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Comment Re:A deeply fragmented society, driven by emotions (Score 1) 219

What's your point? Everyone is free to subscribe to what he wishes to. You assume he only subscribes or is being subscribed to by people in perfect agreement with all what he is thinking. I don't see on what basis you can assume this. His point is not he believes he is reaching thousands or millions, he is just reaching more people than the traditional way and he is being reached by more people than the traditional way. He is not in competition with that racist idiot shouting on the street to reach more people than him. He is just saying there is no real difference between both communities as the author of the article seems to think.

Comment Re:No! (Score 2) 430

If you think Canada can match USA science budget you are surely dreaming or smoking or both. Canada has always lagged behind in science funding. Even behind countries like Portugal when you scale the funding to the size of its economy. The size of the USA economy is much larger than canadian economy and the percentage dedicated to science funding is higher in USA than in Canada. Don't be fooled by some green patches in the pastures and conclude the pastures are greener in Canada.

Comment Re:all bout nothin (Score 1) 182

The annual average effective dose from natural background is 2.4 mSv. However, when the article claim 1000 times normal background radiation, it doesn't say anything about the radiation type which is an important criteria to determine the effective dose. You need to qualifies the radiation, how much X-, gamma or beta radiation vs alpha, fission fragments and heavy particles vs neutrons vs high-energy protons. Doing a comparison in sievert is not appropriate. Where did you get this 1000 number?

Comment Re:Hillbully tell (Score 1) 224

I remember Ronald Reagan was once a friend of Mikhail Gorbatchev and the outcome was the fall of a wall. It took some time because Brejnev wasted a year of Reagan's time before he dies, Andropov did the same and Cherenko didn't want to be a deception and got the good idea to follow his two predecessors after a year as well. Then came Gorbatchev and the fall of the wall.

The escalation Clinton seems to be a big fan of isn't necessarily the way to go.

Comment Re:Divorced Talulah Riley again? (Score 1) 81

The fact Tesla has repaid their loans doesn't mean anything. You compare a small niche car enterprise with a volatile market with large car manufacturers with steady business with strong competition, which means profit margins are lower, and much larger loans. This is unfair and it is made up just to deserve your argument.

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