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Comment Re:Ok. Why weak. (Score 1) 313

I agree that it's a mistake to believe that the original movies were great films. Good, yes. Enjoyable, absolutely. Great cinema, no. They were basically 30's serials updated with current (at the time) special effects. The prequel trilogy didn't really deviate from the pattern, except for more modern special effects.

Comment Re:Agreed (Score 1) 236

Currently in the U.S., government workers outside of the military are better paid than their private sector counterparts.


I do hear a lot of complaints about overly generous govt. pensions, but it seems to me those are often offset by sub-par salaries and bonuses.

Comment Re:Anyone else have this problem? (Score 1) 195

Sadly I think it's usual wear and tear. I've had the same problem on a couple of Dell Latitudes - even though it was only a slow drift, it seemed to be something to do with a gradual shift of the components on the circuit board. I found sometimes that picking up the laptop and physically "twisting" it a little ameliorated the problem. Or caused it to get worse. Either way, it had some effect, so by manipulating the main body of the laptop itself I was often able to cure the problem. Until it p*ssed me off too much and I bought another cheap laptop...

Comment Re:Just a thought (Score 1) 466

Ah, you must be Steve Jobs, or one of his buddies.

No. I am somebody who has had the product for a year and a half who has decided to share some details of that experience.

Why don't you list off a few products that you've used for a while that you really like. I'll pick the one that I haven't used before and write you a page-and-a-half essay on why you should hate it. Mainly I'll focus on what it doesn't do because, for some reason, that matters more than what it does do that is making you feel the purchase was worthwhile. Then, when you tell me why your experience with your reality didn't line up with what my theory said would happen, I'll just pretend I don't understand what a satisfied customer is and call you a fan-boy. How does that sound?

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