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Comment Re:Only *my* kind of small/big government (Score 3, Insightful) 773

I am constantly whining for smaller federal government, and no I don't want any of those things you listed. Could it be that not everyone who disagrees with you is a hypocrite?

Values upon which the nation was founded is another way of saying the rule of law that was put down on paper and agreed to in the forming of the nation. Mainly the debate was over whether slaves were people (and thus created equal as per the Declaration), or property (and thus protected by property laws). Slavery had been a staple of civilization since ancient times, but was quickly being obviated by the industrial revolution. Just because change can potentially be affected more quickly by trampling the founding principles, doesn't mean it should be.

Comment Re:Apple customers (Score 1) 595

I am a software engineer who has a degree in CS as well as a background in networking and IT (yes, mostly Windows). I use Apple stuff almost exclusively for my own needs. It's just less trouble and more satisfying to use. Denigrate them all you want, but a lot of other "technologically illiterate" people like me agree.

Comment Re:Oh fuck no (Score 1) 398

Are you still talking about CD burning? The GP correctly pointed out that OSX can natively burn CDs without the need for a commercial CD-authoring suite like Toast.

Also, the way the music is organized on an iPod is totally separate from the way it is organized in iTunes. Your rant about the iPod not being a generic external storage volume is totally irrelevant to the merits of iTunes.

I shouldn't feed the trolls, but isn't it obvious that there is no need to inefficiently organize the files on a device's internal storage that are intended to be managed completely via a software application? Why put in the faster hardware and extra engineering effort required to do that? Clearly they did so in iTunes, which does store the files human-readably, because there is a greater need to interact with them outside of iTunes.

Comment Re:It's about social status... (Score 1) 836

And you want people working for you who can bounce back from failure, find a way to succeed, and show they can operate a level or two above the workaday drudgery they'll often perform. That's why you need to do advanced math for a CS degree.

Huh, I always thought the purpose of including advanced math in CS coursework is to impart a high level of abstract problem-solving, and on a more practical level some experience with solving problems that occasionally fall under the purview of engineering—software and otherwise.

Comment Re:Lenovo (Score 1) 583

Certainly there are now more simple PDF readers out there, for instance OSX Preview can show basic PDFs, but there isn't really a drop-in replacement for Flash Player yet. There are competitors like Microsoft's own Silverlight, which they would love for you to use instead, and HTML5's impending <video> tag, but mainly you are stuck with Flash Player for many web sites out there.

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