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YouTube Video Warned About School Shooting 426

mytrip writes to tell us that CNN is reporting at least eight dead in a Finland school shooting that was apparently planned out in graphic videos posted to YouTube. "YouTube appeared to have removed 89 videos linked to his account, many of them featuring Nazi imagery, shortly after the incident. Finnish media reported someone posted a message two weeks ago on the Web site, warning of a bloodbath at the school. A video posted earlier Wednesday, by 'Sturmgeist89,' was titled 'Jokela High School Massacre - 11/7/2007.' 'Sturmgeist89' identified himself as Auvinen, and said he chose the name 'Sturmgeist' because it means 'storm spirit' in German."
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YouTube Video Warned About School Shooting

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  • Interesting (Score:5, Interesting)

    by Biotech9 ( 704202 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:03PM (#21273325) Homepage
    The shooter left a few documents (including a 'manifesto', a video of him shooting his 0.22 pistol in the woods and picture of himself) open to the public;
    Freaky stuff.... []
    • by Funkcikle ( 630170 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:14PM (#21273463)
      On the plus side, he uses PNG format for his images.
    • Re:Interesting (Score:5, Insightful)

      by SatanicPuppy ( 611928 ) * <> on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:17PM (#21273495) Journal
      The eternal question: Is he just messed up, or is he scary messed up?

      People always telegraph their intentions beforehand, but seeing it is almost always reserved for after the fact. Most attempts to predict this sort of behaviour run aground on the fact that it doesn't sound all that different from regular messed up behaviour. Of course a lot of people would like to stomp that out, but a lot of antisocial people still don't go to the point of mass murder...or even solo murder, or self-murder.

      I look at things like this, and my first response is never: "Oh gosh, we should have seen it coming!" For every real nutjob, there are a hundred others who are just being young, alienated, and angry. Every quasi-normal action is held up as a "warning sign" and every admittedly abnormal action is magnified, and then used to villify people who "should have seen it coming."

      I don't know. Just my experience that, every time something like this happens, it's used as an excuse to harass people who don't fit the "normal" mold, whatever the hell that is, and when, in reality, 99% of the people you're harassing have done nothing wrong, and will do nothing wrong.
      • by torkus ( 1133985 )
        A hundered others? Way more than that!

        I can't count the number of times myself or someone else in elementary, middle, and high school got pissed off and said 'i'm going to kill you'.

        No shooting that I recall and I put in 15 years. 1600 people at my high school.

        Better question..."where were the parents" when google wasn't filtering the internet, youtube didn't have a therapist review every post, the school didn't notice the anti-social behavior, his friends didn't let anyone know he was so disturbed... No
        • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

          Oh sure, that wasn't meant to be a real number, just a piece of hyperbole. Truth of it is, school shootings are absurdly rare...They seem a lot less rare because the media makes so much of them.

          For the number of people who dream of getting a gun and mowing down their high school (myself included on several occasions, and I was in college when Columbine happened), the number of people who actually do it is as low as can be.

          I certainly think parents are the first line of defense. Teacher's can't be expected t
          • Re:Interesting (Score:5, Insightful)

            by cromar ( 1103585 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:53PM (#21274019)
            I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand that violent fantasies -- not actions, but fantasies -- are therapeutic and cathartic. Dante wasn't a crazed devil because he imagined and wrote The Divine Comedy. Nor was Shakespeare because he wrote King Lear and Macbeth. Look at just about any piece of creative work and you will find violence and usually a non-psychotic who wrote it.
            • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

              by KKlaus ( 1012919 )
              Whether violent fantasies are cathartic has nothing to do with whether they are risk factors or not (which they are).
            • Re:Interesting (Score:5, Insightful)

              by jpfed ( 1095443 ) <jerry,federspiel&gmail,com> on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @07:45PM (#21274705)

              I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand that violent fantasies -- not actions, but fantasies -- are therapeutic and cathartic.
              Here's why- because violent fantasies aren't therapeutic and cathartic.

              There is a difference between things that feel good and things that are good for you. Catharsis feels good. Freud told us that catharsis was good for us. Freud also was full of shit.

              Here's the deal. Our lives are full of circumstances that provoke us or challenge our assumptions and expectations. If you let things continue to do that, you will have anger. There are many ways to deal with this:

              1. Accept the limitations of the situation. Find other ways to get what you want.
              2. Use the anger to get energy to overcome the challenges in ways that respect others.
              3. Use the anger to get energy to overcome your sense of empathy and ignore the rights of others.
              4. Ignore your desire to do something about the challenges. Get depressed.

