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Comment Re:About time! (Score 1) 266

The problem isn't space. The problem is people unwilling to pay extra for extra space.

Most of my travels have been for work, where I had zero say in the booking, and no options for upgrading to a better seat.

Now, that's anecdotal, but experiences from other people confirms this - it's not people being unwilling to pay extra, it's the companies they work for who don't care whether you end up 9 hours in a too-small seat, bent in ways that would make a chiropractor flinch.

Comment Re:Yay.. not (Score 1) 44

[...] for people who may not know how to build a computer, or be able to afford a high-end computer [...]

or... who doesn't care to build a computer, or who did in the past and had a shit-awful time with drivers and crappy OS, or who doesn't think Windows makes sense on a livingroom TV, or who just wants to play games, or .... yeah, lots of different reasons for preferring a console.

Comment Re:But the CPU (Score 3, Funny) 84

That's OK - According to ca every PC gamer I've met in the last 4-5 years, you can buy a PC with much more CPU power, much more GPU power, a lot more RAM, SSD storage and better everything else, for less than the cost of a (latest) Playstation.
Oddly enough, you don't even have to ask about it or anything - just mention that you have a console, and they'll explain the cost-advantage of owning a PC faster than a gluten-allergic vegan will say the word, "like".

Comment Re:"trying to recruit experts" (Score 1) 195

Would jump on this program in a heartbeat (assuming they can use a project/programme manager), but too ill to travel at the mo* :( And, windy just makes it feel at home :)

Turning 40 this year also means I can give up on a large number of job-opportunities even here in Europe, so moving somewhere nice and with (hopefully) friendly people sounds like an idea!

*: doubt that'll be the only hindrance though ;)

Comment Re:Color me skeptical (Score 1) 399

You must live somewhere else than were I am - over here the last 50 years of movement to the larger cities has left lots of free space, and housing, in the smaller cities - some are in decay, but many are being maintained.
Also, if there's a desire to leave the metropolises it likely will be possible to build new housing in the country-side, and also likely that it wont exactly be a mass exodus.

Note: Part of what makes housing expensive in the largest cities isn't the number of people alone, but the lack of available space to build on within the desired distance to work-centres.

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