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Comment I don't even want to ... (Score 1) 170

run that turd of a desktop on Linux. Never mind Windows.

Unity was born when there was some plan to have Ubuntu touch interfaces on tablets and phones. By the time anything was delivered that mostly worked, that ship had sailed. Apple and Android had both markets locked up.

In a sense it's not that different from the UI from Windows 8 that was intended to have similar ubiquity, and was largely as reviled.

Comment Re:Gay crew members scrapped in TNG... (Score 2) 354

The entire concept of the Trill was intended to bring that into attention. A race where the "intellect" could inhabit either sex. They even, in the first story in which the Trill appeared, introduced the conflict in which Doctor Crusher had fallen in love with a Trill intellect when it was expressed in a body with one sex, but could not reconcile when it was in a body of the opposite sex. A perfectly reasonable response by a human being who has their own sexuality in full grip, but it did pose an interesting question for the viewer.

I don't think that's precisely what you're referring to, however.

Comment Sulu is George's character (Score 5, Insightful) 354

Not Simon Pegg's. George is the person that should define that character, alternate timeline notwithstanding. George IS Sulu.


I understand an applaud the intent behind this move, but honestly it's insulting to imply that George Takei, as a gay man, could not have portrayed a straight man. He's commented. He's shown his appreciation as it happens, and he has said that he does not think that Hikaru Sulu is gay.

That pretty much settles it for me. If George says it, that's the fact.

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