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Comment Re:Easy, the programmer of course. (Score 1) 180

It doesn't matter at all. The developer is still responsible and liable for the usage of these unpredictable and unverifiable algorithms in his products. You cannot hide behind the unpredictability of an algorithm if you decided to use it in a critical part of a product that needs predictability to keep someone safe. You decided in first place to play with the life of someone else.

Comment Re:Obvious Answer (Score 1) 180

Exactly. The manufacturer is responsible to use wisely technology into its own products. It is liable for failing to do the right decisions about where, when and how AI should be incorporated into a product and what kind of AI should be embedded into a product. The wide range and diversity in technology, existing and to come, prevent lawmakers to keep legislation current for each technology if they had to do so. The lawmaker is not in the best position to weight the advantages and disadvantages of using AI in a product and hence, cannot be liable for its usage.

Comment Re:The cloud (Score 4, Insightful) 235

Even if I share your comments, the original point about Web Assembly has nothing to do with what the poster complained about. I mean, Web Assembly doesn't introduce that problem, it is already there for decades. So, I welcome Web Assembly for what it is, a mean to increase the performance of applications in the browser. Now, should we or shouldn't we have complex applications in the browser and which ones is another matter.

However, the browser is a convenient way to distribute applications inside an enterprise. In that case, you don't have thousands of unknown parties trying to hack your browser and making it crawling instead of running.

I would probably prefer enterprise applications based on Web Assembly than on Flash or even mostly Javascript.

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