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The Compulsive Patent Hoarding Disorder 2 comments
Massive Ukraine Munitions Blasts May Have Been Caused By a Drone 17 comments
Feds: We're Pulling Data From 100 Phones Seized During Trump Inauguration 78 comments
Microsoft's OneDrive Web App Crippled With Performance Issues On Linux and Chrome OS 51 comments
Intel Creates AI Group, Aims For More Focus 7 comments
Boy, 4, Uses Siri To Help Save Mum's Life 88 comments
'New' Clouds Earn Atlas Recognition 22 comments
71 Percent of Android Phones On Major US Carriers Have Out of Date Security Patches 59 comments
Medal Senate Votes To Kill FCC's Broadband Privacy Rules 294 comments
Australia Shelves Copyright Safe Harbor For Google, Facebook 14 comments
Studios Flirt With Offering Movies Early in Home for $30 113 comments
WikiLeaks' New Dump Shows How The CIA Allegedly Hacked Macs and iPhones Almost a Decade Ago 95 comments
Let There Be Light: Germans Switch on 'Largest Artificial Sun' 106 comments
Medal 18 To 24-Year-Olds Are Hitting the Big Screen at Lower Rates 171 comments
Medal Medal The Gig Economy Celebrates Working Yourself to Death 396 comments
Researchers Develop App That Accurately Determines Sperm Quality 95 comments
SpaceX Disappointed In Lack of NASA Mars Funding; Starts Looking For Landing Sites For Its Own Mars Missions 92 comments
Mars Rover Spots Clouds Shaped By Gravity Waves 51 comments
A Lithuanian Phisher Tricked Two Big US Tech Companies Into Wiring Him $100 Million 118 comments
Japanese Company Develops a Solar Cell With Record-Breaking 26%+ Efficiency 118 comments
LastPass Bugs Allow Malicious Websites To Steal Passwords 112 comments
W3C Erects DRM As Web Standard 199 comments
'Dig Once' Bill Could Bring Fiber Internet To Much of the US 167 comments
Hackers Claim Access To 300 Million iCloud Accounts, Demand $75,000 From Apple To Delete the Cache of Data 113 comments
GNOME 3.24 Released 111 comments
17,000 AT&T Workers Go On Strike In California and Nevada 149 comments
Nintendo Is Repairing Left Joy-Cons With ... a Piece of Foam? 85 comments
Plans For London-Paris Electric Flight in 'Next Decade' Unveiled 86 comments
Ebay Asks Users To Downgrade Security 70 comments
Medal 'Extreme and Unusual' Climate Trends Continue After Record 2016 349 comments
Cord-Cutting Isn't Nearly as Significant as Cable Providers Make It Out To Be 137 comments
Google Contemplating Removing Chrome 'Close Other Tabs' and 'Close Tabs to the Right' Options 252 comments
Firefox for Linux is Now Netflix Compatible 69 comments
Performance Bugs, 'the Dark Matter of Programming Bugs', Are Out There Lurking and Unseen 251 comments
Medal Medal No, We Probably Don't Live in a Computer Simulation, Says Physicist 398 comments
Patents Are A Big Part Of Why We Can't Own Nice Things 241 comments
Amazon To Expand Counterfeit Removal Program in Overture To Sellers 40 comments
Reddit To Transform Into a Social Network With New Profile Pages 130 comments
Medal Medal Why American Farmers Are Hacking Their Tractors With Ukrainian Firmware 477 comments
A New Definition Would Add 102 Planets To Our Solar System -- Including Pluto 146 comments
Satellite Navigation 'Switches Off' Parts of Brain Used For Navigation, Study Finds 156 comments
Spider Venom Might Protect Us From Deadly Strokes 41 comments
Microsoft's Edge Was Most Hacked Browser At Pwn2Own 2017, While Chrome Remained Unhackable 144 comments
Walmart Unveils 'Store No. 8' Tech Incubator In Silicon Valley 64 comments
Google Wants To Create Promotions That Aren't Ads For Its Voice-Controlled Assistant 49 comments
Burglars Can Easily Make Google Nest Security Cameras Stop Recording 69 comments
Wells Fargo: All ATMs Will Take Phone Codes, Not Just Cards 67 comments
Medal Trump Adds To NASA Budget, Approves Crewed Mission To Mars 297 comments
Who's Liable For Decisions AI and Robotics Make? 178 comments