              Violent fantasies do not reduce anger. "Venting" does not reduce anger. They both just increase it. You don't realize that they increase anger when you do it, because anger without a solution feels bad, and dominance and/or validation from others feels good. The good feeling you get after violent fantasies or from venting is not the antithesis of the original anger you felt, though- it's a reward for your anger. This can be good, if you were doing strategy 4 and, because of your increased anger, are ready to go to strategies 1 or 2. But if that's not the transition in strategies that's going to take place, then there's no benefit.

              Side note: where did people get the idea that "therapeutic" meant "feels nice"? Improving one's health (mental or physical) very often involves sacrifice and changing habitual ways of thinking and acting. Things that feel nice like "therapeutic" shampoo or "therapeutic" massages or "therapeutic" whatever do nothing by themselves to promote growth or change.
              • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

                by gardyloo ( 512791 )

                Our lives are full of circumstances that provoke us or challenge our assumptions and expectations. If you let things continue to do that, you will have anger.
                Or you will study science.
              • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

                by darthflo ( 1095225 )

                "Venting" does not reduce anger.

                And that's where you're really, really wrong (alternatively I could've just mistunderstood what you meant by "Venting", but if you're referring to working off your anger about topic A with completely unrelated topic B, it works). Example: This monday my (hate to type those two letters, but I guess they're true now) ex-girlfriend (cue "Welcome Back to /." jokes) dumped me. For the next hours you may or may not be able to imagine how fucking angry I was (hint: "very, very, ver

            • Re:Interesting (Score:5, Interesting)

              by Litty_Bell ( 1185981 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @08:03PM (#21274927)
              Well speaking from personal experience with people who think along the lines of "she wrote about rape and murder she's a crazy psycho killer" I have to agree with you. I write about some really I'd up stuff, I'm not gonna lie and say otherwise. Last year a teacher in my school decided it would be alright to just go through my personal notebook, he read all of my poems and short stories and almost every single one is dark and violent. He brought it to the principal who immediately decided I should be sent away to the nuthouse because I was going to kill everyone. One important thing to know, I have a two year old daughter named Violet, she's the product of rape. I write to deal with what happened to me. I was forced into therapy and they even pushed for expulsion, saying that I was a danger to myself and the school. Which is bull. Instead of waiting for them to decide if I should be allowed in school or not I left voluntarily and go to a new school now. I personally think the people telling those who do write violent or dark things that their crazy are in fact much more crazy then any writer could ever be. Okay, I'm done now...
            • May be, not are (Score:3, Interesting)

              I don't understand why it's so hard for people to understand that violent fantasies -- not actions, but fantasies -- are therapeutic and cathartic.

              I'm willing to believe that they may be therapeutic in some cases where people have their fantasy and move on. However there are also people who dwell on them and that is certainly not therapeutic or cathartic.

              It's the same thing but from my experiences with depression the human brain can certainly get stuck in an unhealthy loop and focus repeatedly on thing

            • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

              by mqduck ( 232646 )

              Look at just about any piece of creative work and you will find violence and usually a non-psychotic who wrote it.
              FYI, you probably meant "non-psychopath". Well, maybe not. Perhaps "psycho" is a good compromise.
        • Here's the thing about blaming the one can get rich and/or further an agenda based on that. Lawyers, media pundits, politicians, et al each have good reason to attack youtube/video games/[insert favorite scapegoat here] for personal gain and glory whenever tragedy strikes. It has been and always will be this way.
      • Re:Interesting (Score:5, Insightful)

        by Kjella ( 173770 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @07:01PM (#21274119) Homepage

        The eternal question: Is he just messed up, or is he scary messed up?
        And the even more practical YRO question: Even if you're 110% convinced he's scary messed up, what can you do before he goes ballistic? To get into therapy he either has to want it, be stark raving mad or show very clear violent tendencies. Most of these loners don't want help from the world they hate, they're not bubbling mad since they're rational enough to plan and execute and most of them just keep it all bottled up until it goes boom. In short, there's rarely something to formally latch onto in order to force them to get help.
      • you can play with rocket launchers in your back yard, pledge eternal devotion to hitler, and ramble on and on about the craziest shit

        none of theat matters

        but when you threaten a school, no matter how obliquely, you should be arrested

        this guy did that. the rest doesn't matter
        • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

          by Lurker2288 ( 995635 )
          Fine, but what constitutes a threat? There was a story on the news the other day where I live about some 2nd grader being suspended for pointing a 'gun finger' at another student and yelling "bang, you're dead." Is that a threat? What if a teenager says he'd like to kill a teacher who just gave him a detention? Or the class loser commiserating with a friend and saying he wishes he could 'blow the whole school up.'

