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Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

It's no more slavery than:

forced taxes

These do not involve involuntary labor.

forced selective service enrollment

This does not involve involuntary labor.

mandatory insurance

This does not involve involuntary labor.

Words have meanings. You may dislike those things, but they are not slavery in any way.

BTW, I eagerly await your watertight (I'm guessing libertarian) alternative which will lead to utopia.
I'm sorry. That was a lie. Libertarianism is a ridiculous approach to society peddled by mostly spoiled people who have little understanding of history, human psychology and how countries work in general.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

Stop pretending every poor person in this world is some nose-to-the-grindstone hard-working entreprenuer

I was not (quote me if you disagree). You were the one making broad sweeping statements based on anecdotes and shitty logic. Statements such as "The non-working poor complain mightily but are easily the laziest people around".

Just because some unemployed poor people are dickheads does not mean that all of them are. Your 'policy' of 'forced volunteering for money by unemployed people' is based on the behavior of a subset of the group and makes the lives and opportunities worse for the group as a whole.

Please stop judging a group by their worst members. And please, please, don't suggest or support policy based on feelings based in that fallacious judging.

Finally: Do not try to judge age by a UID. Do not assume you know what my life looked like. Instead, read the article I linked earlier and look into the rest of the research surrounding poverty. Something like UBI is going to be much, much more effective than a Darwinistic attitude towards the poor. Just look at the unemployed poor in Northern European countries. Even without UBI but with a much more expansive and empowering social security system they are doing much, much better than the poor in the richest country on earth. Let that sink in.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

So. The rock-solid evidence for your assertion that 'the non-working poor are easily the laziest people around':
1. There was 1 guy you knew who said he was "too busy" for .. things.
2. Poor neighborhoods are 'full of trash'.

You have opened my eyes, good sir. With that quality of reasoning, you could be president of the USA!

Seriously, though:
@1. Your fallacy is: Hasty generalization
@2. Yes, poorly maintained neighborhoods tend to turn into a mess. Littering is a fairly interesting subject, behaviorally speaking. Things that influence it are whether or not littered trash is already visible, and how high the cost (broadly speaking) is to dispose of the trash properly. Home-ownership contributes in the case of neighborhoods specifically. Stated simply: In poor neighborhoods, nobody has property values to care about, some people don't care enough to dispose of the trash properly and then more people think: "It's already messy, what's my extra bit of trash going to change?"

Note that you assume that 'everyone has endless time' in poor neighborhoods. In your reality, everyone there is unemployed, while the actual reality is that a very significant part of the people living there are working their ass off in some shitty job (or multiple shitty jobs!) trying to make ends meet. I'm not saying it is fine for such people to throw away their trash anywhere, just that it might not be their top priority to keep the neighborhood shiny. In fact, I'll bet that most of them really don't want to invest in the neighborhood, but just want to get the fuck out of there ASAP.

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 1) 249

The middle class suffers from 2 scams: the non-working poor

The only scam involved there is the right-wing demagoguery that has led you to believe that people like being poor and unemployed.

Seriously, the majority of the people blabbering about 'welfare queens' and 'moochers' haven't a fucking clue what it is like to be part of the 'non-working poor' (the time you were in college "living off only ramen noodles" does not count). People actually feel like shit due to lack of societal status. Due to the stress involved with not being able to pay bills they have a scientifically proven harder time making decisions.
See for instance:

Listen, again: please focus on the actual problem. We all know shit flows downstream. If you're middle class, guess whose shit is in your drinking water?

Comment Re:Problem is true waste is hidden (Score 5, Insightful) 249

You're suggesting a mild form of slavery.

Note that forcing people to volunteer negates the meaning of 'volunteer'. It also prevents them from finding an actual job and removes all market elements from the labor involved. See the US prison labor system to see what that leads to.

Even if it cost money I don't know many working people who wouldn't fork over another $20 just to make everyone else have to get up in the morning too

You need to get to know people who aren't so spiteful that they would want to pay to ruin other people's lives just because they don't like theirs. Because that is what you are suggesting.

Don't show up, don't get your free money.

So it is not free money.

Listen, I get that you want the world to be a fair place. I suggest however you direct your efforts away from the weakest people in society to those who use their affluence to game the entire system to make it as skewed towards them as best they can. While you are devising 'solutions' for 'lazy' welfare recipients, billionaires and lobbyists are laughing all the way to the(ir) bank.

Comment Re:Payment vs Service (Score 1) 903

First, pensions. The number I gave you is a full pension, not everyone gets one and many elderly women would have to live of the pension of their (possibly dearly departed) husband. See here [] for details. So the 1100 euro is for two people and it is an AVERAGE.

Two people could get as much as 1400 EUR in 2016 via the IGO. If we're talking about a single person, the number is 1050 EUR.
Yes, their own means would be subtracted, but that's how limited socialism works. Only people who need it get subsidies.

Second, health costs. A healthy pensioner will have plenty with that 100 euro a month. Sadly, old age does not always mean good health.

That is what health insurance is for. I'd be highly surprised if old people in Belgium are going broke due to the way the Belgian health care system works. As far as I know, the variable health costs mainly concern over the counter medicine (i.e. non-prescribed) and a (yearly) capped deductible.

200 EUR a month for water, heating, electricity, internet and a mobile subscription

Third, living costs, check this []. Especially electricity, water, internet and phone costs.

Numbeo says 130 + 40 for utilities + internet (in a 85m^2 apartment). That leaves 30 EUR for a mobile subscription. Seems my estimate was pretty accurate.

Fourth rental prices, seriously, 400 euro does not get you much. [...] Sure you'll have a roof over your head.

I've already shown that 400 EUR a month gets you plenty. No, it is not luxurious. We're talking minimum living standards guaranteed by the Belgian state here. You can bet your bottom that the elderly people in 90% of the rest of the world have it worse. Be grateful for that instead of spouting bullshit like this on Slashdot: "If you know that renting small apartment of decent quality (you know, no mold and stuff) starts at around 700 euro".


Comment Re:Payment vs Service (Score 1) 903

What? I never said I did.

Let's stick to the point:
"If you know that renting small apartment of decent quality (you know, no mold and stuff) starts at around 700 euro"
I've shown that you can get a decent quality apartment for 400 EUR a month in Belgium. That means that, given the 1100 EUR you quoted, there is 700 EUR left a month.
300 EUR a month for food (I'm being fairly generous here). 200 EUR a month for water, heating, electricity, internet and a mobile subscription. 100 EUR a month for health insurance. That leaves 1200 EUR/year for bigger expenditures (household appliances, electronics), travel and leisure.

It still takes a fair bit of budgeting, but it is far from poverty.

Comment Re:Payment vs Service (Score 1) 903

If you know that renting small apartment of decent quality (you know, no mold and stuff) starts at around 700 euro

Total bullshit.

I just randomly clicked through a Belgian apartment rental website and found this:
That is 90m^2 of apartment with a 20m^2 roof terrace and classy looking interior for 525 EUR/month.

In that town, 700 EUR / month is pretty highend stuff:

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

he didn't do a thing when Assad crossed his "red line"

Bullshit. He was blocked by Congress:

"So when the president stepped into the sunny Rose Garden that Saturday morning, he announced that he had made two decisions: first, that the U.S. should act against Syria, and second, that he would seek explicit authorization from Congress to do so.
Despite the administration’s strong advocacy and support from a small minority of hawkish politicians, Congress and the American people proved strongly opposed to the use of force."

( )

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