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Comment Re:Can’t copyright a programming language ei (Score 1) 203

I'm guessing he's referring to MS's inclusion of code under permissive Open Source licenses, such as the BSD license. The counterpoint is that MS can't "steal" the BSD code, because it's still there for everybody to use. The MS copyright is just for the work as a whole, not the unmodified code. Without further detail, his post appears to be a variation on the common /. riff of "You can't steal ideas, because ideas aren't things; unless we don't like you. Then you stole our ideas".

Comment Re:This probably means... (Score 1) 1066

IMHO, capitalism is taking your *capital* and using it to create profit. Period. All the other stuff that people are upset about has nothing to do with capitalism, and everything to do with corruption.

Your reference to an imaginary world implies that you think I'm some kind of libertarian absolutist. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I've tussled with those guys quite a bit too.

I fully recognize and uphold the role of government in furthering the aims of justice, fairness, upholding the law for the common good, etc.

How do I reconcile this with capitalism? Easy. If I polluted an entire river to make money, that should be illegal. If I polluted an entire river just for the lulz, that should be illegal. If I polluted an entire river because I thought God told me to do it, that should be illegal.

To me, the polluted river does not imply that capitalism, lulz, or religion should be overthrown. Quite the opposite. If we go down that road, we're going to hell.

It's the corruption that's wrong, not the capitalism.

The libertarian makes the fundamental mistake of wanting to destroy government entirely due to corruption. Others make the mistake of wanting to overthrow capitalism due to corruption. They're both, IMHO, making the same sort of "tossing out the baby with the bathwater" mistake.

Comment This probably means... (Score 4, Insightful) 1066

This probably means that a majority of them don't know what capitalism is. Their college professors taught them it was cronyism, fascism, patriarchy, etc., and K-12 probably didn't put it in a good light either. They're ripe with the kind of cognitive dissonance that buys a Che Guevera T-shirt from a vendor and doesn't put 2+2 together.

Comment Re:Well yes duh (Score 1) 279

With advances in technology such that the bandwidth isn't even worth caring about. Just old enough here to remember the dire warning that some USENET servers used to display to us, admonishing us to post sparingly because the 10k of text we were submitting would be "duplicated across thousands of servers and cost thousands of dollars".

Comment Re:Where does the money come from? (Score 1) 1100

Savers. Giving everybody $20k/year would be very inflationary, destroying the value of savings. People who thought they would have the easy life would instead be "employed" in non-productive activities such as hurrying down to lock in the prices on essential goods as soon as they got their check, and doing other things to manage the inflation.

The economy might be able to tolerate some direct stimulus. It tolerated the stimulus checks during the '08 financial crisis and inflation remained tame. IIRC, those were $600 at the most to those who were in the lowest income brackets.

Cutting checks directly to the public might be an interesting new way for the Fed to manage inflation and stimulate the economy. It's worthwhile to consider authorizing such action by the Fed; but IMHO it can't be enough to provide basic needs, not currently, not without igniting too much inflation.

Comment Re:That's why Greece and Venezuela... (Score 1) 1100

You had me right up until the Atlas Shrugged reference. That's pure fantasy, and when we came closest to that kind of world we had child labor, company stores, and toxic medicines.

In fact, the infatuation with tearing down governments is exactly what's gotten us into some serious problems lately, such as the end of Glass-Steagal contributing to the financial crisis.

Let's hear it for common sense--throw Marx and Rand *both* on the fire, metaphorically speaking, and piss off all the true believers, including yourself.

Comment Upgrade 3-d glasses to 3-d helmet (Score 1) 321

We just need a full face helmet with 3-d glasses built in, and a port to accept the most popular phones. The phone interfaces to the helmet and projects your texts, memes, etc. translucently onto what you see. It's a full-face helmet with advanced acoustic technology so that you can talk or even shout without disturbing other patrons. This might be dangerous though, because if you had an emergency nobody would hear you. Don't worry. The helmet will also incorporate a heart, BP, and body temperature monitor to make sure that you are, at the very least alive and not under too much stress. If you've got a fever it won't show you the movie. It will tell you that you've forfeited your deposit because the helmet needs extra sterilization now. Of course you'll have to sign some disclosure docs because of HIPAA. The helmet is, after all, technically a medical device which is covered by insurance. That's why you'll need to carefully document your movie-going expenditures and report them to the IRS, which will now be administrating the cinema experience.

Or you could just wait for it to come out on Netflix.

Comment Re:Rant: REBOOT the WEB (Score 1) 243

Well, of course there's a lot of nuance that can't be conveyed in one smart-aleck remark.

CUI and GUI exist side-by side on modern operating systems. I use both when it suits my purpose. The kind of people who I want to launch into the Sun are the ones who re-invent essential GUI components inside their web pages. For example, my web browser has a back button. That's a browser function. Don't disable that. Don't make me hunt on the page for your artiste's haute couture back button that looks like a dancing flower.

Comment Re:Reverse insult (Score 1) 523

Otherwise known as the Job Security Application. Perl was the language of choice for that back in the day. You can write JSAs in most languages though. The JSA authors goal is achieved when he over-hears somebody saying, "We can't let him go. He's the only one who understands the code that glues our business together".

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