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Comment Re:We already had this sales pitch... (Score 1) 144

Sequential operations on an SSD can max out a SATA port, but random won't. Random I/O in also where SSDs beat HDDs, and offer a massive performance boost (why for example boot times are so quick), but until the drive manufacturers max out Random I/O, SATA isn't the limit.

Comment Re:Firefox dropping support for older hardware. (Score 1) 133

Why would you support an operating system that no longer gets security updates at all?

If you had enough users, why wouldn't you? While the OS isn't getting patched, the system, sitting behind a firewall (even a residential router) isn't going to magically get compromised. However web browsers (and associated plugins like Java, Flash, and Adobe Acrobat) are a huge attack surface, and an updated web browser will do a lot more for that than an updated OS.

Comment Re:Preparing for a WebExtensions disaster in FF 57 (Score 1) 49

It is completely understandable that Mozilla has moved toward Chrome in terms of UI, features and extensions. If Firefox and Chrome are too different, then any normal user trying Firefox after coming from Chrome will be confused, and not stay. This includes ex-Chrome users wanting their favorite Chrome extensions to work in Firefox. This interoperability may help Firefox steal users who have become disenchanted with Chrome. This is their only long-term path for survival.

Firefox was the defacto browser. It was theirs to lose. Users migrated to Chrome in spite of the UI being significantly different than FF or IE. Since version 4 they've been too busy fucking around with useless shit instead of making it better, and their marketshare follows this trend. Extensions, and unlimited customization was the only reason to keep FF. With every version they make the extensions harder and harder to work. Why keep running a cheap copy (Firefox) instead of the real deal (Chrome)?

Comment Re:And also... (Score 1) 374

GIMP criticism is different to some of the other projects. GIMP is trying to make an artists tool and the problem is unless they completely rip off Photoshop's interface they will always face criticism for not being photoshop. Art tools are like religions.

The funny thing with GIMP is not only did they target it as a Photoshop replacement, they targeted it only as a professional tool, and get annoyed when "casual" users are using it. Look on their forum where they get annoyed at users for getting annoyed at their fucked up save menu. Of course much like their application where they fuck things up for no apparent reason, their forum is now fucked up, so I had to resort to

It's too bad Paint.NET isn't available as a cross platform free tool. Much more usable than GIMP.

[Core user group activities include] high-end photo manipulation; note the word ‘high-end,’ this is in results that can be achieved with GIMP and workflow it supports; high-end is not mid-or low-end: touching up some holiday photos a couple times a year is not what GIMP is made for;

Comment Re:yes (Score 1) 117

What are you talking about? The original post literally asked "Can Wine or other solutions run that software at a decent speed under Linux? Or is GPU-computing software written for the Windows platform unsuitable for use -- emulated or otherwise -- under Linux?"

If someone is trying to build up cheap compute boxes for an application already written, they may be looking to build it without having to buy a licence. Wine would satisfy this, a VM with Windows installed wouldn't.

Comment Re:Almost had me (Score 1) 281

Get compatible Windows 7 hardware and you are good to go, Asus Z170 will work well and its fast.

Even God forbid Win 8.1 isn't too bad if you get Classic Shell.

It took Windows 10 to make Windows 8.1 look like a really good option. Only downside is marketshare is small compared to 7 (great for old hardware) and 10 (only going to get bigger.)

Comment Re:AI? (Score 1) 67

In addition to AI being trendy, there are robots, specifically the idea that robots are going to replace jobs.

Machines, and automation have been replacing jobs since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, and has been more aggressive with the invention of Microprocessors.

For some reason people seem to think that there's a new phenomenon where Lt. Commander Data and Bender are going to be replacing jobs.

Comment Re:"...disabled by default." (Score 1) 307

Disabled by default, then enabled by default, then mandatory, then not able to be worked around. Give it time.

Windows dies when that happens.

It doesn't die, but it still happens.

Look at Secure boot. Required for W8 royalty OEM customers, but it requires a way of disabling it. With W10 it is required but the OEM can decide whether they want users to disable it or not. The next step is obvious. W10 has drastically larger marketshare than W8.x. Forced upgrades or otherwise.

All the "trusted computing is evil" stuff from 15 years ago is coming true!

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