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Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 134

We already know with enough accuracy why Mars lost most of its atmosphere. A manned mission won't provide much more details, rover missions would be enough for that purpose as well as orbiting satellites loaded with scientific instruments. That's how we acquire knowledge these days. Sad to say the direct human observation is no longer providing sufficient details and accuracy to be really useful.

Manned mission accomplish a single role, exacerbate chauvinism. That was the main motivation behind the Gemini and Apollo programs. It has nothing to do with science, science is a collateral damage.

Comment Re:Is anyone really surprised? (Score 1) 66

How FBI was wrong? At my knowledge they never said what the summary states: 'They need a universal backdoor' in fact, in this very case, they never asked for a backdoor. A backdoor is something you put in place BEFORE, not AFTER. They asked for help from Apple to crack the iPhone.

That summary is really shitty. It seems written by someone not knowing the difference between his head and his ass. Bypassing the counter limit has nothing to do with cracking the encryption key by brute force attack. The iPhone password is not the encryption key, it is the protection to grant access to the encryption key. It is simply laughable to think the iPhone would have been encrypted with a four byte encryption key if the password would have been the key.

Comment Re:The other side of the coin (Score 1) 278

Same here. We just don't know. It seems many are ready to assume Snowden is telling the truth when he says he gave all the information to a journalist and didn't keep any copy of that information which everyone knows is multiple GB. Only a very tiny portion of that information was required to make the point. Why did he stole the rest and what did he actually do with it? No one knows but Snowden itself. He can say anything, nobody can verify if he is telling the truth. Due to a large sympathy movement, people are prone to believe he is right and he is telling the truth. I don't see why. Not telling the truth has its advantages as well in his case.

Comment Same old shit (Score 1) 284

The narrative behind the "Matrix" or "computer simulation" interpretation of the world is just a sequel or variant of the very old religious idea of the human created to live in a world controlled by God or gods. There is nothing new and nothing to see here. It is very boring it gets so much public attention.

Comment Re: I think... (Score 0) 387

Is there any real life example of people in USA who suffered from surveillance of the NSA over the last decade or two? Otherwise, it is only smoke to say Snowden did a great service to USA. What and who exactly did he save? Not from a theoretical standing point of view, in reality, in real life. I really doubt anyone will be able to give a single example here. Well, okay, it was against the Constitution. That's bad, yes. But who was really hurt?

Comment Re:Pentagon Chief Out Of His Mind (Score 3, Insightful) 265

Well, a bug will produce collateral damages, however it will not lead to human race extinction or not even near it. An autonomous killing robot still need to refuel, replenish ammo, etc. So, it is not entirely autonomous. It still relies on external systems to keep going. Beside that, if this kind of race toward an autonomous killing machine is launched, there will be also development for counter measures against it. It is not like your ennemy will sit and rest waiting for being killed by your machine. No matter how wonderful may your killing machine be, there will be efficient counter measures against it.

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