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Comment Re:NATO (Score 1) 153

That is what the law says sure, but that isn't what the Lawless Obama administration / John Kerry do.

Remember Egypt - coup - no question about but the military aide keeps flowing.

I remember Kerry made a statement to the effect of "the law does not require us to make a determination if a coup has occurred."

I am going to try it next time I get pulled over, "sure office the law says I have to comply with all visible traffic control devices, it does not say I have to look to see if they are there!" oh wait I am guess that isn't go fly for me the little guy.

Comment Re:As little as I like Microsoft (Score 1) 70

No I would quit, and than file suit against my former employer for asking me to do something illegal and forcing my resignation.

Sucks for the employer but its a hazard of doing business internationally unless you are extremely careful to minimize your international exposure and fully understand the foreign laws you have to comply with.

Comment Re:It's a net safety issue (Score 1) 330

Teslas on autopilot are involved in fewer accidents per mile traveled (adjusted, as much as possible, for type of driving) than human drivers

Not a slam on Tesla here, I totally think they are in the right on this so far every autopilot incident I am aware of the operator was misusing the technology by not paying attention and being prepared to take over as Tesla makes it VERY CLEAR every time you turn the thing on that you are supposed to be.

That said the statistic is a bit self serving because most users would be driving manually in the most challenging conditions because autopilot can't or won't. I don't know to many human drivers who get into accidents while cursing down long strait interstate highways in daytime fare weather conditions with minimal to moderate traffic. AP gets used a lot in that situation I would expect. Add some bad weather, cross streets, traffic, other aggressive drivers, poor or absent markings, construction, cops direction traffic, etc and the rate of human error I have no doubt goes up sharply. This would all be things that AP does not deal with much in terms of the "miles its driven" but human drivers do deal with.

So when Tesla says that AP gets into less accidents per mile than human drivers, and they have, I find it suspect that while it might be technically correct (the best kind of correct :-)) in the strictest sense, it might not really mean much.

Comment Re:As little as I like Microsoft (Score 1) 70

So don't have the Irish employees do it. Microsoft has these neat protocols called RDP and SMB that would have easily allowed a US employee to do it.

The USA should have GLOBAL jurisdiction over its own citizens and corporate entities. If a law or court order is intended to apply to such an entity outside a US territory said order should apply!

This cuts both ways of course, a US entity wishing to do business/travel/etc ought to be prepared to comply with the laws of that place, if that can't do so perhaps because of US law than they have no business there.

Comment Re:As little as I like Microsoft (Score 2) 70

Disagree. Microsoft is a US entity it should have to follow US rules wherever it goes as long as it remains a US entity. Additionally it should have to follow the rules for whatever locality it happens to be in. Yes that may make it impossible to perform certain activities where the laws are totally incompatible.

Maybe Microsoft simply cannot operate a server in the EU under the current rules because of this conflict; that is probably the case and I don't care. If MS can't do it neither can anyone else and I am sure the politicians would 'fix' the problem in hurry and change the laws; the economic consequences of not doing so being probably pretty bad.

As a US citizen you are not free to violate federal law even while abroad! Admittedly there is a presumption against the extraterritorial applicability of United States law unless there is explicit language in the law to indicate it was the intent of Congress for the law to have applicability outside the US. So most laws don't apply but there are ones that certainly do like FCPA, the same should apply to court orders. A US court should be able to order a US citizen or entity to comply with a subpoena for evidence, if its turn over all your E-mails fine turn over all the E-mails in the USA, if its turn over all your E-mails in Ireland than you must turn over all your E-mail stored in Ireland.

Don't like move HQ to Ireland and surrender your citizenship, with all the various import restrictions, foreign reporting, loss SEC related consequences for your publicly held company that implies.

Comment Re:As little as I like Microsoft (Score 1) 70

Personally I actually disagree that this is good news. Here is a case where the rule of law was utilized, a warrant was issued by a court on the public record for data. Microsoft is a US entity and should have to follow lawful orders from a US court. When courts can't subpoena that leaves law enforcement with little recourse other than warrant free uncountable hacking that violates our Fourth Amendment or letting having to let criminals walk free no matter how much legitimate probable cause to suspect their may be.

This sets up a situation where all you have to do is setup a foreign subsidiary and stash some severs overseas and the government can't touch you? Yes I realize its a little more nuanced than that, but I still think its a serious problem. This is likely to cause more the behavior we really should oppose as citizens not less.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 237

I am not suggesting it does not look 'different' I am simply saying for the most part it really does not matter, to me at least, in terms of my enjoyment of the content.

If the video is a little 'muddy' it really does not matter. I am only concerned with the 'big picture' the detail isn't relevant.

Comment Re:Here we go again... (Score 1) 105

Just because rape can be violent doesn't mean that it is always violent.

That depends on your definition of rape, at common law it certainly has to be violent. Frankly I think we should use the common law definition for rape. Its a very serious crime and should be treated that way, in terms of the people who commit it really out to be permanently excluded from the rest of society. Rape should mean rape.

Which is not say other cases of using some form of duress should not be crimes as well. They just don't rise to the seriousness of rape, again not imply they are not serious or that they should not also carry heavy punitive action and restorative considerations for victims.

All I am really saying is we should not water down the word rape, which is probably the nastiest thing you might do to another human being short of murdering them. We don't need to label every sexual crime a rape its counter productive.

Comment Re:That's nice (Score 1) 237

Well there you hit the nail on the head. To me 1080 vs 720 or even less matters more depending on the content than anything else. There is basically no difference watching a bunch of characters wonder around their apartment on the Big Bang Theory at 720 vs 1080. Its does not matter much, you get plenty of detail to see all the relevant information at 720. It might even be true that given its a man made set, the higher detail is more likely to reveal distractions like fake props and take away from the experiences.

While many will disagree I would say this is also true for most action flicks, its just as good on DVD as bluray. Why because when things are moving quickly for the most part you don't have time to appreciate the finer detail anyway. Unless you are some kinda weirdo steeping thru frame by frame no difference. The Avengers isn't really better at 1080 than it is at 480 on a 50" class screen.

Now a nature doc or a cooking show, its big deal to have the extra detail. You have fixed camera going in tight on subject and the point is to show the detail. The image is mostly still you so have time to visually explore it.

Some sports it matters, I would say for foot ball and hockey not so much, golf if you really want to be able to see the travel of the ball you need the resolution and lack of compression.

Comment Re:I Know Where The 22,000 Went! (Score 1) 474

I actually wonder if there won't be more impulse style stops. Maybe not the "their sign looks cools, I'll check them out" type stops but more general.

"I could go for a cheese burger" type thinking that leads someone to say "Siri continue our trip home but add a stop someplace where I can get a cheeseburger to go" --> "Ok I found a Brazier Burger for you, and added a via point we will be there in 15min"

When you make getting those things an entirely passive prospect of just sitting there why the machine make it happen, and you go on watching Game of Thrones on your iPad I think you are more likely to do that stuff not less. Now it means 1/2 hour of sitting in traffic driving while bored.

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