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Comment Re:Consistency people (Score 4, Insightful) 372

Yup, but not on my desktop itself.

I only see those notifications when I visit google's webpage as part of (or in place of) other ads.

As opposed to a 'notification area' being used as an advertising area. It'd be nice though if they made a button called 'yeah I acutally know what i'm doing, leave me alone' ... I mean besides installing linux of course.

Comment Re:The price hike is minimal... (Score 2) 450

How exactly can they play hardball when they don't 'own' anything but their subs? While novel, there's nothing all that unique or profound about the platform itself.

Subs aren't that hard to gain (or lose) in large quantities. Especially millenials are quick to dump for the new trend. Amazon, hulu, and plenty of others are ready, willing, and eager (and trying) to take over the space themselves.

Unless I'm mistaken, netflix is in AWS so amazon obviously has the capacity to server up everything that netflix does (and more) ... given licensing to do so. So if netflix told the big movie studios to go suck it, i'm sure amazon would happily use that to negotiate something.

Even audio streaming is struggling because of licensing costs an order of magnitude higher than broadcast radio.

Comment Re:They forgot an S (Score 2) 195

Somewhere buried in my garage are two modded xbox consoles which...should one go download the "omg so illegal" ROMS, would play NES, SNES, GB, GBA, GBC, MAME, and a bunch of older 1st and 2nd gen console and handheld games.

And hey...all 20,000-30,000 game ROMs happily fit in something like 25GB. I mean, of course, if you were the type of person who would posess said ROMs without proper licensing agreements from all the companies. Of course.

It's a cute idea though and for the price I might just get one myself. Hopefully there's a uSD slot so we can add more ROMs.

Comment Re:The ultimate Honeys pot (Score 1) 92

That's not entrapment. They already signed up on a website for cheating spouses. There's clear intent to participate. While the ultimate decision to go ahead with the action in a particular circumstance is up in the air, that's outside the bounds of entrapment.

For this to be entrapment AM would have needed to send someone to specifically solicit an individual to cheat out of the blue. e.g. hired girl approaches married target out of the blue and a asks him to sleep with her. THAT'S entrapment.

Guy goes to a singles mixer and a girl hits on him evem though she knows he's married but wants to mess with him, that's not entrapment.

Replace dating with a crime (drug purchase works well) and now we have a better understanding of entrapment.

Comment Re: The Taste must have been fired also (Score 2) 474

This isn't unique, new, or even unusual.

Layoffs result in immediate, long-term improvement to a comanies run-rate. That almost inevitably leads to a boost in share price which ties directly to the financial rewards senior execs get and have.

The business will figure out how to make due with crappy, underpaid, foreign employees (usually)...and in the meantime you cut out a huge amount of recurring cost. Thus, the company is in a better financial situation and bonuses all around for those who are in power.

Look at it from another side: if you could lay off some portion (be it 5% of 50%) of your workforce and still have the company be viable...AND get a multi-million dollar bonus out of the deal plus have your stock options be work millions more...who honestly wouldn't?

Comment Re:what happens if someone dies (Score 1) 198

Part of it is the fact that there are so many independent data points to remember. In theory SSO-type mechanisms would work but in reality there's a different code, password, PIN, and combination for any number of things.

I work outside of the medical field and we've implemented SSO for quite a few things...and there's still a dozen accounts the typical user needs to know and remember. It basically falls under "yeah SSO for everything...but hey here's this new tool/site/app that you need for some other critical function and it doesn't integrate with our SSO" Oops...

Comment Re:Just amazing (Score 1) 198

You also have to take into account physical access, not just the interwebz. Drug carts, supply rooms, medical pumps, etc. all need to be protected from the patients that are in the same room/area as they are.

Yeah, someone might remote in and hack the drug cart to open up and dispnse lots of morphine to their friend who stealths in on a fake sickness...or the junkie who goes to the ER every other week for a hot meal and a shower figures out how trivial it is to get into the cart with a a fixed punch-code or when the nurses forget to fully close it and steals 10 amules of morphine.

Comment Re:This seems dangerous (Score 1) 482

Just because you can point out a situation within his situation that invalidates it under specific circumstances doesn't invalidate the general premise.

There are many situations where being able to reach someone quickly in an emergency can make a big difference on the outcome.

This is nothing more than a pretentious move by a narcissistic performer who doesn't actually understand the mentality of their fans.

Comment Re: So no more crappy cell phone videos (Score 1) 482

If something is 'free' for you, then you're likely the product. Facebook/google/etc. - your preferences and habits and eyeballs are sold to advertizers. ladies night at bars...yeah the ladies are the product being sold to men willing to come and buy lots of drinks (including for the ladies who otherwise drink for free which i find comical) and the list goes on.

EULA's are comical, ridiculous, and one of these days need to be banned or at least severely curtailed. A ~20+ page 'agreement' which is effectively impossible to understand without a law degree that changes on a whim even for a minor completely ridiculous and abusive.

Comment Re: So no more crappy cell phone videos (Score 1) 482

So your version of enjoy vs. other's version of enjoy. Sorry, I forgot that your preferences trump others just because they're based on an older way of doing things.

Yeah, a sea of cell phone screens is a nusiance at times...but the same argument can be made for people standing, singing along, jumping around, dancing, eating, etc. I think it's comical that performers think cell phone video, even actual camcorder video, from someone in the crowd is going to replace attending a concert. It's about the same as people who watch bootleg DVDs of some just-released movie. They wouldn't have paid to see it in the theatre anyway...but they tell their friends how great it is and some of those invariable DO go see it.

Don't worry...I'll get off your lawn too.

Comment Low drug use rate...or high cheating rate? (Score 1) 760

So either the poor have an extraordinarily low (1/10th) drug use rate, opposite of nearly every other notion, understanding, or evidence among those living in poverty...or they're simply better at beating the drug tests.

I hope /. realizes how simplistic it is to beat a urine test...though I sincerely doubt those making the decisions do.

Comment Re:Sign 'I don't agree' on all HR paperwork (Score 1) 223

I'm no expert and don't know your situation... ...but I'm guessing you aren't an expert either. There may be other reasons that make sense why they haven't done this which you don't know or understand. I can't even count the number of times a non-techie suggested a "great idea for IT" that sounded good on paper but was utterly useless or unrealistic.

Or maybe HR is that stupid :)

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