, Or Their Machines Will Be Bricked 179 comments
Third Party Trackers On Web Shops Can Identify Users Behind Bitcoin Transactions 62 comments
Disney Will Price Streaming Service At $5 Per Month, Analyst Says 130 comments
Energy Firm Slapped With $65,000 Fine For Making 1.5 Million Nuisance Calls 66 comments
Scientists Create Smart Labels To Tell You When To Throw Away Expired Food and Makeup 74 comments
Leading Chinese Bitcoin Miner Wants To Cash In On AI 23 comments
Microsoft Outlines the Upgrade Procedures For Xbox One X 48 comments
Android O Is Now Officially Android Oreo 131 comments
Does the World Need Polymaths? 209 comments
Meeting and Hotel Booking Provider's Data Found in Public Amazon S3 Bucket 37 comments
Medal Medal Cord-Cutting Still Doesn't Beat the Cable Bundle 415 comments
Driverless Cars Need a Lot More Than Software, Ford CTO Says 163 comments
Supreme Court Asked To Nullify the Google Trademark 195 comments
Intel Launches 8th Generation Core CPUs 95 comments
Medal To Treat Online Abuse as Seriously as Hate Crime in Real Life 299 comments
How the Voyager Golden Record Was Made 117 comments
Apple Looks For Exceptional Engineer With a Secret Job Posting 64 comments
The Windows App Store is Full of Pirate Streaming Apps 97 comments
Microsoft Speech Recognition Now As Accurate As Professional Transcribers 171 comments
Medal Elon Musk Backs Call For A Global Ban On Killer Robots 214 comments
Plex Responds, Will Allow Users To Opt Out Of Data Collection 89 comments
Medal Ask Slashdot: How Can You Teach Programming To Schoolchildren? 347 comments
Alleged Yahoo Hacker Will Be Extradited To The US 45 comments
50,000 Users Test New Anti-Censorship Tool TapDance 195 comments
Medal Bug In Lowe's Site Sold Goods For Free. Couple Arrested For Exploiting It 239 comments
FBI Accepts New Evidence in 46-Year-Old D.B. Cooper Case 122 comments
Red Hat Gives Ceylon To The Eclipse Foundation 97 comments
'Wing Commander' Music Composer Runs Kickstarter Campaign 39 comments
Researchers Win $100,000 For New Spear-Phishing Detection Method 28 comments
Jonathan Coulton's New Dystopian Album Becomes a Graphic Novel 57 comments
A Global Fish War is Coming, Warns US Coast Guard 190 comments
NASA's Cassini Probe Begins Its 'Grand Finale' Through Saturn's Atmosphere 43 comments
postmarketOS Pursues A Linux-Based, LTS OS For Android Phones 109 comments
Medal What Happened To Winamp? 329 comments
After 15 Years, Maine's Laptops-in-Schools Initiative Fails To Raise Test Scores 157 comments
Medal Medal Ask Slashdot: What Would You Pay To See Open Sourced? 475 comments
FBI Warns US Private Sector To Cut Ties With Kaspersky 170 comments
Google Warns Webmasters About Insecure HTTP Web Forms 94 comments
Microsoft Avoids Washington State Taxes, Gives Nevada Schoolkid A Surface Laptop 72 comments
Paul Allen Finds Long-Lost World War II Cruiser, the USS Indianapolis 128 comments
Should Plex Stop Allowing Users To Opt Out of Data Collection? 158 comments
EFF Honors Chelsea Manning, an IFEX Leader, And TechDirt's Editor 108 comments
Oracle Now Wants To Give Java EE to an Open Source Foundation 106 comments
Hacker Helps Family Recover Minivan After Losing One-Of-A-Kind Car Key 167 comments
Marcus Hutchins' Code Used In Malware May Have Come From GitHub 52 comments
US State Department Suffers Worldwide Email Outage 69 comments
Medal Wisconsin Lawmakers Vote To Pay Foxconn $3 Billion To Get New Factory 245 comments
Atlas 5 Rocket Launches $400 Million NASA Satellite Into Space 51 comments
Medal Google and ProPublica Team Up To Build a National Hate Crime Database 310 comments
How Hackers Can Use Pop Songs To 'Watch' You 33 comments
Hyundai To Build a 300-Mile-Per-Charge Electric Car 176 comments
Memories of Fear Could Be Permanently Erased, Study Shows 38 comments
Android O Is Officially Launching August 21 85 comments
