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Comment Re:There is a basic reason, Edge has no community (Score 1) 146

Edge isn't open source

Its Javascript Engine is. It isn't clear from the article where exactly the vulnerabilities lay but potentially opening up the code to "many eyes" may have provided a way in, whereas crafting a Pwn without the source might have previously been trickier.

Comment Re:Pity, since I can't accept the EULA (Score 1) 146

Just curious, is the licensing for the open source bits, Chromium, any less scary?

I do use Firefox as my main browser but keep Chome and/or Edge handy for 'legacy' sites that expect flash. (Oh and not pr0n, things like my university's portal. Amusingly though, the student portal recently popped an error saying Flash 9 was required and wouldn't work in either of those browsers!)

Comment Re:Fuck Mozilla (Score 1) 322

What sound system does Windows Subsystem for Linux? Will I get audio from Firefox if I use the Linux binary on Windows 10?

Ideally the Mozilla people should reduce maintenance by stripping out as much Linux-specific code as possible. If that means depending on winelib instead of pulseaudio then so be it - the Win64 code will have been battle-tested by millions more users under Windows that any esoteric PulseAudio corner case that seems to perplex the ALSA-only crowd.

(The last thing I want is paulseaudio and systemd infecting my Windows 10 box!)

Comment Re:Awkward to use tablets (Score 1) 243

But not just the web - a lot of content is formatted for print and that requires viewing an A4 page in portrait. One of my textbooks retails for $AU250 but can be purchased online for a quarter of the price as a ebook. My laptop is useless for reading it so, I plug in my trusty 1024x1280 19" monitor (rotated, of course)

Landscape is good for movies, speadsheets and IDEs such as Eclipse that tack on sidebars. Documents, not so much.

Comment Re:Melodramatic much? (Score 1) 84

Here in Victoria we had a coastal rock formation which the Europeans prophetically named "London Bridge". It was a tourist attraction for many a year until, as the song goes, it fell down.

Nearby along the ocean road there are the "12 Apostles" but I think they're down to 7 or 8 of them now.

Commiserations to the Maltese.

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