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Comment Re:Top down decision (Score 1) 240

EVERYONE is paying more to cover the fee for those whose convenience is worth more to them than their money or privacy.

Yes, I said this originally.

We are all paying more. But since at each INDIVIDUAL purchase, RIGHT NOW, I am paying the exact same price whether I pay via credit card or cash, I will take the one that is cheaper (later) for me, AND more convenient, credit card.

In fact, today I paid with cash for something for the first time in a long time (except quarters in pinball machines), since it was so much less than a dollar I felt sheepish paying by credit card. (Was using up CVS rewards they gave me.. Not the rewards bucks, they just gave me $2 off grocery, no minimum requirement.)

Comment Re:Top down decision (Score 1) 240

Well, the only thing I'm "making" off my own transactions is the cash back, but don't tell the credit card companies this, I'd still do it without the cash back.. ESPECIALLY if I can do it with Apple Pay.

Even ignoring the cash back, it's faster/more convenient to pay by credit card.. but since I do get the cash back, it's cheaper too. (Yes, the stores pay the credit card companies, but at each purchase, my price is the same.. and of course I do pay off in full every month so pay no interest. I'm getting an average 15 day interest free loan.. awesome.)

Comment Re:Who acquired what now? (Score 1) 25

You must NEVER see commercials (as much as I avoid them, I still see them), because Angie's List does commercials, and AFAIK does podcast commercials too.. She also does a newspaper column.

Angie's List -- the place that I think most people, including me, start off describing as "Oh, you mean the Yelp! that you have to pay for?".

Though the last episode of the "How I Built This" podcast was about Angie's List, and was entertaining. It was more work and started up earlier than I had thought. I'm still not going to subscribe to Angie's List, but it was entertaining.

Comment Re:F Cloud auth (Score 1) 81

Doesn't it need to go outside your firewall so that you can connect to it from the outside? Or rather, so that _Joe User_ can connect from the outside? Specifically, to connect outside-your-home users to your home through a third party, because your cable company could give you a different IP address?

Comment Re:English motherfucker (Score 1) 81

Kodi for highly customizable local access and Plex Media Server for external access and transcoding for STBs, mobile devices and less capable clients (cough iOS cough)

Why do you NEED to transcode? VLC on iOS will play the raw media files. I use it to play shows directly downloaded from my Tivo.

Comment Re: Possible solution (Score 1) 94

I admittedly don't have a huge sample size, but just based on a couple of examples, entering addresses in standalone GPS units always seemed way more difficult than on a phone..

e.g. you can't enter 1234 Whichever Road, Wherever City

you have to enter each specific thing individually, with a bad touch keyboard, possibly in a different order on different brands' devices.

I know they often made/make the same kind of complaints about in car nav on the CNET On Cars video podcasts.

Comment Re:teeny little screens (Score 1) 105

Who in the world would like to watch a move [sic] on the tiny little screen?

I'd be more likely to watch TV that way, since I already do it.. watch TV while walking on the treadmill every day. Vegging and watch TV (stuff I have downloaded and am watching via the VLC iOS app) is the only thing that gets me in the habit of doing it every day.

Comment Re:Wrong (Score 1) 585

Lincoln's actions were ruled unconstitutional in the US Circuit Court of Appeals, by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Lincoln just straight up IGNORED that ruling. And when people bitched about this, Lincoln had them thrown in prison too. Lincoln went on to throw a massive chunk of the Maryland Legislature in prison, just to keep them from voting, which is a MASSIVE stretch of the concept of "rebellion or invasion"

I'm just reading wikipedia, but the House & Senate subsequently passed
to authorize the President to suspend it.

Comment Re:So the news is that it still doesn't make good (Score 1) 111

The news here is that a minuscule percentage of the original supposed functionality is a "new" feature.

What "original supposed functionality"? Seriously.

Based on following this (I haven't played it), the hype/mistaken expectations seems to have all been fan driven, and (admittedly anecdotal), I've read people who said that the original E3 videos aren't more off from the end result than tons of other projects. (The most recent one I read was yesterday on the Giant Bomb Facebook group.)

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