          Are any of these threats? None of them? If we arrest the people making them, are we removing a
    • If you want to further natural selection, fuck a lot and have as many children as possible. Make lots of money to distribute to the most smart/healthy/ambitious of your sons so that they can also get lots of women. But don't stop there - there is always a chance and, in our society, a probability that others will be taken care by someone else and live to reproduce. Make frequent sperm donations to clinics as well. Why not?

      The most stupid thing you can do is go on a mass shooting and then kill yourself. You
  • by Reader X ( 906979 ) <.readerx. .at.> on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:05PM (#21273343)
    I blame video games.

    Well, someone had to say it.

    /bracing for media hysteria to follow
    • Re:It's the media (Score:5, Insightful)

      by Max Romantschuk ( 132276 ) <> on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:14PM (#21273457) Homepage
      While it's reasonable to assume that some people will react with "We should ban X" -reactions, judging from the recent local news (I live in Finland) I think this time around there will be more talk about how no one noticed what was happening inside the shooters head and less about what to blame.

      Interestingly, the news interviewed a friend of his who apparently hadn't noticed anything much more than the kid keeping to himself. It seems to have come as a surprise to everyone.

      The shooter's manifesto also claimed that he did not wish anyone to be blamed for his own actions. It seems he saw the media reaction coming.

      Ultimately, much depends on the survival of the shooter. When I last saw the news at 22:00 local time he was alive but in a critical state after having shot himself in the head. If he does survive the aftermath will hopefully have less guessing to be done.

      There's a Wikipedia article about the Jokela school shooting [] as well, with some bits and pieces of information.
      • Re:It's the media (Score:4, Insightful)

        by SatanicPuppy ( 611928 ) * <> on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:23PM (#21273587) Journal
        People always do those types of recriminations afterward; "Oh why did we not heed all these warning signs which are now obvious."

        The truth of it is, those warning signs are almost never obvious beforehand, because if they were, someone would have locked the guy up. A lot of the behaviour which is "obvious evidence of psychosis" could have a lot of interpretations if the person never kills anyone.

        I hope people are more sane in Finland than over here in the states, because something like that happening here would provoke nothing but unproductive attempts to restrict freedoms, hours and hours of meaningless television commentary, and a host of lawsuits.
        • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

          by hitmark ( 640295 )
          so maybe one should take everyone that shows signs in for a psychological evaluation?

          one goes to the doctor if one get a runny nose or similar, but going to a psychologist when the world caves in on one is a lot tougher...

          hell, one could maybe say that every teen should have a round of evaluation. they get medical checkups for physical issues do they not?
      • Interestingly, the news interviewed a friend of his who apparently hadn't noticed anything much more than the kid keeping to himself.

        As an acquaintance of another school shooter (Gang Lu []) I am not surprised by this observation. No one saw it coming then, either.

        Ultimately, much depends on the survival of the shooter.

        His death is now being reported.
      • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

        by hitmark ( 640295 )
        what i find interesting is that in his mind he was doing the "right thing".

        as in, he talks about himself as natural selection incarnate and similar.

        basically he convinced himself that he had a right, and even a duty do to what he did...

        do anyone see a parallel to terrorists in general, or even the speeches of world leaders before they go to war/intervention?

        makes me wonder what humans are able to do if they convince themselves that its the correct thing to do.

        hell, you could probably replace "natural select
  • by dedazo ( 737510 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:05PM (#21273347) Journal
    No, destroy it. Take off, nuke the whole thing from orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

    While you're at it, ban guns, condoms, Gucci, sharp objects, blunt objects, Hello Kitty, the internet, pipes, pr0n, "Humanity is overrated" T-shirts, cottage cheese, IBM, plastic rulers, bubble gum, cloned sheep, ballpoint pens, Ray-Ban glasses, Fark, and Day-Glo. Oh, and CowboyNeal.

    The children. Think of the children, for god's sake.

