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Comment Re:I don't care if I know the outcome/Real Fans (Score 1) 108

I used to tape hockey games pretty religiously. . . If there was a team in Toronto where you could count on seeing a reasonably good game again, I'd probably start doing it again.

I call shenanigans! The last good pro team in Toronto was in 1967. VCRs weren't popular until at least the mid 1970s.

Comment Re:The survey between the commercials. (Score 1) 108

To me, the same rules apply as with spoilers for movies. Personally, I really don't care about spoilers. If the "surprise twist" sounds really dumb, I guess I'll save some money. If it sounds good, I'll see the movie even though I know how it will end, because there's more to the experience of watching it than just the summary.

I find the worst for spoilers is previews. They usually show the best action scenes, and all of the "surprise twists" in the preview. I usually enjoy a movie more if my friends invite me along, and I've never heard of it before. For example I feel any surprise of "Jack Reacher: Never Go Back" has been let out by the previews letting me know that that payphone is about to ring, and the cops will be the ones wearing the cuffs.

Comment Re:Maybe I'm more anal-retentive than most (Score 1) 161

More that the TSA in the US is more anal than just about any other country, It is pretty rare to find airport security that requires removal of belts and shoes and jackets etc, while in the US it is far rarer to find somewhere that that is not a requirement.

And then they get pissed when you DO take off your belt, shoes, jackets, etc.

Comment Re:Not a unique situation (Score 2) 117

Someone at work was looking to buy a Chromebook because Windows 10 upgrade "broke" their laptop... I told them not to throw it away as it could be repaired.

Works good for Microsoft. They get the claim the number of upgrades as if they are willing users, and they get to claim the replacement PC sales as new users.

Comment Re:Safer this week (Score 1) 123

If you're just trying to isolate your sessions and you're not worrying about other programs installed locally screwing with them (hi, Ask toolbar!), then you can use Firefox's profile manager to run different Firefox processes from different profiles (firefox.exe -p -no-remote). I believe you'll have to reinstall/reconfigure your plugins in each profile you use, but each will have a completely separate cookie jar, history, etc.

It's frustrating that aside from "incognito mode" it's clunky and inconvenient to achieve this isolation. I looked at firefox profiles, but you'll have to install plugins to colour tabs, etc to differentiate the sessions.

Comment Re:Advice (Score 1) 122

Didn't work for OS/2 and hasn't for anyone else ever since.

OS/2 runs win3.x software in physical multi-threading by spawning multiple instances of (more or less real) windows. Far superior to running them on windows natively (running windows on the hardware directly).

Skimpy amounts of RAM didn't make this fun on some cheap computers, of course.

Windows on Windows (WoW) allows Windows NT versions to run 16 bit Windows 3.x applications. I (sadly) run Windows 3.1 applications daily at work, and they run pretty solid on Windows 7 32 bit compared to Windows 3.1. They even run on Windows 8.x and 10 (32 bit)!

Windows on Windows 64 (WoW64) allows 64 bit versions of Windows to run 32 bit applications. Aside from the abortion of names used in the registry (Wow6432Node) and program files, usually run pretty seamless.

Comment Re:Opinions are worthless (Score 1) 198

like the grateful driver whose Model S slammed on the brakes to prevent a collision with a pedestrian

There are other cars equipped with lane-keeping technology and automatic emergency braking. However the makers of these cars don't pretend that they are a completely autonomous car.

Some day we will get there sure, but the "Auto-Pilot" technology in Tesla is no more advanced than what's available in other manufacturer's products.

Comment Re:The sweet sound of modems connecting (Score 1) 181

We had a 2400 baud modem. Very familiar with the sounds. Most users are probably familiar with the exact sound of their BBS's phone number:

Click-dial tone-phone number-busy signal-clunk-click-dial tone-phone number-busy signal-clunk-click-dial tone-phone number-busy signal-clunk-click-dial tone-phone number-busy signal-clunk-click-dial tone-phone number-busy signal-clunk-click-dial tone-phone number-busy signal-clunk-click-dial tone-phone number-ring-ring-carrier.

Always very exciting when you finally heard a ring instead of a busy signal.

I also gave a pretty good 2400 baud train up imitation with my voice that could fool some modems.

I also recall being disturbed when the TV show "Halt and catch fire" had modem sounds that were far too advanced for the era.

Comment Re:The Internet is too big (Score 1) 181

Tricking people into typing +++ or redirecting command interpreter to their modems com port, uploading infinitely compressed zip files.

Even into the PPP era there were misconfigured modems that didn't need a delay after +++. There were ping utilities that would ping "+++ath0". Go on IRC, find a mod on a channel you didn't like, then ping them to disconnect them.

Comment Re:University (Score 2) 123

Or, you can blame the people pirating the movies and music. If they weren't dicks, everyone could use BitTorrent to download all them Linux ISOs.

If they were smart they would use KODI + Exodus Add-on, and get their pirated movie / tv fix without overloading the network with Torrent traffic (I assume linear streaming is better), and eliminate the chances of copyright notices.

Music can just be downloaded off Youtube.

Comment Re:just wait for them to run up the legal bill 5K (Score 1) 122

Because of the low likely return on a personal infringement case, the likely cost to the potential defendant is a few hundred bucks in legal fees. The *maximum* penalty is $5k, which means the likely award would be far far less, probably around the same is an hour consult to draft a response.

Fuck that. I'm not giving business to a blood sucking lawyer for such a low risk. They don't have the subscriber's information, and likely won't attempt to press charges unless they see a pirate bay being run out of someone's house. I rather risk paying the copyright holder than a lawyer that doesn't do anything.

I've had several notices from the same copyright holder (not the one in the article, but a TV production company). I had a different infringing IP each time, so they can't even pretend to link me. Straight to the trash the notices went.

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