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Comment Re:frist psot (Score 1) 55

With their latest Android sandbox, Chrome OS integrated Wayland faster than my desktop distro!

Hopefully that's a sign of dogfooding where Google programmers actually start to develop Chrome OS within Chrome OS without a need of a workstation pushing updates to a 'device' from desktop Linux, Windows 10 or macOS. Ars Technica's scathing review of Android on the Pixel C concluded that if programmers were forced to actually use the product they were writing as a daily driver, usability issues might get fixed.

Andromeda/Fuchsia/Bison, whatever they're calling it, might build on Gentoo and Wayland to also produce a killer desktop experience in a way that Ubuntu Convergence and MS Continuum seem still-born.

But no, their vision will probably extend only to a locked down device. :(

Comment Re:Apples and Oranges (Score 5, Informative) 205

From the sounds of the article it doesn't include a case, RAM or storage in the price.

So basically it's a barebones mini PC, competing with Intel NUC or Gigabyte Brix and at roughly the same price as their entry-level models.

"Raspberry Pi" only adds to the clickbait.

Comment Re:I no longer view them as apps (Score 1) 153

And a badly coded web view will suck compared to a mobile web site. I have a few of those on my phone. Content is repackaged from a desktop web site into an app, which then renders HTML snippets - i.e. a glorified feed reader with a few bells and whistles. Slow and buggy. All because everyone has an app in Google Play these days and they want to sound kool with the kids. I'd much prefer if said online service just re-skinned their web site for small screens.

And don't get me started on facebook - their apps are slow and resource heavy. And no, I don't want to install their crummy messenger app - just re-enable the in browser feature!

I was a fan of Firefox OS. Mozilla it killed off just as it was getting usable on decent hardware (Flame/Nexus 4). The browser was seamless and, despite missing a few features, much better than Android versions of Chrome or Firefox.

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