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Comment Re:There's one insurmountable downside for me. (Score 2) 59

Did you miss the part about not buying a WiiU because there was nothing in the catalogue to make it worth it? A single Zelda game, no matter how good, is not going to change that

With a new console out, Wii Us are likely to come onto the used market, making it significantly cheaper to acquire, potentially enough so that it is worth it for the one game.

Comment Re:Good luck with that (Score 1) 181

So you're saying that if EA stopped putting out regular-remakes of their sports franchises, and instead only released a game when it was good, worthwhile, and offered something new... that would be a bad thing?

No, but their apparent inability to e.g. complete or even progress the story-line of Half Life certainly irks many, since "every 3 months" has turned into "9 years and counting".

Comment Re:Why wasn't this caught in peer review? (Score 1) 183

Your comment is incorrect in every particular.

For starters, the person being quote-mined is a woman, Dr. Diane Harper.

She had (this was back in 2009) two concerns regarding the vaccine, namely the data about the persistence of immunity (data at the time showed it would last at least 5 years, but they didn't have data about past that) and the way the vaccine was being marketed (she was concerned that the way the vaccine was being advertised may lead to women forgoing screening tests such as pap smears as they figure that they don't need them as they were vaccinated).

Comment Re: That radar really worked well in florida eh el (Score 1) 166

It's a little more than that. Autopilot combines adaptive cruise control (matches speed of traffic ahead), lane-centring assist (automatically turns to keep you in the middle of the lane if you drift around), automatic emergency braking (if you get too close to something at speed and it will automatically hit the breaks if you don't), and automatic lane changing (hit the signal and it changes lanes for you).

Except for the lane changing trick, none of these are new things. Adaptive cruise control has existed since the 90s (Mercedes' Distronic system), automatic lane centring since 2003 (Honda's Lane Keep Assist System), and automatic braking also became available in 2003 (Toyota's Pre-Collision System). The latter is also going to become mandatory for all new cars in the USA and EU in 2022.

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