AMD Confirms It's Issuing a Fix To Stop New Ryzen Processors From Crashing Desktops 112 comments
Microsoft Outlook, Skype, OneDrive Hit By Another Authentication Issue 48 comments
Android O First Developer Preview Featuring Notification Channels, Background Limits Now Available 64 comments
Twitter Suspended Hundreds of Thousands of Accounts Amid 'Violent Extremism' 198 comments
Microsoft Just Showed Off Exactly What Salesforce Was Worried About 73 comments
Medal IBM, Remote-Work Pioneer, is Calling Thousands Of Employees Back To the Office 296 comments
Medal UK Flight Ban On Devices To Be Announced 244 comments
GitHub Now Lets Its Workers Keep the IP When They Use Company Resources For Personal Projects 75 comments
Google To Revamp Policies, Hire Staff After UK Ad Scandal 68 comments
Apple iPad is a Faster, Cheaper iPad Air 2 103 comments
Medal John Goodenough's Colleagues Are Skeptical of His New Battery Technology 244 comments
New Technology Combines Lip Motion and Passwords For User Authentication 54 comments
Norway Plans to Build the World's First Ship Tunnel 138 comments
Most Teens Who Abuse Opioids First Got Them From a Doctor 181 comments
Samsung Announces Bixby, Its New Digital Assistant Launching With the Galaxy S8 71 comments
IBM Unveils Blockchain As a Service Based On Open Source Hyperledger Fabric Technology 42 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Does One Freely Use Bitcoin In the Land of the Free? 268 comments
After Years Waiting For Google Fiber, KC Residents Get Cancellation Emails 64 comments
Google Maps Lets You Record Your Parking Location, Time Left At the Meter 50 comments
Intel Unveils Optane SSD DC P4800X Drive That Can Act As Cache Or Storage 62 comments
Stephen Hawking Will Travel To Space 77 comments
Medal Medal 'Sorry, I've Forgotten My Decryption Password' is Contempt Of Court, Pal - US Appeal Judges 516 comments
Royal Jordanian Airlines Bans Use of Electronics After US Voices Security 'Concerns' 108 comments
Hundreds of Cisco Switches Vulnerable To Flaw Found in WikiLeaks Files 76 comments
Android Creator Lost Out On a Big Investment, and Apple May Be To Blame 74 comments
Popular Open-Source Audio Editor Audacity Adds Windows 10 Support, More Improvements 102 comments
Apple's Next Big Thing: Augmented Reality 94 comments
Qualcomm's New Processor Brings 4G To Feature Phones As Company Eyes Growth in Developing Markets 24 comments
Medal Medal Happiness is on the Wane in the US, UN Global Report Finds 379 comments
Boston Public Schools Map Switch Aims To Amend 500 Years of Distortion 319 comments
Ebay: Yes, Speedy Shipping Really Is a Thing With Us 62 comments
Medal Medal FBI Director Comey Confirms Investigation Into Trump Campaign 521 comments
Windows 10 Will Download Some Updates Even Over a Metered Connection 320 comments
In 18 Years, A College Degree Could Cost About $500,000 374 comments
Indiana Considers Prohibiting Cities From Banning Airbnb 164 comments
Canonical Helps Launch A Snap Store For The Orange Pi Community 55 comments
Two More Executives Are Leaving Uber, Drivers May Unionize 200 comments
Medal Medal Apple Paid $0 In Taxes To New Zealand, Despite Sales of $4.2 Billion 447 comments
Medal O'Reilly Site Lists 165 Things Every Programmer Should Know 231 comments
Maryland Legislator Wants To Keep State University Patents Away From Trolls 52 comments
America's Most Affordable Cities For Tech Workers: Seattle, Austin, and Pittsburgh 125 comments
Medal WikiLeaks Won't Tell Tech Companies How To Patch CIA Zero-Days Until Demands Are Met 227 comments
NY Bill Would Require Removal of Inaccurate, Irrelevant Or Excessive Statements 155 comments
Your Hotel Room Photos Could Help Catch Sex Traffickers 151 comments
The First Practical Use For Quantum Computers: Chemistry 42 comments
1.6 Billion-Year-Old Plant Fossil Found In India 35 comments