    • by Hatta ( 162192 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:14PM (#21273459) Journal
      While you're at it, ban guns, condoms, Gucci, sharp objects, blunt objects, Hello Kitty, the internet, pipes, pr0n, "Humanity is overrated" T-shirts, cottage cheese, IBM, plastic rulers, bubble gum, cloned sheep, ballpoint pens, Ray-Ban glasses, Fark, and Day-Glo. Oh, and CowboyNeal.

      I'm almost with you here man, but what do you have against cottage cheese?
    • And SUVs, and people who drive them, and bluetooth ear pieces, and pedantic assholes. Oh and people who stand in the middle of escalators!

      this is fun!
    • by fm6 ( 162816 )
      Why do so many people think that simply regurgitating Simpson's dialog is so fucking funny? It has to be the least creative form of humor imaginable.
      • by dedazo ( 737510 )
        You're going to have to explain to me which part of that is the Simpsons? I'm a big Family Guy fan but I must confess my exposure to the former is rather limited. Is it the children bit? Because the first part is a classic line from Aliens and the second I like totally made up.

        When we're done, I'll buy you a sense of humor. Having to dissect and explain my own attempts at it are really depressing, so I want to avoid it in the future.

      • Why do so many people think that simply regurgitating Simpson's dialog is so fucking funny? It has to be the least creative form of humor imaginable.

        Is it less creative than endlessly complaining about what people do on slashdot? :)

      • It's far from the least creative...

        Just remember, Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition!
      • what episode was that from? i must've missed that one.
  • Sturmgeist is a Norwegian metal band.
  • by riceboy50 ( 631755 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:10PM (#21273407)
    How else could career politicians stay in power other than to appease the masses with knee-jerk measures that strip a small piece of freedom away? Who needs the long-term big picture when there are kids dying today? </sarcasm>
    • by sqrt(2) ( 786011 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:26PM (#21273647) Journal
      When the PATRIOT act was passed I said if an attack of this magnitude (9/11) every 50 years is the price of liberty it's still worth it.

      And that may sounds selfish if you know someone who died on 9/11 but I have to live in the US too, so I have just as much chance of dying as anyone. People die from guns; worth it for the freedom to own guns. People die from drugs; worth it to have the freedom to control your own body. People die from terrorist attacks; worth it to have freedom and privacy. The only way you can win against terrorism is by not fighting it and LIVING FREE. Don't take stupid risks, but by far the bigger danger is from over correcting and NOT from doing too little. This is not something people like to hear, and so we get stories like this one and the politicians take away our guns, our drugs, our privacy and we say it's worth it to protect ourselves. I fear that the sun will rise on a day when a generation of Americans wakes up and finds that they no longer have any freedoms left to give.
      • Of course it is. (Score:5, Insightful)

        by SatanicPuppy ( 611928 ) * <> on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:50PM (#21273977) Journal
        God the PATRIOT act is a fricking nightmare. Has it made anyone safer?

        The real issue is, 9/11 won't happen again. As a country, we've learned our lesson about "just sit tight and wait" when it comes to plane hijacking. Box cutter? You best have a flamethrower next time, because me and everyone in business class are going to beat you to death with our laptops as soon as you start trying to wave that piddly crap in our faces. Akbar Macbook, Bitch!

        It was a surprise. People bought it. That day has passed. But in response we have done unto ourselves far worse things than they could have ever hoped to have accomplished. Massively stupid.

        And we will have other successful attacks on our soil. It's inevitable that, over time, everyone will miss someone. The occasional deranged teen will go on a shooting rampage. The occasional terrorist will pull off a successful attack.

        But the fact that there is a possible danger is not a reason to upend your entire society. Analyze, find your mistakes, and correct them...Don't throw out a system that failed once, and try to replace it whole cloth with something new, designed by committee! Ridiculous.
        • by westlake ( 615356 ) on Thursday November 08, 2007 @12:54AM (#21277727)
          The real issue is, 9/11 won't happen again...Box cutter? You best have a flamethrower next time, because me and everyone in business class are going to beat you to death with our laptops as soon as you start trying to wave that piddly crap in our faces. Akbar Macbook, Bitch!

          This is real world and not the video game, more likely you will doing something involuntary...and messy.

          It would be altogether extraordinary if you were physically and emotionally prepared to challenge a close-combat trained killer who had just slit the throat of a stewardess to make his point.

