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Comment weasel words: National Security Adverseries (Score 1) 224

nice brush to tar those who are concerned about privacy and surveillance overreach with........Look for this term to be used more often to imply that there is something unpatriotic or anti-government about those with concerns about these things such as ACLU, etc

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:FM radio's last gasp? (Score 1) 340

not to mention fantastic college and community stations (at least in the Bay Area):
KFJC (Foothill College) wave of the west -cutting edge non commercial indie rock for the past 30 years (sponsored some shows for my prog band back in the '80s)
KZSU -the zoo -Stanford also has a pretty strong signal and plays a wide variety as well as hosting Arabology music show, Philosophy Talk, Cardinals Games, etc
KSCU -Santa Clara U
KSJS San Jose State
KALX UC Berkely -punk and world music
and the hippie community stations:
KPFA -Berkely
KKUP -Cupertino Hippies
abnd there are a few over in Santa Cruz as well such as UC Santa Cruz
-I'm just sayin'

Comment screw cable! (Score 5, Insightful) 100

one of the few govt agencies that is actually trying to do consumers some good and they are overreaching?


I'm just glad that guy isn't in government any more -he represents the worst aspects of regulatory capture and the revolving door between government and industry.

cable is dying anyway thanks to millenials, cord cutting and the unavailability of a la carte pricing -Good Riddance

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:The world's got a bomb (Score 1) 196

It's time for a new direction, It's time for jazz to die, Fourth day of November, We need a purple high

Don't give up, I'll still love you

What ya lookin' at, punk?
Look out all you hippies, you ain't as sharp as me
It ain't about the trippin', but the sexuality, turn it up

You can dance if you want to

All the critics love you in New York
All the critics love you in New York
(Yes, we're certain of it, he's definitely masturbating)

All the critics love you in New York
Take a bath, hippies

Read more: Prince - All The Critics Love U In New York Lyrics | MetroLyrics

Comment Re:Something is wrong with the headline... (Score 1) 52

Given that they all have incumbency in common and may have 2 relatively unpopular presidential candidates reducing party participation in the upcoming fall election I think they decided that 3 1/2 years of absolute gridlock needed to be offset late in the game to give the illusion that they are capable of doing something/anything....

Banking on the short attention span of the US order to keep from being voted out. Although honestly, it seems that for the past 20 years incumbency has alternated between the 2 parties as each one screws up royally when they have the majority -to the catcalls and obstructionism of the minority.

I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Deeper ties (Score 1) 581

Speaking of Musicals -'Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson' an off broadway rock musical is a really interesting modern look at a very unique historical figure

Although he had a hand in Native American genocide and displacement one of his best friends was a Native American and he adopted a Native American son -despite having his parents killed by Native Americans (although in truth it was because they encroached upon their lands)

It also had more f-bombs than any musical I had seen since Spring Awakening....Well worth watching if you get the chance regardless of the historical accuracy.

-I'm just sayin'


Comment Re:It is not 6th emirp (Score 1) 102

Uuh -I would guess that single digit numbers are not considered emirps since it is impossible (or pointless) to reverse a single digit # (except typographically, of course) since you end up with the same value, wheras, except for 11 (which may also not be an emirps) any 2 digit or greater number can be reversed to come up with a different value. ...The whole point of emirps being the properties of a number that has actually been reversed

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:DSL isn't necessarily unreliable (Score 2) 224

After being screwed over by AT&T for several years via U-verse (over that time they were never able to synch up the billing cycles so that we received on single, unified bill) when we moved we determined to get 3rd party DSL over AT&T copper.

AT&T seemed to do everything in their power to screw over the ISP (Sonic). I called AT&T multiple times and it eventually turned out that they had told us the wrong wiring closet for our circuit, so Sonic came back and rewired, but I think AT&T later came back and put a filter on the circuit or something as if it was a voice circuit only. We had it working but it kept dropping and when AT&T came over the guy refused to talk on the phone to the Sonic support guys....Sonic seemed like really nice guys and I wanted it to work. They apparently do a pretty good job up in the Santa Rosa area.

I know that AT&T pulled this kind of shit on Covad, et al back during the .com boom when legislation mandated unbundling of local exchange loops, but I was appalled at this level of dickishness. I really should have filed an FCC complaint, but I at least vowed never to use AT&T again and switched cell to Virgin.

Finally ended up going to Clear wireless internet for a while and it was fair, but they eventually got bought by Sprint or Verizon someone (they used cell towers for their service) and access got a lot more spotty.

Then tried Hughes or some satellite link, but found out that bouncing off a a satellite 20k miles away made VPN unusable due to lag (Duh!)

So now we (reluctantly) use comcast -albeit internet only.

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Blackberry Priiv -Android phone of the year! (Score 2) 61

Surprisingly, or not, BB seems to have made one of the best Android phones to come out so far:

Admittedly, there is a lot of junk at the Android low end, but I spent a fair amount on an LG Volt a few years ago and it has it's share of crappy design and performance.

If the BB is available in the states I will probably make it my next phone based on this review.

-I'm just sayin'

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