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Comment Re:That's nice, but... (Score 1) 76

That means someone would have to be dumb enough to
1) Have the mgmt of the switch be publicly available
2) Have Telnet enabled.

Don't get me wrong, it's a bad bug. But a security-minded admin should not have these problems.

Err.. yes/no..

If I was going to attempt to exploit something like this, I'd assume most would be inaccessible from the internet as a general use or would be white listed only..

What I WOULD do is use this in conjuction with a machine level hack/compromise inside their network and then run amuk from there.. That's much easier to do and less will have full firewall off from within their networks from all PC segments.

Which would still require Telnet to be enabled.

Comment Re:That's nice, but... (Score 2, Informative) 76

That means someone would have to be dumb enough to
1) Have the mgmt of the switch be publicly available
2) Have Telnet enabled.

3) Purchase from a vendor that does not understand security well enough to disable telnet.

Telnet is not enabled by default on any interface on Cisco switches. I've been using them since 1999 and I can't think of a time when an out-of-the-box switch had Telnet enabled.

Comment Re:Yeah, the bubble will pop long before that (Score 1) 374

There's a problem with that. Education begets better employment

That's always true. It's true sometimes. It's true when the education is needed to fill a void in the current workforce. This is constantly changing.

When Education is sought for something that doesn't get better employment it could possibly hurt the person if they can't afford it. And if this is done in high enough numbers then it could hurt the entire society. In 2013 only 27% of US graduates had job related to their major. That seems like it could be a lot of wasted money, doesn't it?

If there are 3.7M students that graduate every year and the average college cost is $15k/yr (based on public college costs, private is more than double). That's $55.5B/yr. Think of all that student debt that is created that bogs down the economy. Students are essentially graduating with a home mortgage. If they don't get a decent job soon after graduating they can be financially devastated.

Comment Why is this an issue? (Score 1) 47

Either you don't allow any mobile device on your corporate network, or you set strict mobile management policies that don't allow the installation of *ANY* application by the end user and push all mobile apps through the mobile management platform.

I chose the first option. There's no need for any of our phones or tablets to be on the corporate network.

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