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Comment Re:More to the point (Score 1) 72

That is my point though, the users don't really leave. You have to offer them some token credit monitoring or something for a few months and 80% probably would not even change their password if you did not make them. They certainly are not moving their e-mail and web searches elsewhere.

So the value of Yahoo! isn't actually impaired by the breach at all. Basically the attitude should be "breach smeach"

Comment Re:What selfish bastards (Score 3, Insightful) 198

Just increase immigration to compensate and better outcomes for all.

Maybe, or it could me a worse outcome for all. I won't talk about race, race has been more or less scientifically proven to be a not a real thing. While there may be some clustering toward the lower and upper bounds of the normal range for various characteristics in some populations its not big enough to be relevant.

Culture on the other hand is. Europe has had a huge problem with 'multiculturalism' you can't allow just any immigrants to show up and form ghettos. Its curcial to recognize and value ones one culture and probably ones national identity. I am all for legal immigration but the people who come here (speaking as an American) so do so because they want to be Americans, not ${former nationality}-Americans, no ${former continent}-Americans, or ${ethnic-population}-Americans but just plain simple Americans. I am all for freedom of religion and am okay with whatever they want to do inside their homes, or at their meeting place on ${Weekday} or if they don't want to ${food item} etc. In general though they need to join the rest of secular society, see the same movies, talk about the same sports, eat most of the same foods, date people no from their orign group, etc. Its simply wrong to place equal value on other cultures. Western civilization is superior its brought like to a dark world that other cultures frankly have not made lasting contributions to in terms of thought and ideas since before the fall of Rome.

'We' as individuals are not better than 'them' but 'we' as a culture certainly are. If 'they' want to immigrate grate as long as their desire is to be like us. If its to come here or to Western Europe just to live in Little-${whatver} but collect a bigger public assistance check than is available back home, no we should not want them and we should not let them come. Recently cultural appropriation has been branded a bad thing. Its not its great thing, imitation is the highest form of flattery! Cultural appropriation is in fact the correct and proper way to value other cultures. You recognize what is best about them and perhaps better than our traditional way and adopt it! That is the melting pot model, we take the best ideas from everywhere and made them our own! Everyone should be welcome who wants to add and integrate. Unfortunately this idea that we have to allow them to instead replace, in the name of respect has taken hold.

Comment Re:More to the point (Score 2) 72

fraud was it? You are required to disclose know problems with most assets prior to sale, at least to the degree you are not misrepresenting the nature of thing.

If I sold you a car and did not mention that when I had the head off the other weekend I noticed the block was cracked that would be fraud. On the other hand if I fail to mention its due of an oil change nobody is going to come after me for violating a lemon law let alone fraud.

This is where the wicket gets sticky with Yahoo! Is a data breach a serious impairment? I mean with the exception of Avid Life Media most companies end up not being really harmed from a PII related breach. Look at all the retailers that have bounced back just fine, look at the social media platforms, etc. Its a short term problem most of the time. Any of the security professionals will tell you its not if but when you are breached anyway. So if "it happens to everyone" and you are not an especially sensitive use case should have to disclose a breach at all? I would argue: No!

Comment Re:Not sure you have a lot of options? (Score 1) 221

Right to for the right job. A dedicated video player should be just that. It should not be a PC. You would be way way better off with some purpose built raspi image on that hardware. I would not even recommend using full linux distro for such a chore.

Your best bet would have been to spec out a smart TV that could play the videos without having to hang anything off the back. Sure those things have their own security issues but if put a few switch port ACLs on there to make sure it only talks to the file sever or DLNA server that has the videos on it, than the risk is low.

Comment Re:No, it's fine (Score 1) 117

No its not indicating a problem status.

Its green if the device is safe. Effectively and everything is ok alarm.

Why they would not make the update show the battery icon as red or have a ! accross it or something if the device has one of the faulty batteries escapes me. That would both comply with Googles license and probably make people with the faulty batteries take more notice.

Comment Re:yes, the level of testing / stability (Score 1) 30

Pulzee Cisco releases firmware with major bugs ALL THE TIME, ask anyone who has run a network of moderate size like at a F500 or something. As soon as you start doing anything moderately complex with a handful of routing protocols, nested VLANS, other tunnels and authentication methods its effectively all 'corner cases' so its not really surprising.

Actually I am amazed they don't have more problems. Lets not kid ourselves though, bugs even pretty bad ones are common. I myself have been provided with a special engineering build or two along the way after some long TAC calls. Cisco does a good job but shit happens.

Comment Re:Never (Score 2, Insightful) 401

The thing to recall here is the Manning is not Snowden. Manning had access to a bunch of embarrassing information and he had an axe to grind. When Assange came along and afforded him the opportunity to grind said axe he took it.

It turned out that there ware some revelations in the documents that probably indicated criminal action by the state however that does not a whistle blower of manning make. Intent counts a lot here or should. Manning did not come forward with information because he wanted to prevent a crime, expose a moral outrage, bring to light critical facts that stand to reshape a societal debate; rather he did it because he was pissed off at the system in general. That falls below the whistle blower standard considerably.

Its also true that unlike Snowden who despite what CONgress says he did compromise the safety of others in the field. The Snowden leak might certainly have undermine an investigation and harmed other intel gathering efforts but it was really all about technology and its hard to see without evidence which does not seem to be forth coming how it could have lead to anyone getting hurt directly. Again congress concluded otherwise but I assume they are lying and they should put up or shut up. After all the harm is already done right so why should it still be secret? Manning's leaks on the other hand provided enough information to out individuals who were undercover.

