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Comment Marchionne has been seeking partners (Score 1) 48

Sergio Marchionne, CEO of FCA, has been running around telling anyone who would listen that the auto company is going to need more partnerships in design and production. The rest of the industry has been saying "no, no we don't" and laughing at them for being failures. Well, I doubt they're laughing now. The auto industry has been alternately concerned and intrigued about the idea of partnering with Apple or Google on a self-driving car, because getting them involved will create some disruption in the market and the auto companies have had a good thing going here selling us minorly-revised crap for a long time.

Comment Doctors think they're smart (Score 1) 99

And hey, they're right, but they're not infallible.

Neither are computers, but they're closer.

Right now, expert systems are ALREADY better than doctors at making diagnoses. The only part they can't handle is doing the actual inspection and questioning of the patient, and that part is coming fast.

What will prevent us from using them? The AMA. They lobby to make it harder to become a doctor, in order to keep down the supply of health care professionals. The AMA is evil, and must be destroyed.

Comment Re:2400 security issues in 5 years (Score 1) 31

And with 1 security issue a day do you really want to put your "private" info on that system.

I have never understood why anyone has ever used anything other than "public" on social networking, because the only safe thing is to assume that it's all public anyway.

With that said, I picked up a habit for public blathering with my first website when I was 15, and the web was shiny and new. It doesn't seem to be going away.

Comment Re:Uh... really? (Score 1) 199

Bomb Soul into the ground?

Assuming they even can do that any more, why would they do that in retaliation for being bombed by us? And what makes you think that we couldn't bomb and drone strike them into oblivion before they could manage that? We probably know where the vast majority of their military assets are located. We've been spying on them since time was time, and we can do it from space.

Comment Re:This doesn't make sense. (Score 1) 201

Right, cuz waste management isn't a thing.

It is a thing, but a lot more gets landfilled than you would like to see. They don't break open every bag on purpose, and they are not scrupulous about even getting things out of the pile. At my local landfill I have seen electronics get pushed into the compactor with everything else. Most of them just get thrown into the trash when they break, and if they're small enough they go right into a bag and nobody ever sees them.

Comment Wait, what? (Score 1) 91

Since it's derived from carbon, graphene-based e-papers can be easily produced cost-effectively.

Look, one thing does not follow from the other. Carbon fiber is made from carbon, but it's expensive as hell because of the necessary energy input. So what makes this stuff cheap? TFA doesn't say, either.

Comment Re:pretty poor science (Score 5, Insightful) 334

Or are you seriously suggesting that given the choice of drowning or spending money in moving we as a civilization will choose to drown?

Who is this 'we'?

I think the elite will choose for you and I to drown, if they can arrange it. If the land area is reduced, the carrying capacity will be reduced.

Comment Re: Yeey, less than 90% to go (Score 1) 349

Different AC. The Windows 8 UI is annoying, yes. But the system is decent. Windows 10 might be okay without the telemetry and without it being forced on users.

I would be running Windows 10 right now if it weren't for telemetry. However, it is. So I won't.

I have Windows 7 Pro, and I am quite happy with it for all the things I don't do on Linux Mint. It makes me feel dirty to say that, but it's true. The UI leaves some things to be desired, but it is pretty fantastic on the whole. In the places where it fails, I've had problems with Linux and even OSX, although I haven't touched the latter since 10.5 and one would hope it's come along since.

I used to use Nautilus, Emerald, and Compiz to give me a sort of Mac-Like Linux desktop, with Windows XP in VMware (Server, at the time, since that's what was free for Linux) to handle the corner cases. I was very fond of that, but Emerald is only occasionally maintained any more and I'm not up to the challenge.

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