US Military To Create Separate Unified Cyber Warfare Command 56 comments
Waymo Patent Shows Plans To Replace Steering Wheel, Pedals With Push Button 96 comments
Medal Medal Google Explains Why It Banned the App For Gab, a Right-Wing Twitter Rival 530 comments
The Verge's Essential Phone Review: An Arcane Artifact From an Unrealized Future 55 comments
Self-sufficient Eclipse Chasers Hit the Road To 'Totality' 42 comments
Info on 1.8M Chicago Voters Was Publicly Accessible, But Now Removed From Cloud Service 27 comments
YouTube Music Head Says Company Pays Higher Royalties Than Spotify in US 14 comments
A 'Netflix Tax'? Yes, and It's Already a Thing in Some States 131 comments
Hollywood, Apple Said To Mull Rental Plan, Defying Theaters 74 comments
Medal Medal Developer Accidentally Deletes Three-Month of Work With Visual Studio Code 753 comments
How Hackers Are Targeting the Shipping Industry 48 comments
Medal Medal Trump Adviser Steve Bannon is Leaving White House Post 419 comments
Bing is 'Bigger Than You Think', Says Microsoft 218 comments
E-Commerce To Evolve Next Month As Amazon Loses the 1-Click Patent 139 comments
Kit Kat Accused of Copying Atari Game Breakout 133 comments
Secret Chips in Replacement Parts Can Completely Hijack Your Phone's Security 62 comments
How Security Pros Look at Encryption Backdoors 52 comments
Google Researchers Made An Algorithm To Delete Watermarks From Photos 63 comments
iOS 11 Has a Feature To Temporarily Disable Touch ID 138 comments
New Immunotherapy Trial Cures Kids of Peanut Allergy For Up To Four Years 164 comments
Medal Medal The Health Benefits of Wind and Solar Exceed the Cost of All Subsidies 431 comments
Video Is Coming To Reddit 74 comments
PlayStation 4 Update 5.0 Officially Revealed 33 comments
Ukraine Hacker Cooperating With FBI In Russia Probe, Says Report 215 comments
Motorola Patents a Display That Can Heal Its Own Cracked Screen With Heat 41 comments
Facebook Downranks Video Clickbait and Fake Play Buttons 25 comments
Hacker Claims To Have Decrypted Apple's Secure Enclave Processor Firmware 110 comments
Judge Dismisses AT&T's Attempt To Stall Google Fiber Construction In Louisville 71 comments
Dilution of Whisky -- the Molecular Perspective 84 comments
We Print 50 Trillion Pages a Year, and Xerox Is Betting That Continues 86 comments
Chatbot Helps Students Choose Courses 20 comments
Medal Unpatchable 'Flaw' Affects Most of Today's Modern Cars 225 comments
Bitcoin Is Forking. Again. 120 comments
In Defense of the Popular Framework Electron 138 comments
Medal Medal A 2:15 Alarm, 2 Trains and a Bus Get Her To Work by 7 AM 586 comments
New MH370 Analysis Again Suggests Plane Came Down Outside Search Area 87 comments
China Cracks Down on VPN Vendors 39 comments
Australia Joins China and Japan in Trying To Regulate Digital Currency Exchanges 63 comments
Thai Activist Jailed For the Crime of Sharing an Article on Facebook 120 comments
Ericsson Is Planning To Cut 25,000 Jobs in Brutal Response To Crisis, Report Says 96 comments
Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Batteries Are Being Recalled For Overheating Risk 77 comments
Google Lunar X-Prize Extends Deadline Through March 2018 30 comments
Netflix Plans To Spend $7 Billion On Content In 2018 97 comments
Medal Deadly Drug-Resistant Fungus Sparks Outbreaks In UK 146 comments
Medal Medal Why Does Hollywood Remain Out of Step With the Body-Positive Movement? 687 comments
'Surkus' App Pays Users To Line Up Outside New Restaurants 115 comments
Essential Phone Will Ship Next Week, Shortly After Breaking $1 Billion Valuation 87 comments
Roku Gets Tough On Pirate Channels, Warns Users 77 comments
Australian Scientists Figure Out How Zinc-Air Batteries Can Replace Lithium-Ion Batteries 118 comments
Medal Medal Cloudflare Stops Supporting Neo-Nazi Site The Daily Stormer 485 comments

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