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Comment Re:Hard to find good ones (Score 2) 180

I have KatKiss Marshmallow on an old Asus tablet. Stock ROM was limited to Jellybean, and the thing was a horribly slow piece of shit. The fact that I can run an OS as new as I can (there's even builds available for Nougat but I haven't bothered), on a device this old (2012) is amazing. I can take advantage of F2FS which makes the crappy flash memory perform not so crappy.

I was also amazed at how much space is wasted on the flash memory with the standard OS update process. By installing the bare OS from scratch, and only the Google Apps I want, it hardly uses any flash, leaving plenty of the 32GB free.

Comment Re:Verizon is going to get in trouble (Score 1) 139

Then the apartment building was not built to code and the engineer should be in jail. Have a look at the Ronan Point explosion to see how this works. The gas company and the company making the gas appliances were not at fault, the engineers were for making an unsafe building.

The size of fire a phone battery explosion can create should not be able to do more than inconvenience other apartment dewellers into exiting the building for a day. Otherwise we would have entire apartment buildings burning down every time some dumbass forgot to turn off the stove.

Some low rise (3 level) apartment buildings are made of wood construction. There's enough potential there for a fire in one unit to burn the place down. Everyone should make it out alive, but at great inconvenience.

I've also seen a 12 story building where a sprinkler line went off on the 12th floor. The residents of that entire wing of that building was removed for 6 months to rebuild after the water damage.

Comment Re:Wow (Score 4, Insightful) 185

... good software engineering and innovation.

Is the current organization even capable of such things?

I ask, because I haven't been impressed with what I've seen so far.

In my opinion, Firefox has gotten progressively worse release after release, sometimes with huge usability blunders. The Australis UI debacle was particularly painful. Then there have been the many smaller, yet unjustifiable, debacles like Hello and Pocket. Meanwhile, Firefox still uses way more memory than Chrome, Opera, Safari or Vivaldi do on my system, while feeling so much slower to me, even without any extensions installed.

I feel they went off the rails starting with V4.0. I remember the excitement with the release of V3.0, and the count of Downloads. Starting with V4, they did the "new version every 20 minutes", and changed the UI needlessly without addressing performance issues. It felt less like "us vs. them" in the war on browsers, and more like "ugg, another update, this is as annoying as Abobe Reader / Flash"

Comment Re:Every OTHER version rule (Score 1) 502

On properly supported hardware I don't mind 8.1. There's some under the hood improvements, as well as some nice tweaks: Win+X menu, task manager.

However Classic Shell is required, and the settings menus are inconsistent. Half are desktop Control panels, half are metro settings.

Windows 10 didn't do much to fix the identity crisis in the UI, the start menu is still terrible, and you give up complete control of your computer. It took Windows 10 to make Windows 8.1 look good.

Comment Re:Options (Score 4, Insightful) 502

Many people only use their computers to browse the web and access their email. An OS that only allows that would be criticized by /. for being too locked down and not general purpose, but for the vast majority of consumers this would be perfect.

Isn't that basically Chromebooks?

Comment Re:Streaming from the Dark Corners of the Web (Score 1) 209

1. Of course I want to watch it on TV!! I didn't buy plasma and now OLED TV's to watch content on a small computer screen when at home. I have the video and sound system in my living room to get a movie theater experience, so I want a good image and sound quality source.

I assume your plasma and now OLED TV must have inputs which can be connected to a PC. Something like HDMI, or even VGA. I use my Chromecast as an intermediary

2. I've seen some kodi. Most of what was initially demo'ed to me, was live tv feeds from somewhere in Russia or eastern Europe. My other question this legal content? I'm guessing it is grey area at best.....and if illegal, how is my kodi receiver receiving the signal? Where does it come from? Is it traceable like a torrent is?

Grey market at best. General best experience is through "Exodus" Addon (which is not an "official" addon, so the Kodi team can maintain they have nothing to do with it). It will scavage "streaming sites" for locations to get videos, and show the sources. A lot are on "GVIDEO", aka "Google Video". Haven't figured out yet if these are hidden Youtube videos, hidden Google drive files, or what. But Exodus doesn't use Torrents (some addons do).

Torrents are easily tracable because of the Peer to Peer nature, the MPAA/RIAA can connect to the swarm and harvest IPs to sent threatening letters to the ISPs. Streaming sites won't turn that over without a court order.

Comment Re:Should already be habit (Score 1) 172

What saddens me is that there's so little discoverability with these tricks. Those are just buried who-knows-where so you get the tribal knowledge by coworker word of mouth when you're already on the inside, or by random web-browsing as you're looking for other things. Think of Windows key shortcuts. Up till Windows 8 I think there were just a few, so I was unaware that W8 added a whole bunch.

At some point I start looking up keyboard hot-key lists. Always trying to find tricks to make things quicker. The random web-browsing as you say. Best one for >=W8 is Win+X which shows the same menu as right clicking the bottom left corner of the screen. Ready access to lots of power user functions. I don't think they have even gotten around to fucking it up in W10 yet.

But back at discoverability, it saddens me that with all text now gone from menus, or menu icons replaced by hamburgers, and even the menus gone altogether (thanks, Google et copycats > _ < ). Long gone are the days when you'd see menu shortcuts.

Agree on the useless discover-ability. Everything now must be "Me no know how to read. Me need point and grunt screen" (que appy app guy). I like how menus used to shows Ctrl+ hotkeys, and pressing alt would highlight alt-key shortcuts. I also dislike how function keys are now a second class citizen. Instead the buttons primary function is volume up, volume down, or they are doubled up on the number keys.

Comment Re:Should already be habit (Score 1) 172

Hey - I resemble that remark, although my current goto is ctl-alt-left arrow. I assume no responsibility for neck injuries resulting from use of the aforementioned keyboard combo. :)

I have no idea why Intel ever made this a fucking shortcut. I have never in my life seen anyone use this function intentionally. I have seen countless people accidentally hit it, with no idea how to get back.

Most recently was a forklift driver.

Forklift driver on radio : "Uhh maintenance, the screen on my forklift is showing sideways"
Electrician: "Uhh. What?"
Me to electrician: "Tell him to press Ctrl+alt+up arrow"
Electrician: "Uhh. Try Ctrl+alt+up arrow"
Forklift driver: "Wow. That fixed it"

Comment Re:If you have Chrome why having Acrobat Reader? (Score 2) 145

I find the built in PDF viewer in Chrome to not be that great, and the one in Firefox to be downright terrible.

I use PDF X-change, but there's plenty of other options: Sumatra PDF, MuPDF , etc.

The only reason I've used Adobe Reader recently was a stupid form that had scripting in it, that wouldn't work in any alternate viewer.

Comment Re:Should already be habit (Score 2) 172

Meta+L before you step away.

I have even worked at places where not locking your computer when you are away from it is a fireable offence (after a few warnings).

I have seen the chief of security frig around with unsecured workstations. (Set background to screenshot of itself, hide icons and start bar, email President from offender's account, etc).

What I run into it how many people's minds are blown when I show them Winkey+L instead of the Ctrl+Alt+Del,Enter. Same people have their mind blown at Ctrl+Shift+Esc instead of Ctrl+Alt+Del, "Start Task Manager"

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