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Comment Indians, prolly. (Score 4, Interesting) 91

"Outsourcing partner" in Bangalore must have screwed up.
On Indian outsourcing, here's a war story. When working with Fokker, the Dutch aerospace company, I was sent to Bangalore to emit a final judgment on an outsourcing firm there. On the second day, needing to go to the toilet, I lost my way in the building. Trying to find the loo, I walked by an empty cubicle (the cubicles had large glass panes in them). On the table lay a blueprint. Being an engineer, I couldn't refrain from looking at it. The name "Areva" was printed all over it, Areva being a French constructor of nuclear power plants. It soon became clear to me that those st***d Indians had left the blueprint of an import safety valve in a current nuclear reactor design, unsupervised, on a table in an empty cubicle, and that anyone could walk in on it. I took a picture with my cell phone and sent it to Areva - after having stood there, for a test, for about 10 minutes. Nobody turned up. Anyways - some high-up security guy there went ballistic; on the phone, he thanked me and explained to me the kind of mayhem that blueprint falling in the wrong hands could have caused. (Needless to say we at Fokker immediately cut ties with that Bangalore company.)

Comment Don't understand the negativity in many posts here (Score 1) 79

Couple of friggin' interns built a working rocket. That means a lot of math needing to be done right, a lot of engineering problems to overcome, a lot of thinking to be done, a lot of self-reliance and a spraying of some of the gung-ho proverbial of the rocket industry. I'm taking my hat off and making a large flourish.

Comment Indians, huh ? (Score 2) 360

Expect spaghetti code, tons of boilerplate code, no design pattern application at all, classes with verbs in their name, brute-forcing every search and every sort, duplicated methods or duplicated method bodies, variables in subclasses hiding variables in superclasses, deadlock and race conditions, and - most of all - having to undo then redo it all by yourself.

Comment Can't wait (Score 5, Interesting) 74

for the images sent back by JunoCam. It's actually not one of the scientific instruments; NASA says it is rather there for outreach to the public at large. But still - imagine what eye-wateringly beautiful images of Jupiter's cloud tops we may get. Moreover, think of a "pale blue dot" shot through Jovian wisps. I remember being a teenage boy, much engrossed with astronomy (I had my own telescope, bought on "credit on my pocket money"), when the first Voyager images came in. They were printed in a paper magazine - there was no internet back in those times. The images nailed me down on my seat for many, many hours. And now... Juno. Wow. Glad to be alive in these times!

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