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Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 2) 262

Really? Which plant made this processor? Can you tell me? At best you can tell it's a 14nm process but you don't know which 14nm plant made it from the information provided. You have to look at the chip when you get it, but you've already bought it at that point.

You are very purposefully ignoring what I wrote to rage against something I did not. Intel processors made on different processes have a different part number the customer can see when ordering. Heck, they even have different part numbers for the same processor on the same process that have been binned differently. But if you want to keep talking about a the same processor made on the same process from the same company, go ahead an knock yourself out. It has nothing to do with anything I wrote.

I would guarantee you that every smartphone model including the iPhone has parts from multiple sources. For example the exact same model might have RAM from Samsung in one phone and RAM from Hynix in another. They shouldn't be different in terms of performance or function but if they are, the manufacturer has to trace down why. The point I'm trying to make is that there shouldn't be a difference in performance.

I agree there should not be a difference in performance, but there is. Whether that performance difference is a problem or not should be left to the customer.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 1) 262

Does Intel let you know which of their plants made the Core i7 you get from Newegg?

Intel labels parts made on different processes with different part numbers. That allows you to choose which processor you want.

They're not the same part number; the model number A9 is the same. The internal part numbers were APL0898 and APL1022.

It's clear from my post I'm talking about the phone part number that the customer uses to order, not the internal Apple part number for the two different processors made on two different processes from two different companies with different performance.

Comment Re:Too little, too late (Score 0) 262

...they need to have different part names and model names for these products.

That would allow customers to make an informed decision on which product to buy, the 6sm or the 6ss. Apple won't allow that. If they are marking these products with the same part number at least they should call it the "6?", as in what will you get?

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