Manning most certainly does not deserve a pardon.

Comment Re:Sucks to be her I guess (Score 4, Insightful) 412

Teenagers are tricky create they often have little empathy of their own yet are highly sensitive to perceived slights and are easily embarrassed. They are also impulsive and easily convinced to do things that are ultimately only going to be self destructive like suing ones own parents over a relatively minor thing.

I can understand both attitudes here. As a parent you need to show that it is you are in control and you who make the rules. You don't have to stop doing something because your children don't approve, but they will not be permitted to do what you find objectionable beyond the leeway you might be willing to afford them.

On the other hand if it was my kid this isn't the hill I'd pick to die on (well I never would have posted the stuff in the first place). I think I would say well mom and I posted those pictures because we are proud of you and our family but if they make you uncomfortable we will mark them private so only us and your grand parents can see them. Seem like this would be a good moment to show some empathy and hope the kid models in the future.

Comment Re:I'd say Glass Houses is the real reason (Score 1) 333

t's a problem - the groups think they are doing good by exposing harm, but what they're actually doing is spoiling the only evidence of the harm to the point where the justice system cannot act on it anymore. In which case the only choice is a conviction in the court of public opinion.

This isn't really true though. The fruit of poison tree argument only applied to government agents, that is anyone working for the government. Which casts a pretty wide net. Even if a cop walks up and ask you to say something if you see something that might make you a government agent if any specific target was identified.

Some random hacker in another country though doxing someone could be construed as probably cause, good enough cause if the documents appear legitimate and unaltered to go an cease the servers and place them under a solid eviduciary chain of custody. The challenge for law enforcement there becomes though that practice encourages doxing, which when hacking is involved is criminal in itself. It might make us all less safe.

Comment Re:Summary missing important piece... (Score 1) 333

Ambassadorships to friendly countries, the UK in particular, have always been given as rewards to political friends.

True enough but traditionally those have also been friends who were long time loyal public servants, with some qualifications other than being able to make a sizable campaign donation. I blame the Kennedys starting with Joe sr. for changing that.

Comment Re:Summary missing important piece... (Score 1) 333

Its been my experience scofflaws tend to be scofflaws. Someone who obviously and blatantly disregards one law will do so with others.

There is plenty of evidence to support he idea that illegal aliens are disproportionately murders and sex offenders compared with the general population.

Just be cause they are not ALL murders and sex offenders does not make what Trump said untrue, nor does the fact that you dislike it. If we really care about reducing the number of murders and sex offenders on the lose in our society cracking down on illegal immigrants would be a reasonable step.

Comment Re:Why the hurry? (Score 1) 128

Well as a US citizen though those people are much more accountable to me than some folks over at the UN. They are more easily sued, I can vote against politicians that enact stupid legislation, I have some hope of finding out what is really going on with FRA requests etc. I loose ALL OF THAT if this happens.

As to the rest of the world, I DON"T CARE. its America's Internet we built it. Don't like it, tough shit, go build your own Internet.

Comment Re:Nukes are obsolete (Score 1) 243

Precision weapons are much more useful.

If you are the worlds police force and you care about humanity yes, that is true. If you are looking for an effective deterrent and you demonstrait routinely to your potential enemies satisfaction you don't really care about the lives of the innocent than it isn't true.

I am plenty frightened that DPRK would use a weapon like this as a response against South Korea, Japan or any other first world aligned Asian power if an attack on them was made and failed to immediately cripple these assets. I fear they would/will target a US city for response in a few years if we sit back an allow them to improve the technology to the point where they could dependably do that.

Its clear the deterrent is working to I suspect at least during the Bush administration we would have taken a more aggressive policy stance toward them than just sanctions if there had not been a real fear they could kill a whole lot of people in South Korea before we could stop them. Obama/Hillary have done next to nothing to address DPRK upping their nuclear game, some of it is China sure, but a lot of it is that they are now a nuclear power and do have the capability and demeanor to harm lots of innocent people. I have to believe even the Chinese are more tolerant of DPRK BS than they otherwise would be because even if they are not likely to find themselves on the receiving end of DPRK ICBM they recognize the potential they might use one and set off a massive economically destabilizing Asian conflict where the Chinese government would have to decide to side with the USA probably.. which domestically would be challenging for them.

Comment Re:Seems reasonable to sell a product (Score 4, Insightful) 238

I think the better analogy is you can go and buy just a box of Macaroni easily.

Most importantly it will be:
1) Offered a price that reflects the actual cost and a reasonable markup
2) Widely available its unlikely any full grocery store will sell boxed Mac'n'Cheese but not sell macaroni and cheese separately. Freeing you to purchase either product without paying for the other.

The Windows tax is insidious because most of these manufactures will not sell a system to this day without an OS installed, and most still don't offer an alternative to Windows on many models. Like the boxed Mac'n'Cheese its actually more effort to provide the assembled product, imaged hard disk vs hdd just installed but left blank. Yet if you are allowed to buy the system without an OS its often not discounted at all. You can make the argument that managing more separate stock imaged/blank would be more work, fine so image them all and don't provide a license key for Windows, to customers who don't order it.

The reality is that in a completely open and free market place a PC with a pre-installed (and licensed copy ) of Windows should cost more than one without, you should be able to order just about any model a manufacturer sells without Windows but you can't. So MS is in some way or did in the past leverage their near monopoly position to affect the supply chain and choke out alternative vendors.

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