  • by Dynamoo ( 527749 ) * on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:19PM (#21273543) Homepage
    I'll start off by saying that I work with quite a lot of Finns and they're a great bunch of people who I have a great respect for.

    However, Finland has a unique relationship with Nazism that Americans and other Europeans don't really know much about. The history of Finland during the Second World War [] is quite different from any other country. To a certain extent, the Nazis could be argued as the saviours of Finland, because historically Finland's greatest struggle has always been with Russia.. and to that extent, Germany was a natural ally during WW2.

    The dichotomy is that the Finns are a democratic and fair-minded people, and the Nazis were exactly the opposite. But as the famous saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend" - and this is precisely what happened during the war.

    I'm not saying that Finns are fascists, and I'm not even saying that *many* Finns are fascists, but what I am saying is that perhaps Finland is the *only* state that at least partly owes its ongoing independence to co-operation with the Nazis. That's why I'm not completely surprised to read about Auvinen's Nazi obsession.. it's a disturbing secret of Finnish history.

    • by tietokone-olmi ( 26595 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:58PM (#21274069)
      Please note that Finland also had to fight the Germans after Finland made separate peace with the USSR at the end of the Continuation War. This one was known as the Lapland War, and it was mostly fought by teenagers since the treaty with the USSR somehow managed to disqualify anyone experienced from being in the army for real.

      Nazi Germany was an ally to Finland, but they were a bitter enemy afterward. This is why any neo-nazi in Finland is by definition utterly fucking bonkers, just like an overt Stalinist would be (though perhaps a bit less than the same Stalinist in today's Russia).
      • Re: (Score:3, Interesting)

        by mqduck ( 232646 )

        Nazi Germany was an ally to Finland, but they were a bitter enemy afterward. This is why any neo-nazi in Finland is by definition utterly fucking bonkers

        Know what's even more fucked up? Neo-Nazis in Russia - and there are more than a few. I suppose this can be explained by the way Nazism was portrayed as the direct opposite of socialism, and the hatred of socialism among many there. But know what's even MORE fucked up? "National Bolshevism", a mixture of Nazism and (ostensibly) Bolshevism. Their symbol is the Nazi flag with the black swastika in the center replaced by a black sickle-and-hammer.

    • by CptPicard ( 680154 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @07:10PM (#21274233)
      There is nothing secret about it -- it's basic Finnish history, and of course still a bit of a bone of contention among historians and even regular people whether joining Nazi Germany in Barbarossa was such a bright move. Personally I think there was not much choice -- had we just sat there on our hands, the possibility is high that Stalin would have attacked again after Winter War anyway, so some sort of pre-emption was logical when Germany was going strong. I probably would have made the same choice at that time of history. Finland has also always had a strong bond to Germany -- especially militarily -- that goes all the way back to our Civil War when the whites got training from Germany to suppress the communist rebellion. Essentially the officers of our WW2 were probably German-trained for a significant part.

      This was a marriage of convenience, and it must be pointed out that for example Finland never joined Germany in their ethnic cleansing plans. We actually had a Jewish synagogue out there at the front -- fighting against the Soviets! Marshall Mannerheim, the country's lead figure at the time and a cosmopolitan gentleman and officer from the Czar's army originally, was personally disgusted by Hitler, whom he considered to be a barbarian. Yes, we have German ties and being made to march to Siberia by Stalin was the worse option. I would strongly disagree with your idea that we might have had much Fascist sympathies during the time -- our extreme right wing was suppressed during the 20s and 30s right after the extreme left wing was suppressed after Civil War. We remained remarkably centrist and democratic throughout the whole ordeal.
    • Re: (Score:3, Informative)

      by mangu ( 126918 )
      To a certain extent, the Nazis could be argued as the saviours of Finland

      You are wrong. I have a good knowledge of this, because my granduncle [] was the prime minister of Finland during WWII and I heard this story from my parents who saw it firsthand. Finland was at war with Russia, when the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany were allies [].

      At that time, Churchill himself praised Finland as the savior of the world []: "Only Finland - superb, nay, sublime - in the jaws of peril - Finland shows what free men can do. The

    • Re: (Score:3, Insightful)

      by pekkak ( 840639 )
      Oh what a load of... I'm in a bit of a bad mood because of the news here, but really, where's the secret? That Finland and Germany were allies is no secret, it's documented history. When you go to war, you pick any allies you can get. That goes for any country, any time. Other Europians don't know about Finland fighting alongside the Axis powers? Really? Since when was that? I never knew any Europians who didn't know this and I've known plenty. More importantly, what has it got to do with the news discussed
  • Taken from CNN:

    Shooting appeared to have been planned in series of YouTube videos

    What is it with the mainstream media and their strange assumptions regarding technology and violence. I find it peculiar that as soon as some youngster starts shooting people for no reason, the media will investigate what video games he used to play, Facebook profiles, Youtube videos and whatnot.

