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Comment Re:Warranty Support? (Score 1) 148

IANAL, but it's probably because Pebble was a failing company. Failing companies are often split up with assets going to the highest bidder, which for larger companies is generally a holding company that turns around and then resells those IPs/assets for a profit. Mitt Romney's company did this. If, however, it's two successful (still profitable) companies, shareholders don't want to be stuck holding the bag for a profitless company with nothing but debt - so in order to buy the assets, the purchaser has to agree to buy debt and pay a price that shareholders want.

Although it is possible for a still profitable company to sell off entire divisions/assets that it wants to divest: see Google and Motorola.

Comment Re:What is pushed aside? (Score 2) 49

Organization and prioritization become important as is the good ol' trusty "to do" list. The problem, for me, is organizing the disparate pieces of information and molding them into a useful body of knowledge that I can draw from. Evernote doesn't cute it, nor OneNote - these things require manual work. Outlook is a joke. What needs to happen is something that I can plug in email, voicemail, text messages, handwritten notes, etc all into one "brain" that can understand, categorize, and do an initial prioritization. That organized information can then be presented to me in a structured format so that I can reprioritize, search, update, and utilize that information.

Comment Re:See??? (Score 1) 367

> Car gets stolen? Fine. That's what I have car insurance for.

Yes, make other people pay for it. Just use public transportation or get a fancy polluting air conditioning needed either. > Much like the Internet of Things, there's a lot of bullshit that should not be online.

This is the result of fear of poor implementation. Here's an idea that libertarians won't enjoy: regulate the internet connected devices - require specific security methods be used and then make it a crime for the senior executives to ignore when they're not being followed. Pierce that corporate veil and hit a corporation right where it hurts: Board of Director/Executive pockets.

Comment Re:Not so much (Score 1) 280

That licensing nonsense is gained by a physician demonstrating to a board of his/her peers that they are capable and competent in their practice. It also ensures that, throughout their career, they maintain at least a minimum level of ethical and moral behaviors - along with legal obligations. Not every "crime" or "offensive" action a physician does is strictly illegal. A doctor over prescribing pain meds is an example of where a license board can demand a doctor explain themselves. Complicated, ever changing, entirely situationally based laws are not needed, because a licensing board can call a doctor up and say "Why did you do this." That doctor then has to justify his/her actions or face repercussions (such as the temporary or permanent revocation of their medical license).

It's foolish to only care about reviews - it shows a total lack of ignorance to the medical profession and the challenges it faces in ensuring that doctors are treating patients appropriately.

Comment Chinese Manufacturer Bias? (Score 1) 472

So they asked Chinese companies what it would cost to build on American soil. Is anyone surprised when the Chinese went: "Oh it'd cost like, double man, you might as well just keep that juicy contract with us. Over here. Where we can just put nets up to catch the suicide jumpers."

Comment Re:Can't wait to return to my home, Linux! (Score 3, Interesting) 64

What are you doing that you're getting "security kernel"crashes? Are you using updated drivers? Are you sure you didn't get a virus (they're on a lot of pirated copies of Windows)? Are you sure your RAM is good? Linux does handle faulty memory better than Windows (it doesn't mean it's acceptable to use it). And while SteamVR may run on Linux, it doesn't mean that Anyland will. I've never had any major issues running Windows since like XP. I can tell you that whenever I had a self-proclaimed "Loonex expart" call in with a botched Windows machine, it was the end user each and every single time. They thought they could just play with the registry or start modifying system INIs or messing with DLLs.

Windows is meant to be a "set it and forget it" kind of OS. Not a "tinker until it does exactly what you want" OS. It's meant for the "just get crap done" crowd.

Comment Re:Disclaimer certainty (Score 1) 133

What a poor translation. Certain features may not work as expected: OSX is a completely different architecture and may things, like WCF and WPF may not function as well as they do on Windows. ADO may not be fully fleshed out. Microsoft makes fantastic developer tools - I don't think any serious developer would dispute that. If they target Visual Studio for OSX or Linux or DrDOS, you can bet your bottom dollar that Microsoft will work hard to make a REALLY GOOD IDE. I love the .NET Framework. I love Mono. I'm hoping that Microsoft moves away from a desktop OS and more towards SAAS for office functionality with fantastic developmental tools. No one has come close to Visual Studio. Eclipse, VIM, EMacs, Sublime, etc are all complete and utter crap next to Visual Studio (from the perspective of real, complex software development with multiple projects, reference management, etc).

Comment Re:Impeachment != removal from office (Score 1) 332

A Grand Jury commissioned to investigate a literal non-issue and was designed to be nothing more than a political hit job. Sexual assault doesn't happen if both parties are complicit. Nothing that came out during the investigation showed Lewinsky wasn't complicit in the affair. So what you had were "high moralists" who were pissy because Clinton was getting some on the side.

Comment Re:Calm down and don't buy the FUD (Score 3, Insightful) 332

> 3) Trump may be inexperienced as a political leader but he's also smart enough to delegate to people who do have experience.

You based this on what? His business acumen? Those advisors, did they stop his multiple bankruptcies, Trump Airlines, Trump steak, or his severe inability to pay contractors and banks what they were owed to the point that no sane company does business with him at or at the very least until they're paid entirely upfront? Are you stupid?

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