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Comment Re:What is the end game here? (Score 1) 321

The end-game is to convince Microsoft to go back to being what they used to be: A company that sold us an OS. It wasn't free, but it did what WE wanted. That was the bargain. We pay once, and only once, and only with MONEY, not with our personal data. It wasn't open source, but it was open (enough) API and that was a compromise that a lot of us liked. The current bargain that they are offering is along the lines of "I have altered the bargain, pray that I don't alter it any further".

Comment Ideological purity is a powerful drug (Score 1) 267

Ideological purity is a powerful drug, and like all drugs you can overdose on it. The hard core addicts in either camp won't listen. I've been using free/open source on Windows for years. Why? Because I like the OS for some things, and the applications for others. I don't know where I fit on the ideological purity spectrum. It's hard to self-analyze and be objective. That said, I don't think I'm much of a zealot in either direction.

Anyway, it's just a bit interesting to see somebody who identifies with a "camp" advocating the flip-side of what I've been doing (mostly without making a stink about it) for years. The tool you like for what you want to do. 'nuff said.

Comment Not reading the summary (Score 1) 203

The summary implies that you'd have to hit the surface really hard before it became sticky. There's a non-sticky coating over the adhesive. Presumably they'd formulate it so that you get something that doesn't crack when a bug or even a bird hits it. A pedestrian impact would be hard enough to crack it and release the adhesive.

That still doesn't mean it's a practical idea; but it's better than some people are making it out to be.

Comment Re:Why does this matter? (Score 1) 91

No real reason, AFAICT. Twitter stopped being a "micro blog" the minute they went beyond text and maybe a single URL. You see people posting pictures of text sometimes, sheesh! IMHO, they should just concentrate on thumb-nailing all the non-text media down to a reasonable size so that it doesn't hog resources unless I actually click on it.

Comment How lazy can we get? (Score 1) 118

Ohh... pushing the plug into a socket is so... hard... ohh... it hurts. Umm.... that's what she said.

Anyway, plugs aren't broken. There is almost no loss of power at the plug-outlet interface. There is scads of power loss with any radiated power delivery system. There are questionable health impacts of radiated power delivery. The only upside is that you don't have to lift your poor little lazy fingers to put the plug in the fucking socket, or make sure that they mate compatibly.

That's what she said.

Comment Re:Reminds me of the Dot Com bubble (Score 4, Insightful) 184

Did you find that it was unsustainable? There were two periods in my life like this: Bachelor's degree, and a start-up. The start-up was just slightly easier than the bachelor's degree. YMMV based on how hard your school is, how much of a task-master your boss is, and let's face it--how smart you are. I'm sure there were some people that just absolutely cruised courses that made me cram... but then again there were people who dropped out and never came back. I dropped out of start-ups, and when you're middle aged you start to think twice about a diet of late-night pizza and soda. If you pass out with a coronary at 50, what's the point?

Still though, if you think it's really important--if it's for God and country, or family, or just trying not to end up homeless or working a shit job for the rest of your life, you'll do it. Sometimes I think about the excitement and for the right project, maybe... one more time. I ran into a 20 something like that a while ago. He wanted me to help him code his stuff; but unfortunately it was the kind of software I hate. It was easy to turn that one down...

Comment Re:Important question (Score 1) 47

Well, it's not surprising when you consider that there's an entire class of apps built around the concept of "checking in". 4square was the biggest one for a while. Not sure if it's still doing well; but the idea is there. The cat will gladly accept the shiny bell that the mice give him, just like in the cartoons.

Comment There will always be a leading cause of death (Score 1) 555

This reminds me of the dire warnings about how such and such is now the leading cause of death. Guess what? There will always be a leading cause of death. There will always be a leading cause of pollution.

It's good news in both cases. The leading cause of death is no longer smallpox or the plague, because we've effectively controlled those. The leading cause of pollution is no longer the tailpipe if we've effectively controlled it.

I believe that in both cases there is no flaw with progress. We simply need to move on to the next problem and solve it, while taking care to make sure that old problems don't reoccur.

Comment The Fed helicopters don't fly over us (Score 5, Insightful) 372

The Fed helicopters don't fly over normal people. They only have the ability to dump money on banks via mechanisms such as rates so low that the banks can arbitrage. None of that money goes where it's needed to stimulate the economy.

AFAIK, only Congressional helicopters could deliver money to you and I, like they did with the stimulus checks a few years ago. It's almost certainly a fool's errand anyway, since it would screw up the dollar economy via runaway inflation if you did it too much.

IMHO, it would be better to simply extend services like food stamps and housing subsidies to people who would usually be in higher income brackets. Particular sectors of the economy might be weakened, but you wouldn't destroy the monetary system wholesale. People who wanted something better than government cheese would still be encouraged to innovate, strive, and keep progress and productivity humming.

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