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Comment Re:And then there was Kinect (Score 1) 113

(BTW, I have never owned any of the Xboxes)

I thought some of the TV stuff at least had potential.. Even if only to remove the need to switch/have inputs on the TV. In other words, have the other video source daisy-chain through the Xbox.

(I switch inputs on my TV all the time, so obviously know how to do it.. It does suck that nowadays it's much slower than switching inputs on analog TVs.. but really, I wish I could have all devices plugged in and essentially instantly switch between which one I am seeing by using it.. Yes, I know about HDMI CEC. That's not instant either.)

Comment Re:Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proo (Score 1) 250

Could you clarify what you're referring to about Segway? I admit I didn't do tons of research, but I'm not even sure if you mean Segway stole someone else'e patent, vice versa, or something completely different.. If it was something like that, I would have expected at least some mention on the Segway wikipedia page.

Comment Re:Good used market. (Score 1) 115

If passenger trucks were held to the same standard there wouldn't be a single redneck "rollin' coal" out there.

That would be a good thing. Just like people driving SUVs who have no need to, tons of people are driving gigantic trucks who have no need to.

I am not saying they shouldn't be able to, they should just pay more (for more road wear, more pollution, etc.,) and be held to the same standards as cars.

Comment Re:Create multiple barriers to failure (Score 1) 199

It wasn't "bold easy to read type", but it WAS on the outside of the envelope (though the front I think), even easily visible in the pictures from TV screens.

So I think after Warren realized something was wrong, he had looked at both sides of the red envelope, he would have seen "Best Actress" on it.

BTW, in the discussion afterwards, I did see a clip of Sammy Davis, Jr., being given the wrong card once too -- it was from an earlier category.. (Then he made a joke about the NAACP hearing about this.)

Comment Re: DOJ blocked ATT -- Now Cable? (Score 1) 61

While not exactly the same, you do have _some_ competition.. cable & satellite services & U-Verse & for some, streaming systems or even 'just' OTA.

(Personally, while sure, I would always want it cheaper, cable is the one thing that everyone _else_ complains about the price of, that I think I get more entertainment than I can watch for a decent price.. of course, I tivo everything and skip the ads.)

Comment Re:meh....plans & contracts (Score 1) 61

This is not my site, I am making nothing off of it, but I consulted it back when I used a prepaid phone (though I admit I never actually switched off Virgin Mobile since at the time, it was the most convenient and _close_ to cheapest with its autopay system).


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