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Comment If they go too far (Score 1) 103

If the Chinese go too far, people will sour on the whole idea of business. There will be a backlash. They'll have a communist revolution on their hands. Of course I've been making this joke for a while now...20 years seems about right. The insanity just keeps rolling along... like a tank.

Comment Re:This is why my cousins all have New Holland gea (Score 1) 635

I had to scroll down way too far to find a post like this. While "nobody ever got fired" for buying a Deere, there are other combines out there. I found Agco first. You might be the odd man out at first, but if Deere is pissing you off that much, it looks like maybe not all equipment manufacturers are being dicks. My first thought was "Will overseas equipment makers please pick up the white courtesy phone".

Change takes time, but it can happen. I remember when nobody drove foreign cars and we made fun of Toyota drivers. For big ticket items like cars and tractors, it takes time; but if you make shit or treat people badly your business will suffer. Stop treating people badly while you still have a chance, Deere.

Comment Backdown (Score 1) 465

When working on your PC you need to back up. Everybody knows that. When working in the Cloud you need to back down. A lot fewer people realize that. It's bad enough that I got stuck with an ugly interface on Flickr after less than 1000 shots. There were some real pros on there with 100k+ shots and I feel sorry for them. There are recovery programs out there. I don't know how well they work, and I don't know how good a job they do at preserving things like tags, comments, EXIF, etc. I've been meaning to get around to putting my pix in a better format; but it's one of those things I keep putting off.

Anyway, people need to consider their backdown plans just as much as they need to consider their backup plans.

Comment Re:I'm more pissed off by... (Score 1) 523

I don't think fixing style problems in the editor would be a crutch. I think it would end a lot of arguments, like tabs vs. space--at least for leading tabs/spaces. The only thing that's a bit complicated is __LINE__, but with enough AI in the editor it might be a fixable problem too--have an editor command that lets you jump to the repository __LINE__ even if it doesn't match __LINE__ in the editor. Also, the compiler has to use the repository __LINE__. I know I'm probably leaving something out. Yes, I've put some thought into it over the years; but not enough to crack open an open source IDE and hack it.

Comment I'm more pissed off by... (Score 1) 523

I'm more pissed off by the unnecessary leading *, since any editor worth a damn has syntax highlighting. It's his project though, so he can set whatever standard he wants and if you don't like that you can fork it. Once again, pretty much any style problem can be solved in the editor, and most editors already fix this problem; but that's just my opinion and it's worth less than his because I'm not leading a kernel project that runs bazillions of servers.

Comment Re:Assembly for what processor architecture? (Score 1) 348

Just imagine how many virtual C64s you could host on a modern server. Augment the original instruction set with 32-bit and 64-bit modes, and you might really have something. I know it's not likely; but the thought of being able to run Jumpman in backwards compatability with a modern office suite kind of gives me the feel-goods. We'd probably have to use timers to event-trigger each instruction for games that ran flat out with delay loops!

Comment Re:Why is Slashdot pushing this story so hard? (Score 3, Informative) 136

OK, I probably should have checked the reference before releasing the hounds. If this is to be believed then Musk was simply speculating on such a possibility and actually advocating for a right to manual control. If their quotes are accurate, then I must stand corrected. Ahh, the perils of Slashdot, which lacks reddit's delete button. My errors are all there for posterity, not the first time and probably not the last.

Comment Why is Slashdot pushing this story so hard? (Score 0, Flamebait) 136

Why is this story on the front page *twice*? Look, the technology in and of itself isn't evil. It's a tool. That said, Musk is on the record as wanting to make driving illegal. You can mod me Troll all you want, and throw around pejoratives like "SJW" all you want; but if you have networked cars, automated driving, and it's illegal to drive then that's a fascist enabling tool. Not the "right kind of person"? You don't drive. This is why I hope this particular venture fails hard. Electric cars? Yes. Muskbot control? No.

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