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Comment Re:5%? (Score 1) 76

They never will. Companies will forever operate under the auspices of "good enough to have insurance cover it". Class actions need to quit settling for amounts that are equal to 1% of 1% of a company's bottom line. Go for the throat and demand 100% of a company's gross revenues for 10 years and then haul that case to court. Work to have their business licenses yanked and start piercing the corporate veil. Remind people that, as a company, you have a duty to your customers and not just your shareholders - or you run the risk of having the proverbial boot snap your company's neck.

Comment Re:There's a better fix for this... (Score 1) 210

Let me tell you about my trials getting Ubuntu installed on my Thinkpad 11E (generation 3). Ubuntu (live flash drive) would not boot. I could get it working by using a deritivative of Ubuntu and then installing Unity manually (I like Unity). Know what I had to do for Windows 10 to work? Nothing, nothing at all. It just worked (tm). I spent a good 6-10 hours hunting around for a distro that worked, settled on Fedora, realized I hated Fedora, settiled back on Ubuntu and the rest is history. I posted on the Ubunut forums, I posted on the Ubuntu Subreddit, I posted on websites and couldn't get any help.

I used Ubuntu, but it's far from perfect and has plenty of issues on its own.

Comment Re: There's a better fix for this... (Score 1) 210

No it doesn't. MS Excel is leagues above Libre Office - especially with its implementation of multi-core CPU support. Processing can take time and Libre Office is a lot slower. Also a lot of features that Libre Office has to match MS Office are actually 3rd party addons. These addons can go outdated, don't have commercial support, and may stop working with newer versions/being developed.

Comment A Simpler Solution (Score 1) 188

Sue manufacturers AND/OR carriers who withhold security updates for a period of $X years from the date of purchase. Oh, hi Samsung, my device got hacked because YOU refused to apply a patch...sooooo time to cough up some dollars. Or you could go, hi Verizon, that patch Samsung know the one you refused to release...yeah it's time to cough up some dollars.

Do this enough times and they'll get the hint. Destroy their profits and get judgements to go after their assets and then you'll REALLY see the change you want.

Comment Re:Heu.. ???? (Score 2) 400

This typically works when the MS product isn't being released on multiple platforms and open sourced. Obviously MS could always build closed source extensions, but there'd be no point. MS doesn't want to stay in the desktop OS market and with the failure of its mobile OS and their success with Office365, it seems like MS will start moving out of providing consumer level operating systems in favor of hosted solutions that enable them to charge reoccuring subscription fees. As consumers buy less and less "computers" and more and more tablets and smartphones, MS may simply have a long term plan to exit their OS product in a decade or two.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 399

What I'm sayin is that, as a person of "faith", you're more willing to write off stuff as "well it's just God's way" versus "there's a logical explanation". Why? Because you've written off the possiblity that there is no God or that there is a set of Gods or a God that isn't the same God you worship. You've done this without any evidence, without experimentation, and are OK with that. I would believe that would make you a much weaker scientist than one who knows (or believes) that EVERYTHING can be explained - even supposed "miracles".

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 399

I guess I just don't get how that can happen - how you can reconcile two vastly different thought processes. Like, I could never be an ultra conservative. I understand their though processes and why they think the way they do...but when I run the same inputs in my head, I come out with a different set of outputs.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 399

I don't understand, then, how you can choose what is and isn't figurative. "Jesus turned water into wine" or "God passed along these commandments" could equally both be figurative. The whole entire book could be's just people deciding whatever is convenient for them to believe. If that's the case, how is any of what is supposedly "God's word" sacred or even true?

This is why I find it hard to trust religious people when it comes to science. I don't mean to sound offensive, if I am, and please don't take it that way. But the mental leaps required to be a believer makes me wonder how a religious (well Christian in this case) person can devise and execute any scientific process in an impartial manner.

Comment Re:Duh! (Score 1) 399

Science requires skepticism. Anything and everything is questionable until it can be proven, sometimes after many experiments. Religion in any form requires "faith". Faith is taking for something as truth when there is little to no factual evidence or basis. You believe in the god of Abraham because some book tells you that Abraham talked to this deity and blah blah blah. A scientist would remain skeptical and perhaps conduct experiements to test for the existence of an all knowing/all seeing deity.

I'm not suggesting one is better than the other - I don't really care. But you cannot believe in science (or the scientific method, specifically) while believing that some things just can't be questioned. That's at odds with science at its very core.

Comment Re:It still does no good for those outside the US (Score 1) 111

None of that excuses your getting content that is meant to be purchased (whether by serving you ads or you paying money). In short, you're getting something for free. If you don't like it, why not avoid the content altogether? Because you're full of entitlement - the world "owes" you that TV show. You shouldn't have to do anything and the people who want to get paid for it - well bugger off.

So next time I feel like I need some free electricity to charge my electric car with - what's your address? And I'll probably use some of your water to wash it 3-4 times a day. You can foot the bill - I don't believe I should have to pay you for the water that I use - regardless if it's you footing the bill. Heck I may plug in a few old freezers too - that won't be a problem right? Oh and around Christmas time, I tend put up lights that jack my light bill up. I'm just gonna run a few extension cables to your house. I don't believe I should have to pay the extra electricity. It's just companies saying GIMMIE GIMMIE GIMMIE.

Comment Re: Worse and worse (Score 1) 440

My arguement isn't against your kind of thinking. My argument is against those who believe that somehow, I don't deserve to be paid for my work. Yours is a technological concern: you don't want malware. My concern is more of an ethical argument. If I serve an advertisement or charge for my work, it is not up to you to determine that the value I am asking for isn't worthwhile, but that you feel entitled to consume my content/work anyways. That is the argument FOR DRM or FOR advertising - because there are people who believe that they should just be able to run Windows for free...without paying for it. And when you have an army of people who work, almost professionally it seems, to crack the latest DRM (not for money, but for "freedom") then it's hard for me to say "Gee, people will just be honest."

Other industries have methods to prevent theft. They can literally physically prevent you from leaving the store, can record your physical body, and other methods. I cannot do that with digitial mediums - instead I have to rely on DRM to enforce my rights as a business to ensure that you are paying me for the work you are using. It's so bad that people will literally argue "I didn't steal anything - you still have your original work - you can only steal cars and physical stuff" as if their denying the income that I am entitled to isn't theft if nothing else in spirit.

I am not alone in this thought and I am not alone in hoping for harder and harder to break DRM. No I don't want it to be annoying - I want people to enjoy my stuff. I simply want what is owed to me based on the assumption that if I put a sticker on something to sell it, your only right as a customer is to get me to agree to accept a lower price - not pay me for what I'm selling (unless I agree to it).

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