    No one 'plans' an assassination by uploading videos to the public. He was just trying to reach out to people with similar thoughts. The videos told a story of a guy who was greatly influenced by e

  • I think the problem here is obvious: freely available online video content causes violence! What we need is anti-freely-available-online-video-content legislation. It's the only way to save our outdated ways from the children! Maybe Jack Thompson has a twin that could take up this torch?

  • Did they contain copyrighted material? Were they placed there against the owner's will?
  • by Anonymous Coward on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:45PM (#21273893)
    Subscribers: 120
    Channel Views: 72,410
    aka NaturalSelector89 (3/15/2007 - 10/19/2007).

    YouTube suspended my previous account but I am back now :) My new account name is German and means "Stormspirit" in English. [] 015773/Pekka-Eric_Auvinen___Jo
    Name: Pekka-Eric Auvinen
    Age: 18
    Male from Finland.

    I am a cynical existentialist, antihuman humanist, antisocial socialdarwinist, realistic idealist and godlike atheist.


    I am prepared to fight and die for my cause. I, as a natural selector, will eliminate all who I see unfit, disgraces of human race and failures of natural selection.

    You might ask yourselves, why did I do this and what do I want. Well, most of you are too arrogant and closed-minded to understand... You will proprably say me that I am"insane", "crazy", "psychopath", "criminal" or crap like that. No, the truth is that I am just an animl, a human, an individual, a dissident.

    I have had enough. I don't want to be part of this fucked up society. Like some other wise people have said in the past, human race is not worth fighting for or saving... only worth killing. But... When my enemies will run and hide in fear when mentioning my name... When the gangsters of the corrupted governments have been shot in the streets... When the rule of idioracy and the democratic system has been replaced with justice... When intelligent people are finally free and rule the society instead of the idiocratic rule of majority... In that great day of deliverance, you will know what I want.

    Long live the revolution... revolution against the system, which enslaves not only the majority of weak-minded masses but also the small minority of strong-minded and intelligent individuals! If we want to live in a different world, we must act. We must rise against the enslaving, corrupted and totalitarian regimes and overthrow the tyrants, gangsters and the rule of idiocracy. I can't alone change much but hopefully my actions will inspire all the intelligent people of the world and start some sort of revolution against the current systems. The system discriminating naturality and justice, is my enemy. The people living in the world of delusion and supporting this system are my enemies.

    I am ready to die for a cause I know is right, just and true... even if I would lose or the battle would be only remembered as evil... I will rather fight and die than live a long and unhappy life.

    And remember that this is my war, my ideas and my plans. Don't blame anyone else for my actions than myself. Don't blame my parents or my friends. I told nobody about my plans and I always kept them inside my mind only. Don't blame the movies I see, the music I hear, the games I play or the books I read. No, they had nothing to do with this. This is my war: one man war against humanity, governments and weak-minded masses of the world! No mercy for the scum of the earth! HUMANITY IS OVERRATED! It's time to put NATURAL SELECTION & SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST back on tracks!

    Justice renders to everyone his due.
    Country: Finland
    Occupation: Unemployed Philosopher, Outcast
    Companies: Human Race (evolved one step above though)
    Interests and Hobbies: Existentialism, Freedom, Truth, Misantrophy, Social / Personality Psychology, Evolution Science, Political Incorrectness, Women, BDSM, Guns (I love you Catherine), Shooting, Computer Games, Sarcasm, Irony, Mass / Serial Killers, Macabre Art, Black Comedy, Absurdism
    Films and Shows: The Matrix, A View To A Kill, Falling Down, Natural Born Killers, Reservoir Dogs, Last Man Standing, Full Metal Jacket, Dr. Butcher MD (aka Zombie Holocaust), Saw 1-3, Lord Of War, The Deer Hunter, True Romance, The Untouchables, 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later, Idiocracy, They Live, Apocalypse Now, End Of Days, The Shining, The Dead Zone, Dr. Strangelove,
    • ... He's a school shooter-upper. Love that movies list. Oh, and that music list. And fuck, he even likes Nietzsche.

