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Comment Re:My Fingers Have An Alternative... (Score 1) 394

For residential, no. You have mobile apps to thank for that...people are spending less and less time on desktops and laptops and more and more time on tablets and smartphones for their personal use. None of this will be relevant to desktops. For home users, the Year of Linux on the Desktop isn't likely to happen.

Comment I can see it now: (Score 1) 134

You can't change out your engine. Once the battery life dies you'll have to box it up and pay for shipping to Apple's Authorized Car Care and Warranty Return Center...but only if you're car is 5 years old or less, otherwise you'll need to buy a brand new car. The tires will be permanently attached and brake pads cannot be upgraded. It'll come with a 5000 pin proprietary charging cable and you'll need to buy an adapter to charge it at other places. The nagivation system will try its best to drive you into water or off a cliff.

Oh and since Steve Jobs believed that legs and feet were hinderences your steering wheel and other controls will be done via a mouthpiece - car renters beware.

Comment Re:Burnt out doc here: (Score 1) 325

> The EMR business grew by several orders of magnitude when they went from optional (and rare) to being mandatory.

Let me guess - you've never seen a lot of hospitals. I work in Helathcare IT. EMRs were not rare and in many cases were not optional for use. They've been around and popular since the late 90s and early 2000s. The rest of your tinfoil spew isn't true. Yes, if you're using Medicare or Medicaid they NEED to know what was done so they KNOW how much to pay. If you use insurance - yes THEY need to know too. Otherwise HIPPA requires and forces hopsitals to protect that data and admittedly we sucked at it. We sucked at it, because hackers from Russia and China didn't use to think of us as a rich and juicy target. Now they do and in order to comply with the very FEDERAL regulations that you denounce, we are putting a LOT of effort into security practices.

And if you pay in cash then we don't send out your information to third parties. When we do send it's E2E encrypted and it's only a third party that requires it for some reason (such as a health insurance company) or another doctor that you chose to go to and you asked to get your records sent to them.

Lastly, nothing in your medical record points to your use or non-use of guns. Now your mental health state could be a different story and frankly...with what you's probably pretty evident to anyone who spends all of 2 minutes around you.

Comment Re:Brazil wasn't far off (Score 1) 325

They confirm those because there's always that one patient who will say "nothing changed" and forget that they aren't taking that ONE medication regularly enough and then they get sick. They sue every doctor, nurse, and patient care tech. The hospital loses money and finds it harder to get paid because everyone from regulatory bodies to insurance companies points their fingers at them and say "it's your fault."

Blame the litigatious society we live in. Blame it on the anti-intellectual patients who'll believe in Dr. Quack on TV and their magical rotten grass drink that replaces immunosuppressants.

Comment Re:Opt Out Policy? (Score 2, Insightful) 124

So you're mad because sites that provide free content let Facebook pay for the content YOU decide to consume and Facebook makes that money by tracking what you do (again on sites that YOU choose to go to) and selling adspace to advertisers they think you will like? How entitled and spoiled you people are. You just have to throw on an extension or two. In exchange you get to look at someone else's work (that they're expecting to get paid for) for free. This is like your being a freeloading bum who is being told that to keep pitching your tent in someone else's back yard, that you have to at least bury your shit in a hole and not take a dump on their grill. Boo-hoo. Don't browse the web or only go to those "marvelous" open source content pages that suck (or Wikipedia who will spam you for weeks asking for donations).

Comment Re:4Mbps just is not enough! (Score 1) 107

> Why would not they — as long as there is profit to be made?

You should ask the ISPs who didn't do it before this program came into existence.

"Offsetting" where? To people living in other areas. Why are they forced to subsidise Internet-access in low population density areas?

Because in a society, I know this is a difficult concept for people like you, people work together to benefit all of society. Sometimes the net "benefit" is just a shared cost, but society deems it reasonable. This is a basic concept of living in any society. Why couldn't you look this up?

Comment Re:4Mbps just is not enough! (Score 1) 107

We live in a hyper-connected age. Perhaps I can get better deals than my local stores have on products/items that I use. Maybe my employment could be down from home - thus saving me the time/expense of going to/from work. Perhaps I have a security system that offers better features such as off-site storage of my security feed. Based on your signature, however, I suspect no answer will ever be "good enough" because I believe you're one of those anti-government people and, honestly, debating ideology isn't the point of this post.

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