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Comment Re:Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 1) 192

Well, I was only really talking about original content. Their licensed selection is stellar for children, and just all right for grown-ups, but yeah you have probably seen everything worth watching already, Same with any streaming provider... or TV provider in general.

I subscribe to Hulu, HBONow, netflix, and amazon prime, and I can tell you that even with HBO's general "We only have real movies" policy (as opposed to amazon and netflix, which have tons of B movies) there is never anything to watch on HBO besides original, just like any other streaming service.

Comment Netflix has a unique and obvious strategy. (Score 5, Interesting) 192

Netflix is the first media company with the business model of "Give the customers exactly what they want."

It is very refreshing. They are in the business of TV wish fulfillment, and nobody has ever done that before. Since the dawn of television, content owners and broadcasters have been in the business of telling customers what to watch. Netflix seems to make the shows that I want, exactly how I want them, it's so unusual that it almost feels like a trick.

I pay $144/year (because I have a big family and we pay a higher rate for more simultaneous streaming licenses), but it is a bargain. Just for the Marvel Series' alone I would have paid that much for DVDs.

Comment Re:Really, this happens in America? How?? (Score 4, Informative) 180

Most areas in the US have 1-2 broadband providers. And in areas where people actually subscribe to Verizon FIOS, the only other option (if there is one) is a far slower connection. In my home town (before Frontier took over for verizon), your choices were: 2mbit DSL or 100mbit FIOS

No voting with your feet when the country is 40 times bigger than the UK, geographically speaking, and under-served in the broadband market.

Comment home: Games (Score 1) 326

Home computer is set up for games, which unless you are in denial means Windows and Steam.
My "laptop" is a 2 in 1 tablet running windows 10 and set up for writing (I write shitty novels as a hobby)
My work computer runs Mint, but the real magic happens in all the Docker images that let me run and debug a mini copy of our production system.

Comment Re:Potentially more abuse prone than the H1B visa (Score 1) 355

Sorry I did not mean to imply that H1B holders were worse, just that they can be (and are) treated worse, because it is objectively harder to quit from a job if you are on an H1B guest worker

Someone's immigration work status is not a measure of how good or bad they are at their job, but it is a reliable measure for how difficult it is to quit, i.e. how bad someone can be treated (including pay) before they leave.
A green card worker or a citizen worker can walk away from a crappy job MUCH easier than an H1B worker. Making them more competitive with each other (which is a good thing if you are a good engineer, and a bad thing if you are a bad engineer.)

Comment Re:Potentially more abuse prone than the H1B visa (Score 4, Insightful) 355

People with green cards compete with American engineers on their level. People with H1Bs tend to undercut salary and/or bullshit tolerance level requirements of American citizens, by A LOT. H1Bs are A LOT worse for good engineers than green cards are. As far as citizens go: Good and bad engineers should be scared of H1Bs, but only bad engineers should be scared of green cards.

Comment Growing number of "virtual assistants" (Score 1) 204

It is important to distinguish between human and machine interaction. I think we are quickly approaching being a society where the only way you will be able to tell if someone is addressing you is if you are using honorifics and civil platitudes; otherwise you will assume people are addressing one device or another.

In cultures throughout history people have used familiar pronouns vs formal pronouns to distinguish between intimate conversation and public conversation.

We will see if this ends up being the paradigm for machine vs human interactions, but I have a strong suspicion that we are verging on a new social norm, where you can assume "rude sounding" people are talking to their computer/'phone and "cordial" sounding people are talking to you.

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