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Comment Re:"Better" or just "Different"? (Score 1) 113

That is absolutely the most infuriating thing ever.

Even after having just added a certain keyword to refine the search, Google sometimes plainly refuses to include it in the top results and shows me the same list I just clearly indicated did not answer my query by adding another keyword.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 150

Why? Why is it a bad idea to acquire data on the performance of my body when I train?

The latter is obviously not the issue. Depending on what you wear during training, your sparring partner may get snagged in the thing when attempting to grab you for throwing. In general, your sparring partner should not be expected to expect something hard to be on your chest. Probably not a thing in BJJ, but I imagine punching into the unit would not be beneficial to the one punching and the one receiving the punch.

In all fairness, the potential damage is probably limited (nobody is going to die or anything), but the chances of injury are increased nonetheless.

Have you ever competed? What do you suggest?

No, I have not competed at any semi-professional level. But I suggest that you focus on your state of mind, technique and execution during training and work as hard and as well as you can during that training. Do the quantified analysis of your body during all the other hours. Count calories, count proteins, measure your sleep cycles, go wild with the numbers game. During training, your neurological training is much more important than what effect the training has on your body weight. Timing, accuracy, precision, proper leverage, speed, power, reading your opponent, actively influencing your opponents actions, etc. Every (mental) second spent on some fitness tracker is a fucking waste of your precious training time.

Honestly, even outside of training hours there are so many other things you can do that will help you much much more than comparing which exercise made you lose the most calories.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 150

It was good to read (in your other comments) that you haven't actually had one on during training yet. You made it seem that way in this specific thread, though.

Well holding me responsible for what some data mad martial arts freak slashdotter might do with their lethal fitness tracker is a bit absurd.

I wasn't. I was holding you responsible for implying that it might be fine to wear fitness trackers while training in martial arts.

I'll be purchasing the chest sensor variety, as suggested, and continuing with my journey.

That is still a bad idea. Not as bad as that of a wrist-worn one, but still bad.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 150

People who earn them.

Ah, so now saying "Hey, would you sign this?" is called 'earning something'?
If you've indeed had a lot of training as you imply, I feel sorry for you. Truly, the idea of wearing a fitness tracker during training is something that should have never entered your mind and apparently your trainers have not been able to instill such wisdom in you.

No you're not. You're taking an opportunity for some recreational outrage so you can feel superior.

No. I take martial arts seriously, have taught several of them (albeit as a substitute in most cases) and have seen many people with various flaws in their demeanor, with lack of respect for (the safety of) their training buddies being the worst. Most 'accidents' are the result of such flaws.

A lesson you have obviously not learned: be humble and respectful to everybody.

There's a Dutch proverb which roughly translates to "Mild physician, putrid wound."
Also: I like to call out stupid shit when I see it.

I did not suggest people wear them

This is true. You did not explicitly suggest it, but you definitely implied that it was a reasonable (if unwise) thing to do. Some Slashdotters might read this: "I've considered wearing them around my shoulder or ankle however I'm not sure you can do that with them", think "Challenge accepted!" and subsequently some trainers somewhere could have to deal with jackasses wearing fitness trackers while training.

Comment Re:Who cares if they actually help (Score 1) 150

I have Gracie signatures on two of my old belts, so go figure out how far, so far.

Christ, who gives a fuck about signatures? Even if you'd have mentioned the color of the belts, it would have meant little. You are focused on entirely the wrong things.

jeez mate, chillout.

I'm just trying to prevent people from trying the same stupid shit.

One of the first things you (are supposed to) learn in martial arts is "when training, take off your jewelry, watches, etc."
Failing to comply with that is potentially dangerous and disrespectful to everybody you are training with. Suggesting wearing a fitness tracker is fueling bad behavior (although only highly unprofessional trainers would even allow it).

Comment Re:Another way to look at this is.. (Score 1) 400

It's about more and more of our skills becoming obsolete. It is inevitable that (anorganic) non-humans will at some point be better than us in everything

We're not there yet and it is debatable how long it will take before we get there but again: it is inevitable that we will get there. That is, unless you believe (and can prove) that humans will always be better than anything in something. The fact of the matter is that the human body is a general purpose platform that has evolved for survival in an earthlike environment, which makes it highly unlikely to (permanently) excel at specific things. Don't get me wrong, the human body is a marvel and I like a lot of things about my specific body, but to consider it the epitome of what the universe can create would be nothing but arrogance.

The above is why your argument needs additional support that in this specific instance the human skills that will not have been superseded by those of non-humans (both technically and economically) are sufficiently untapped to (economically!) offset the skills that have been or will shortly be superseded.

For the Luddites, that support is provided trivially. The entire skillset derived from intelligence, cognition and dexterity was still highly untapped at that point.

Humans have been trumped in dexterity (and numerical processing for that matter) for a long time now, but in tasks where cognition is highly necessary for the dexterity to be useful we still have a leg up. The (specialized) dexterity and strength of robots has relied on very simple specialized sensing and strict constraints to function. Only now are we getting to a place where powerful (visual) cognition is getting close to being precise enough to coordinate robot dexterity in complex ways. There is a huge difference between knowing that the hole for the screw is going to be at exactly x,y,z (or using lasers to detect whether there is a hole at that location) and just looking at the thing and recognizing the hole, knowing where it is and how to move the arm to put the screw in the hole. In essence, I'm talking about 'hand' 'eye' coordination.

This is very relevant in the self-driving cars area. The hard part about driving is not (really) knowing what decisions to make, given certain circumstances. The hard part is situational awareness, specifically by looking at the environment, knowing what is what and how it will behave.

So forget about the AI-bit for a few years (although it is very relevant in this discussion). In the short term we're about to be surpassed in the area of 'hand'-'eye'-coordination. And that is not a small thing.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 470

Viruses are a very low form of life. They aren't even single-cellular. It's even debatable whether viruses can be considered life forms at all. Considering that pretty much nobody gives a rat's ass about endangered plant species, ecological conservationism is clearly not going to kick in for viruses, which renders the comparison ineffective. Stating that variola is technically a species would just be pedantry.

Comment Re:capitalism? (Score 1) 470

It is a poorly written poorly founded bit of conjecture. The idea seems to be that rainforests would be commercially (and destructively) exploited much faster if it weren't for those meddling mosquitoes.

Science writer David Quammen has argued that mosquitoes have limited the destructive impact of humanity on nature. "Mosquitoes make tropical rainforests, for humans, virtually uninhabitable," he said.

This line of reasoning is just too flimsy to get into. The submission expanding on that already highly questionable bit of logic by implying that commercial entities might actively try to eradicate mosquitoes to be able to exploit the rainforests makes the whole thing even worse.

Comment Re:Meh (Score 1) 470

There is a difference between murder and manslaughter.

I'm not trying to make some emotional argument with that, just pointing out why people may perceive the extinction of species differently in this case.

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