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Comment Re:SPACE IS NOT SAFE! (Score 1) 152

Hello?! It's called Star Wars. You expect space conflict without casualties?

Spare a thought for the families of countless unnamed stormtroopers that the Millennium Falcon vanquished in battle, whose children now grow up without a dad. Now some old veteran escapes with a broken leg? Spare me.

Comment Re:Provide your phone number for extra security? (Score 1) 147

One reason I avoid SMS signups - travel.

I've never done global roaming, picking up a local SIM when I get there. So what happens if my Australian bank detects I've been shopping in Argentina or Portugal and asks to verify I haven't had my details stolen by sending an SMS?

My previous phone had dual-SIM which might have been an option. Although these Asian manufactured things tend to be 4G on one and 2G on the other, which is no help if, as here in AUS, they intend to discontinue 2G capability.

Comment Resistence is futile (Score 1) 129

Anyone else worried this is how the Borg started?

People are tired of strapping on a watch, having pockets for a phone and requiring an audio receiver jammed in one's ear - all with abysmal battery life.

Wouldn't it be simpler if one had nano-implants powered by one's own metabolism, connected via 4G 24/7 to all your friends who could sense your thoughts, with a gigapixel video camera augmenting your eye socket?

Shove a cable into your belly button and you could directly charge all your USB devices via your own tummy fat.

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