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Comment Re:Almost had me (Score 1) 281

Get compatible Windows 7 hardware and you are good to go, Asus Z170 will work well and its fast.

Even God forbid Win 8.1 isn't too bad if you get Classic Shell.

It took Windows 10 to make Windows 8.1 look like a really good option. Only downside is marketshare is small compared to 7 (great for old hardware) and 10 (only going to get bigger.)

Comment Re:AI? (Score 1) 67

In addition to AI being trendy, there are robots, specifically the idea that robots are going to replace jobs.

Machines, and automation have been replacing jobs since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and has been more aggressive with the invention of Microprocessors.

For some reason people seem to think that there's a new phenomenon where Lt. Commander Data and Bender are going to be replacing jobs.

Comment Re:"...disabled by default." (Score 1) 307

Disabled by default, then enabled by default, then mandatory, then not able to be worked around. Give it time.

Windows dies when that happens.

It doesn't die, but it still happens.

Look at Secure boot. Required for W8 royalty OEM customers, but it requires a way of disabling it. With W10 it is required but the OEM can decide whether they want users to disable it or not. The next step is obvious. W10 has drastically larger marketshare than W8.x. Forced upgrades or otherwise.

All the "trusted computing is evil" stuff from 15 years ago is coming true!

Comment Re:Also in the news (Score 0) 238

94% of all programs won't run properly without those rights.

Unfortunately for the longest time developers for Windows got away with not giving half a shit about security. To make matters worse, when MS finally decided to tighten the screws, they went overboard by a long shot. You cannot even install a simple program without elevated rights.

Millions of corporate PCs run with users having user-only access, and it works fine. Browsers, media players, CAD programs, Office suites, all work fine.

In my experience the only programs that "have" to run admin rights are:
-Low level tools eg: CPU-Z. This is expected as it needs to load low level kernel drivers.
-Installers. This is expected as they are writing in common subdirs. In Linux you need elevation too. "Sudo apt-get install"
-Old programs that were coded without any thought to admin rights.

A lot of times the old programs can be worked around. Either the users need write access in the program's "Program files" subdir, or users need write access to an HKLM registry key. These are the result of sloppy coding.

Since Vista was introduced 10 fucking years ago applications have been better coded at not requiring admin access at run time unless absolutely required.

With Windows 7 Microsoft transparently hid the UAC dialog's for a lot of system tasks. eg: If the user is admin, and wishes to set the clock, they can without UAC prompt.

UAC is also easier than sudo or OSX. You just have to click the fucking yes button, you don't even need to enter your password.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

Streaming video websites which are opened in the foreground tab of the active window, because visiting those sites is indication of user intent to view the video. That's also, of course, TV-like by design.

If you mean video ONLY, you might be right. But not for something like Youtube.

I use Kodi to watch Youtube videos, and once in a while I see a video that I think "this is going to piss some people off", and open the browser to read the comments. As soon as I do, the video I just watched starts playing again.

By far, more often than not when I click on a Youtube link I want to view the video immediately. Exceptions are:
-When I want to go to the channel page. I might revisit a channel frequently and hate having to pause the same intro video
-Viewing my own videos to check the comments
-Following up with comments on another video.

Comment Re:Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

While I tend to agree, I think there are some times when it's appropriate to have auto-playing content (maybe only restricted to silent content). For example, multimedia-rich pages such as this benefit from a tasteful (in my opinion) use of multimedia.

That's a terrible multimedia rich page. It looks like it's supposed to be a written article but it takes over THE ENTIRE WINDOW to show a stupid video of a boat. Scroll down and it jars into a written article. Keep scrolling and it jars into another fucking full page video. Particularly annoying if you're scrolling at high speed. This is actually only of the worst fucking uses of autoplay video I've seen.

I also don't know what the deal is with blogs now deciding that all their images must be animated GIFs instead of stationary pictures.

About the only place that autoplay videos / sound are acceptable are on audio or video sites (Youtube for example, with the caveat that it's annoying on the channel page)

Comment Re: Facebook use plummets during business hours (Score 1) 116

Hear hear.
I start to seriously miss the 1990ies web, with frames, the blink tag, and netscape now buttons.

Even irritating flashing animated-GIF ads from the era are better than what we have now. At least they were efficient with their use of bandwidth.


if you're not a fan of this change, there will be a setting to turn audio autoplay off.

Just like how there's a setting in newsfeed to show "Most recent" instead of "Top stories" that is ALWAYS honored?

Comment Re:Always (Score 2) 615

Use the -d flag with pkunzip, otherwise, you might end up with a big stinking mess.

Why was this not the default?

ZIP files are still screwed. Do you want to "Extract here" or "Extract to\".

Either you will clutter up your downloads folder in a similar "big stinking mess", or else you will end up with "\archive\archive\files.exe"

Why can it not be smart enough to figure out if there's a parent sub-dir in the archive before creating nested redundant sub-dirs.

Comment Re:They're everywhere (Score 1) 105

My question to him was...and never got answered.

What is the actual source of the broadcasts that come in from these 3rd party plugins....???

In a lot of cases on Exodus plugin, it looks like a lot of content is hosted on Google Video. It's streaming from sites like this, not P2P like a Torrent, so MPAA would need access to server logs to figure out who even streamed the content.

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