      Word of advice, you fuckwit: the Will to Power does not involve random murder. Nor does killing a bunch of people including yourself count as a good move, evolutionarily speaking.

      Shit. If I didn't know he'd actually done it, I'd think this was a joke. You couldn't get a more perfect stereotype of the school shooter. This is just made for the media - I almost wonder if he wrote this on purpo

      • by Rycross ( 836649 )
        He forgot to put "Air Force One" on his movies list since thats where he ripped the "... on that day of deliverance, you will know what I want" part of his speech from. Kid probably doesn't have a single original thought.
    • So, he was Libertarian... it's almost like from the pen of Ayn Rand, except that she made it all voluntary :)
    • I was able to grab his manifesto files from his zip pack before all the sites took them off. Here follows his rant.


      Event: Jokela High School Massacre.
      Targets: Jokelan Lukio (High School Of Jokela), students and faculty, society, humanity, human race.
      Date: 11/7/2007.
      Attack Type: Mass murder, political terrorism (altough I choosed the school as target, my motives for the attack are political and much much deeper and therefore I don't want this to be called only as "school shooting").

  • how could we have not connected the dots?!?! Oh yeah that's right, hindsight is a bit easier than foresight.
  • The sad part... (Score:5, Insightful)

    by Kazrath ( 822492 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @06:59PM (#21274085)
    is how desensitized people are to this type of violence. One of my co-workers is friends with an individual that attends that school. He made a joke "Well at least I get to take the rest of the week off and do some drinking!".
    • True, it is sad. I am currently reading one of the bigger economics and stock market -related forums in Finland and it's quite shocking how much understanding they actually have for the killer. "Great motives, bad implementation, should have shot some Social Democrats instead"... and of course it's all because the fault of the homogenizing influence of the public school system that oppresses obvious übermenschen like this one genius.
    • Re:The sad part... (Score:4, Insightful)

      by jjohnson ( 62583 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @07:31PM (#21274491) Homepage
      I wouldn't be too sad about this--I don't think it indicates a blasé attitude. People have long made jokes like that at dark times, as part of coping, or just from a sense that life goes on. Salon has a great article on the venal, silly, and generally unworthy things that many thought on 9/11: Forbidden Thoughts on 9/11 [].
  • by Wilson_6500 ( 896824 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @07:15PM (#21274291)
    The gunman has apparently died of his wounds. At least that's the last needless death we can expect to come from this particular saga.
  • by gay358 ( 770596 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @08:10PM (#21275021)
    According to some news [], the shooted had long history of being bullying victim at school.
  • Videos (Score:3, Informative)

    by Dan East ( 318230 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @08:28PM (#21275239) Journal
    Here are two of the videos.

    In this one he is target practicing on an apple: []

    This video is a bunch of stills; a picture of his school, and various pictures of him with his gun: []

    Dan East
  • Save the World (Score:5, Insightful)

    by iridium_ionizer ( 790600 ) on Wednesday November 07, 2007 @08:29PM (#21275251)
    Save a Mentally Ill Person, Save the World.

    There was recently a public service announcement on TV that went somewhere along the lines of: Yeah, your friend may flake out on you, or act withdrawn sometimes, but what someone suffering from a mental illness needs most is a friend.

    I know that it is human nature for people to make friends with people who fit in similar niches as themselves. And maybe in an idealized view of smaller communities of yesteryear, someone suffering from a mental illness would be more accepted, if only out of necessity (or maybe not). But it is not hard to imagine how in modern society, with so much emphasis on a mobile society and independence, that a person with only a mild case of mental illness could find themselves suddenly isolated and without a support group of family and friends. This could make an illness that was once barely noticeable to become dishabilitating.

    Yes, people are free to choose to improve there circumstances or seek assistance, but if there is anything which Nazism and Stalinism taught us it is that even normal people can act in horrible ways given the (im)proper environment. And before this analogy is lost on you, remember that people with mental illnesses generally have either genetically-determined imbalances in their brain chemistries, or else traumatic past experiences. Most people don't wake up one day and decide to become mentally ill.

    So instead of making jokes about people that we know as being "the next mass murderer/serial killer/etc" and effectively shunning said person, we should try to include them into our social circle. Otherwise we are just complaining about the symptoms without bothering with the inoculation. It's our society, if everyone did something small we could avert at least some of these tragedies.

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