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Comment communication (Score 1) 112

I work in a matrix team where we look after functions but across multiple projects. Certain people in the team focus on specific projects but what try to maintain is the communication within our team for issues across the various projects as more often than not, we have common or similar issues and if someone has a resolution, it may help on other projects too. It's also useful as a lessons-learned sharing so that if others face something similar in the future, they have documents to refer back to. So make sure that even if you have people working on multiple projects, they talk to each other and share best practices etc

Comment Re:Father claims it was his homophobia, not Islam. (Score 1) 1718

I've talked with Muslim colleagues about this and what they said was that even though Islam is against gays, they leave judgement to their god. So this guy can be anti-gay, as many people are, but it was his decision to go shooting the place up.... just your regular nutso who had pented up frustration/anger to release.

Comment Fellow Blackberry users (Score 1) 242

just wanted to say Hi! BB10 is an awesome OS, shame the company was so slow and backwards when it came to marketing etc. I'm actually trying to convert people into using BBM instead of WhatsApp as it's got a lot of nice features - shame they didn't release it for Android/iOS much earlier but now it's way too late to get people attracted to BB's.

Comment Re:The hub, and the native environment (Score 1) 138

I got my Z10 on launch and still rocking it precisely because the OS is easier to use than Android/Apple. I love the true multi-tasking and most importantly, as you have mentioned, the integrated hub. Having every message types in one location is amazing and you can create messages for all of these apps from that one location rather than needing to go into the separate apps. It's a shame that Fb isn't supported anymore but with alternatives like face10, it's still OK... however the kicker for me is the loss of support from WhatsApp as it doesn't allow 3rd party access so no1 can develop a replacement app for it on BB... with this going, I will have to change phone once it stops working - running the android version isn't really viable as it won't be integrated.

Comment Re:sticking with my BB10 device - better multitask (Score 1) 61

The funny thing is, the Z10 came out 3 years ago... and Android/iOS still haven't been able to do multitasking like this! And the set of apps available on BB10 is pretty good for normal situations - but I guess for those who like playing a lot on their mobile, it's not appropriate. You can load Android apps onto BB10 but I've found that it tends to run slower and causes system issues :s

Comment sticking with my BB10 device - better multitasking (Score 2) 61

I saw the release of the Priv and was excited... then I started digging into it to ensure it has the same BB10 keyboard as well as the Hub but the kicker for me was that Android doesn't seem to do multitasking like BB10, much to my shock and surprise. So let me give you an example - I can have a playlist on Youtube running (there's no app for it, it's just via the browser) and I can go to another browser tab or reply back to messages or even turn off the screen - and the playlist will continue running. From what I've been seeing on all Android and Apple phones, this is not possible - you have to have Youtube as the main focused app and have to have the screen running. So will be sticking with my Z10 (or maybe get the Z30).

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