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Comment Re: Is free software in this realm? (Score 1) 74

1. even the most basic server setup is way too difficult for the average Joe user (a Teamspeak server takes minutes, Asterisk will take you the whole day)
2. setting up your SIP phone is a lot more difficult than skype/teamspeak/discord/whatsapp/viber/etc.. (codecs, NAT traversal technique, SIP encryption, RTP encryption, presence settings)
3. even if you get everything right on 1st attempt, as soon as you find yourself behind a different router, you may need to reconfigure everything to get it to work again. this is why Bria SIP phone (on mobile phone) asks you after every call whether you could actually hear the other party and whether the other party heard you. if you answer no, it changes the nat traversal technique to another permutation of various settings.

SIP will be the bee's knees when we one day switch to ipv6. before that, it's only really useful for business setups where people setting it up actually know what they're doing.

Comment Re: Is free software in this realm? (Score 1) 74

i was responding to the suggestion to run your own jabber server, not to the question about replacing skype.

regarding asterisk - while i've spent a decade working with it (and freeswitch), i would not recommend it as a replacement for skype. its primary problem, like jabber's, is the protocol. SIP will never be a good fit for today's NATed IPv4 networks (hence the crap like STUN, TURN, ICE and SIP ALGs). IAX2 solves these problems with ease, but there are almost no phones with support for that protocol. there are a few commercial softphones that can use it but that's not a FOSS solution.

the simple answer is, you have to go for a proprietary solution to replace skype if you want to maintain the comfort level (setup and use).

Comment Re:Is free software in this realm? (Score 5, Informative) 74

slashdot should have a bot to do this: for the millionth time, there is NO free (as in beer) FOSS jabber server that supports all the necessary XEPs for reliable message delivery on mobile devices (devices with frequent network dropouts, IP changes, packet loss). PAID version of ejabberd is the closest you can get to reliable xmpp message delivery.

and 2nd of all, there are almost no xmpp clients that support the said XEPs. last time i checked, there were only 2 somewhat equipped for it. one is discontinued, the other one is Conversations. again, Conversations isn't free (as in beer). it used to be on fdroid too but i can't find it there anymore.

for those interested, to have reliable xmpp communication on a mobile device, you need at the very least - xep-198, xep-280, xep-313

xmpp is overly complicated, stupid (xml), doesn't reflect current user requirements (mobile devices) and speed of its evolution is hampered by the massive number of stakeholders.

Comment Re:Hell no (Score 2) 149

isn't that exactly what a multi-boot setup is for? i have 2 root partitions (1 for a stable OS, 1 for a bleeding edge OS). /home is independent of the OS. I spend most of the time in bleeding edge OS but if shit hits the fan and i need to wait for a fix, i have a fallback. eventually, when the bleeding edge stabilises with updates (i.e. debian testing turns into stable), the old stable partition becomes home to a new bleeding edge os.

Comment Re:Hey, you can do this too (Score 3, Informative) 102

ok, 2 years ago (when i first heard about ransomware) i wrote a nagios plugin that through inotify watched for activity on dummy files automatically placed around my directory trees. with that, nagios also watched for out of hours IO load. it had watched for processes hogging io/cpu during the day, i just made it more sensitive at night. plus, i have hourly filesystem snapshots.

i then tested it with whatever trojan came in my email on a windows7 pc with a samba volume mounted. it detected it straight away.

this really is a ms windows only problem. any bsd/linux admin has so many tools of protection available that it's virtually a non-issue for us.

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