Company's Former IT Admin Accused of Accessing Backdoor Account 700+ Times 63 comments
The US Army Finally Gets The World's Largest Laser Weapon System 130 comments
Ask Slashdot: How Would You Implement Site-Wide File Encryption? 151 comments
Edge, VMWare, Safari, And Ubuntu Linux Hacked at Pwn2Own 2017 82 comments
RedMonk Identifies 2017's Most Popular Languages: JavaScript, Java, And Python 125 comments
Google Glass Enters The Manufacturing Sector 61 comments
Medal CBS Reports 'Suspicious' Cell Phone Tower Activity In Washington DC 186 comments
Court Fines Canadian $26,500 For 'Unconscionably Stupid' Balloon-Chair Flight 101 comments
China's Police Will Shoot Illegal Drones With Radio-Jamming Rifles 62 comments
Tech Billionaires Invest In Linking Brains To Computers 77 comments
Bruce Schneier Calls for IoT Legislation, Argues The Internet Is Becoming One Giant Robot 84 comments
Google's New Campus Will Open Its Restaurants To The Public 76 comments
Some HTTPS Inspection Tools Actually Weaken Security 100 comments
Could We Eliminate Spam With DMARC? 124 comments
Researchers Build An AI That's Better At Reading Lips Than Humans 62 comments
Medal Physicists Find That As Clocks Get More Precise, Time Gets More Fuzzy 167 comments
Medal US Lawmakers Propose Minimum Seat Sizes For Airlines 266 comments
Ask Slashdot: Best Virtual Reality Headsets? 141 comments
Southwest Airlines Is Doing Away With Pneumatic Tubes, Paper Tickets 92 comments
Climate Shaped the Human Nose, Researchers Say 57 comments
Scientists Sent a Rocket To Mars For Less Than It Cost To Make 'The Martian' 179 comments
Windows 10 UAC Bypass Uses Backup and Restore Utility 58 comments
Insurance Startup Uses Behavioral Science To Keep Customers Honest 52 comments
Raspberry Pi Becomes Third Best-Selling General Purpose Computer of All Time, Beating Commodore 64 145 comments
Tesla Discontinuing Model S With 60 KWh Battery 53 comments
YouTube To Discontinue Video Annotations Because They Never Worked On Mobile 61 comments
Judge Grants Search Warrant For Everyone Who Searched a Crime Victim's Name On Google 100 comments
Netflix Replacing Star Ratings With Thumbs Up and Thumbs Down 97 comments
Uber Nowhere Close to Having a Fully Autonomous Vehicle, Its Self-Driving Cars Need a Lot of Human Help 87 comments
Movie Theaters Haven't Innovated Beyond Popcorn, Says Netflix CEO 212 comments
FBI Arrests Alleged Attacker Who Tweeted Seizure-Inducing Strobe at a Writer 151 comments
IBM To Hire 2,000 More Veterans, Expand Tech Training Schools 32 comments
Medal What If You Could Eat Chicken Without Killing a Chicken? 331 comments
Medal Firefox Goes PulseAudio Only, Leaves ALSA Users With No Sound 322 comments
Miniature Lab Begins Science Experiments in Outer Space 27 comments
Google's Allo App Can Reveal To Your Friends What You've Searched 61 comments
Elderly 'Hit by Line Rental Charges' 82 comments
Ebook Pirates Are Relatively Old and Wealthy, Study Finds 151 comments
A US Ally Shot Down a $200 Drone With a $3 Million Patriot Missile 318 comments
Medal Lack of Oxford Comma Could Cost Maine Company Millions in Overtime Dispute 331 comments
Ask Slashdot: What Is Your Horrible IT Boss Story? 299 comments
Physicist Declassifies Rescued Nuclear Test Films 62 comments
Astronomers Find Star Orbiting a Black Hole At 1 Percent the Speed of Light 124 comments
Medal Unproven Stem Cell Treatments Blind 3 Women 108 comments
Medal Medal US Federal Budget Proposal Cuts Science Funding 648 comments
Google Releases Open Source 'Guetzli' JPEG Encoder 82 comments
Sony Patent Could Let You Wirelessly Charge Your Phone From Another Device 36 comments
Class-Action Lawsuit Targets LG Over Legendary G4, V10 Bootloop Issues 31 comments
Math Teacher Solves Adobe Semaphore Puzzle 52 comments
Medal Medal Microsoft Locks Ryzen, Kaby Lake Users Out of Updates On Windows 7, 8.1 419 comments

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