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Comment Re:Mistaken role of stylebooks (Score 1) 301

*Sigh* -I know there are not many *real* tech writers out there any more since most tech writer jobs these days want someone with 10 years of experience with Java internals on Tomcat or that sort of thing that is basically documenting methods or little snippets of code, but back in the day when people actually RTFMs and there were entire Tech Pubs groups writing TFMs (think Adobe), style guides were a great way to make sure that usage was consistent within a group of writers or titles.

And if someone got on their high horse about some usage that they picked up in Hahvahd or somewhere, you could beat them down by referring to whatever style guide was prescribed for your group as authoritative without it getting personal (maybe).

In addition to the Chicago Manual of Style and AP Style Guide, Sun produced a very influential one called Read me First! which was a little more tuned in to Tech writing usage, wikis, etc. Not sure what their take on pronouns was however....

As one could infer from the title, the AP guide is a more general guide for journalists and in my experience in SV Chicago and Sun style guides were used more.

I'm just sayin'

Comment Re: Uber need to get a clue. (Score 1) 354

There's something to be said for the Black Cab's drivers who have a map of most of London in their heads. We were in London a few months ago in the hotel district north of Kensington and saw plenty of obviously lost Uber drivers stopped in the middle of the street looking down at their GPS or smartphone and loading and unloading in the middle of the street as well...

We had 2 great rides from Black Cabs - they both spoke English well and got us to our obscure hotel with no problems. On the way home the hotel set us up with a ride service and the guy didn't speak english, barely had room for our luggage and had trouble negotiating entry to the cab dropoff at paddington station due to construction, morning commute, etc.

I feel the same way driving around San Francisco -some of the stuff changes from day-to-day that I'm not sure the map applications can keep up with or suggest alternative routes to, so I am glad that I have spent hundreds of hours driving around there in the past 20 years, so that I have good knowledge of alternative routes....

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Science fiction....Nutripon and Chicken Little (Score 2) 126

reminiscent of the Nutripon food taken from a vat grown piece of chicken meat substance called 'Chicken Little' in John Brunner's most excellent (and somewhat visionary) novel called 'The Sheep Look Up':

The Nutripon is meant to be a cheap protein substitute and the bad things that happen in the book are not specifically due to the Nutripon itself although it does become a plot element,

-and as a bonus, for those who thought 10-20 years ago that Reagan or Bush 2 filled the bill for the cavalier Prexy character, Trump brings an evil clown vibe to it that makes it even scarier....

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Dunning–Kruger effect in action (Score 1) 75

Ironically, at least according to the summary, those people with the least access to this information were the ones who felt the most overwhelmed by it.

Maybe because they can't actually wade through the information to get a handle on it?

Nevertheless, I still get more solid news in an hour with the physical San Francisco Chronicle newspaper than I do with any number of hours from the internet -double ditto for something like the Economist.

the hummingbird model of getting information is a very shallow slurp....

'We don't know what what we don't know' -probably the most apt quote ever by Bush 2 -or maybe it was 'knowable unknowns?'

I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Benny Hill? (Score 1) 124

apart from the sexy dancers and sexual innuendo being probably too un-pc for current sheltered tastes I do remember one particular sketch where Benny was playing a talk show host interviewing himself as a Black African bishop who had African speech patterns and spoke in patois.

Then they started inverting the color and the talk show host started speaking in patois and the Bishop started speaking the Queen's english. Benny also wore blackface from time to time, but I don't think that was nearly as incendiary in the UK as it was in the US because the UK has treated Blacks better for about 150 years longer than we have.

Even though it made me cringe a bit at the time it was still pretty funny. There are things that make you laugh that you can still regret laughing at...but that is where comedy can also educate and expose the unpleasant corners of a society

'I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:nope (Score 1) 161

There was a movie version of Stanislaw Lem's Futurological Congress that saw parent's point coming -
The Congress
Robin Wright's character signs away rights to her likeness and voice and later on finds (after everyone has abandoned real life for a virtual existence) that her voice and likeness has attained cult following status and is used by many people as an avatar.

The book was a bit different (more of a psychedelic fever dream) and more political, but the movie was still very good and thought provoking on some of the similar themes -especially on the use of artificial reality as an escape from a mundane or unpleasant reality....Something which we already seem headed towards....

but it also means that truthiness will become more and more subjective

I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:Won't take that long (Score 1) 122

notwithstanding the fact that Bush Administration's email coverup and war crimes will never be scrutinized with an eye towards criminal prosecution at the level that Hillary has been for her email server and Benghazi (along with everything else she has done for the past 20 years)....

I predict that if Hillary is elected the Republicans will imediately try to start impeachment proceedings against her.

  -although it will be as ineffectual as their Romneycare defunding votes have been for the past several years unless they gain an unexpectedly large majority or something particularly damning comes out...

There is certainly something 'October Surprise-ey' about the 2016 election endgame....

-I'm just sayin'

Comment weasel words: National Security Adverseries (Score 1) 224

nice brush to tar those who are concerned about privacy and surveillance overreach with........Look for this term to be used more often to imply that there is something unpatriotic or anti-government about those with concerns about these things such as ACLU, etc

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:FM radio's last gasp? (Score 1) 340

not to mention fantastic college and community stations (at least in the Bay Area):
KFJC (Foothill College) wave of the west -cutting edge non commercial indie rock for the past 30 years (sponsored some shows for my prog band back in the '80s)
KZSU -the zoo -Stanford also has a pretty strong signal and plays a wide variety as well as hosting Arabology music show, Philosophy Talk, Cardinals Games, etc
KSCU -Santa Clara U
KSJS San Jose State
KALX UC Berkely -punk and world music
and the hippie community stations:
KPFA -Berkely
KKUP -Cupertino Hippies
abnd there are a few over in Santa Cruz as well such as UC Santa Cruz
-I'm just sayin'

Comment screw cable! (Score 5, Insightful) 100

one of the few govt agencies that is actually trying to do consumers some good and they are overreaching?


I'm just glad that guy isn't in government any more -he represents the worst aspects of regulatory capture and the revolving door between government and industry.

cable is dying anyway thanks to millenials, cord cutting and the unavailability of a la carte pricing -Good Riddance

-I'm just sayin'

Comment Re:The world's got a bomb (Score 1) 196

It's time for a new direction, It's time for jazz to die, Fourth day of November, We need a purple high

Don't give up, I'll still love you

What ya lookin' at, punk?
Look out all you hippies, you ain't as sharp as me
It ain't about the trippin', but the sexuality, turn it up

You can dance if you want to

All the critics love you in New York
All the critics love you in New York
(Yes, we're certain of it, he's definitely masturbating)

All the critics love you in New York
Take a bath, hippies

Read more: Prince - All The Critics Love U In New York Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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