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Comment Re:Scan your signature (Score 1) 246

That is what I meant by "e-sign". They rejected it. They could tell because there were several pages requiring signatures, and they were all exactly the same. They can also tell by the size/speed of the transfer. If only the sig is a scanned image the transfer will be much smaller than if the whole page is rasterized.

As much as hospitals charge, do you seriously believe that they aren't staffed up enough to detect fax cheaters?

Could they also tell by the crispness of the fax? I remember being amazed 20 years ago at how aligned and clear things I "printed" with my "fax modem" were. Any time you fax something physical it's every so slightly crooked and jaggy.

10 years ago I remember when the "scanner" on the Multifunction machine at the office actually faxed it, complete with header, and it would end up on the network. I gave up and scanned things with my digital camera.

At my current job, for the past 6 years, I think I've only HAD to send 3 faxes. I usually insult the recipient each time. This works best when they are your customer.

Comment Re:Just don't buy HP (Score 1) 246

Laser printer... No clogged heads, dried ink, etc....

While old HP Laserjets are legendary, even my clearance model 5 year old Samsung Monochrome laser all in one is great when I need to print off the very rare printout... I still have the original ream of paper I bought with it.

That was the last printer I bought. I've had good luck with a couple low end Samsung Monochrome lasers before it.

Comment Re:Translation: drop song prices to 25 cents (Score 2) 133

Back when DVD burners were all the rage, and Hard drives expensive, I remember copying DVDs from the Library or video store for my personal collection. I always thought it was funny with DVDShrink / DVDDecrypter how in a couple clicks I could create a copy of the movie to burn on a single layer disc with the options of:
a) Disabling prohibited operations so you can FF through anything
b) Deleting previews / etc so the feature film won't have to be shrunk as much.

Software is the same. I always like to point out to people when the pirated copies are more convenient. Eg: not having to worry about activation with a hardware change.

Some TV networks allow some limited streaming capability on their website / app, but that's no good when I want an offline copy to watch (on train / plane, or at the gym). The sites are usually a pain to navigate. Meanwhile I can easily:
-Go to my favorite Torrent search site
-Enter the show title
-Find and select the desired episode / resolution in the list
-Open Torrent in QBittorrent
-Wait less than 5 minutes for episode to download.
-Do whatever I want with the downloaded copy.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 187

They've been going downhill for years. Ever since they made that move away from DVDS towards online the collection has been getting worse and worse. I think they'll have no problem hitting that 50-50 goal as the amount of 3rd party materials continues to disappear.

The fact that their search and browse facilities are so terrible doesn't do anything good. There's no particularly good way of stumbling on interesting content that they aren't pushing. And the material they're pushing is often times no interest to me. And good luck with search. I'll usually have to search for a half dozen things before I find one that they actually have. And sometimes I've had to look for a dozen.

This is about my experience. I have to get suggestions from friends or online... All the "Recommendations" are titles I've already watched. Trying to browse through categories makes one think they only have about 20 titles in each category.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 187

They could try doing what Sirius XM did in radio, and attract existing talent to their programs and channels. A lot of people are attracted to legacy shows, and are not always swayed by the latest hits on TV

That's one of many reasons I cancelled Sirius. I don't care to have a bunch of has-beens announcing songs. Do I need to hear the Ashtray Nina Blackwood announcing song titles? That's what the display is for.

Other reasons include:
-Shallow playlist. As an example 80s on 8 make you thing 867-5309 was the only song in the 80's... I liked the "countdown from this week in 198x" not because of the announcers, but because I heard songs I never heard before
-Ads on ad-free radio. "Listen to The Superbowl on channel 856". Fuckoff, If I wanted to listen to the Superbowl I would have tuned in already.
-Starting to charge for online listening.

If anyone listens to SiriusXM, I hope you aren't paying full price. Call to cancel and you should get ~$5/month for at least 6 months. They should offer at least two levels of offers. Complain enough and you get free online listening.

Comment Re:Inkjet vs Laser (Score 1) 387

Instant Ink might also be worth it for a lot of edge to edge photos, since you pay by page. You might as well get more than 5% coverage.

Obviously I'm no Linux Guru, but I'm sure you can easily get Linux to redirect scanner input to Printer output (regardless of "email capability"). Systemd or emacs might be able to do it these days.

If you want a barebones Postscript printer, look for an HP Laserjet 5 series or less. You can probably take one that was left in a dumpster in the rain with over 500,000 pages, and it will work better than anything you can buy new.

Comment Re:Other than Brother... (Score 1) 387

I gave up on Inkjets at home 12 years ago or so. We had a Deskjet 3820, which was ok (cartridges were easy to refill). But eventually it failed from a notorious failing gear. No parts available from HP, so to the dump it went. Subsequently they offered to replace these faulty printers, but it was too late for us.

Anyways, we moved to a low end Samsung ML-1740, which was great for the majority of school reports, etc that needed to be printed. Never gave any grief.

5 years ago I got a Samsung all in one SCX-4300 for $50 on a clearance sale. It's been great. Mostly used only for the scanner, I've probably printed less than 100 pages on it, but it's great to have for the very occasional prints, and I don't have to worry about the ink drying out.

Comment Re:Inkjet vs Laser (Score 1) 387

I don't use it, but my take on Instant Ink:
-They use higher end Inkjets (like business class Officejets), not the shitty free ones they bundle with PCs at Bestbuy.
-You pay per page, not per cartridge, so it's in their interest to not have to replace cartridges as often.

A lot of prints can be done in Monochrome. For that I still think a good, basic Monochrome Laser is best. We've had the Laserjet 5000 in our office for 15 years with very few problems. I've been using basic Samsung lasers at home with good luck too.

Comment Re:Already proven worthless (Score 1) 178

Most residential fridges are rated for ambient temperatures between 10C - 32C. The first issue is the control issue you mention, the second is the efficiency of the refrigeration cycle, and possible lubrication issues. Most solve this issue by installing their fridge inside a climate controlled living area (like a kitchen). There are some "garage kits" for fridges that are a heater to trick the thermostat in the fridge section. You may also need a heater to keep the compressor and refrigerant warm (and gaseous).

My current fridge-freezer only has one thermostat, with no way of separately controlling the freezer. I live in Canada where it gets to -25C outside, but my kitchen doesn't go below 15C, and I haven't had any problems with stuff thawing in the freezer. Some dampers may be thermostatically controlled, some may just be a simple damper.

Comment Re:Already proven worthless (Score 1) 178

My 25 year old fridge is pretty simple. Mechanical thermostat + self defrost. In 25 years will today's IoT fridge still be relevant? Will it be like trying to get online with Windows 3.1?

While I like technology, I subscribe to the KISS principle. The simplest solution is usually the best. In the case of home appliances, they usually seem to work better with basic mechanical timers than fancy electronics... let-alone foolishness like Internet connectivity.

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