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Comment Paypal email spoof (Score 1) 238

I and my friends have encountered these scams numerous times. The scam actually revolves around Paypal, and not craigslist or whatever the listing / auction site is. They open up a conversation to obtain your email address (that's how craigslist works, unlike eBay which specifically discourages people from communicating outside their system). Once they have your email address they say they're sending money, and *oops* they "overpaid" by accident. They send a spoof "You've Got Money!" Paypal email from some domain that contains "paypal" in the domain in some way. Usually crap like That is the key to the whole thing, is that fake Paypal email that makes it look like they paid.

Then they immediately start threatening legal action unless you refund them the amount they overpaid. However, instead of Paypal, they insist the money be sent via Western Union.

That's basically it. They typically copy / paste some background story about them being out of the country or something, and they'll have a transport service come get the vehicle. The "marine biologist on a ship doing research" is a story they were using a lot a few years ago.

Comment Re:Sue him! (Score 1) 96

I realize you're making a joke, but LeBron had the right to show the video to his teammates, because it was a private viewing, and no admission fee was charged. Now, had they played the video on the Q Arena's Jumbotron to 20,000 people then there would be licensing issues involved (but still not copyright infringement, as you say).

Incidentally, Stanford holds the copyright to the video, no Jobs' estate.

Comment Neutral (Score 5, Insightful) 221

He exited his car while it was in neutral on his steep driveway, and he got pinned between his car and the brick mailbox. This goes to show how incredibly easy it is to make one tiny mistake and pay for it with your life. If I had to guess, I would say he was trying to hop back into the car to stop it. It could have happened to any of us - in one instant, before you realize, it's too late. RIP and if anything can come of this, hopefully the rest of us can learn to take one extra moment to make sure that what we think of as a mundane, simple thing is not overlooked.

Comment Re:title seems to be misleading, at best. (Score 4, Informative) 263

Two problems with your statements.

The first is the terminology. Instead of referring to them as "baseload" plants, they are now calling them "portable dispatchable power" and they're in the form of natural gas turbines. So yes, there is still backup "baseload" power generation that is non-renewable. The fact that it may be smaller scale and distributed does not change the fact that it is still non-renewable, serves the baseload needs, and runs off of fossil fuel. They might be more efficient in that they can spin up faster and don't cost as much as idling, say, a nuclear power plant, is the only difference.

The second is that Germany falls back on power from France and the Czech Republic (both mainly nuclear power), for example, to meet their baseload needs. They have a crutch to lean on whenever, as they are totally surrounded by other countries whose grids they are connected to. How's that supposed to work in a country like the USA? Grab power from Mexico when needed? LOL You try to look at Germany as a stand-alone shining example of what the USA is supposed to be, yet when you take Europe as a whole you see that it isn't technically possible for it all to generate power like Germany does.

I just think it's funny how your post talks so adamantly how baseload generation can totally go away but you talk around it and never say how that is supposed to happen.

Comment Re:Justice is blind (Score 4, Insightful) 284

If it was some average joe then Gawker wouldn't have made a lot of money in web traffic off of the video. If it was some average joe then no one in their personal circles or employers would know or find out if it was on some web site, because it wasn't plastered all over the national news alerting everyone.

Comment Re:Canada gets screwed by the AGW scam (Score 1) 327

I'm not sure this has to do with AGW in the first place. The cost of renewables like solar have dropped an incredible amount in recent years. There is no conspiracy or "screwing over" of fossil fuel producers. Look at the historic price of solar panels. We're way under the "magical" $1 per watt price now, which people had been predicting for years. It was well known that low of a price of solar panels would cause significant adoption of solar power generation.

My other point is fossil fuels are finite. Was Canada expecting to economically produce oil at their current rate for the next hundred years? It's not going to last that long. Whether the transition happens now, or 50 years from now, it's going to happen either way.

Comment What's the cause? (Score 1) 288

According to the stats (direct link:, Windows share fell by 1.8% across a single quarter. However, iOS's share fell by an even greater amount: 3.1%. Android's share increased by 5.3%. This could be because of a new market coming online, or China or India's growth in smartphone purchases (which would consist mostly of low-end Android phones).

The important statistic is the percentage in North America, which is responsible for the vast, vast percentage of app purchases. iOS share continues to grow in the USA, with Android and Windows staying fairly flat. iOS seemed to gobble up nearly every bit of Blackberry market as that platform diminished, which is how it grew while the others stayed flat. (source:

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