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Comment Re: in other news (Score 1) 325

All the negative word of mouth about 10 are connected to the telemetry being forced on, and the windows updates from 7/8 being obnoxious.

don't forget the typical lack of drivers. all of my hardware is pretty recent (except my printer, which speaks PCL and PS) so I suspect it would all work OK, but telemetry is a non-starter. But a lot of people are having driver problems of the usual sort that tends to accompany a new windows version. really the only time that hasn't been true has been win2k->winxp, and vista->win7... for obvious reasons. Every other windows upgrade is accompanied by the sound of pocketbooks emptying as people buy new printers, multifunction devices, and scanners in particular. A while later, they show up at a flea market or yard sale for a few bucks, and then I use them with Linux.

Comment Re: in other news (Score 1) 325

Which action gave Microsoft permission to install the forced upgrade?

I can't speak for everyone, but I can say with surety that Microsoft asked me for my permission to install Windows 10. They asked me fairly early, so it was before the full extent of telemetry was well-known, and I said yes. I am still running Windows 7; I cancelled the process, then went on to hide updates, and use GWX Control Panel to "make sure" that something Microsoft does in the future doesn't bring it back. I've also used this thread to compile a batch to remove the offensive updates (telemetry, windows 10 related, etc) which I would paste here if allowed. But it isn't. It's not a difficult exercise anyway.

Comment Re:I'm making money off it. (Score 1) 325

I don't care if I had to play retarded clones of Solitaire and the snake maze game(s). I would NOT reward M$ for DirectX and that's what people are doing by using Windows for gaming.

If you want to play more than a handful of AAA titles, your choices are Microsoft, Microsoft again, or Sony. You know it's sad, but true. The situation is improving, but it is improving slowly. It's got four years to improve sufficiently that I don't need Windows. The only question then will be whether I'll be able to run Steam without systemd...

Comment Re:security best practice? (Score 4, Insightful) 422

Not sure why the GP was marked as troll, it stated the problem very clearly, and the parent of this, nohup response is a very good, perhaps best response. You should NOT leave user processes active post logout unless they are specifically declared as such,

Here's the problem with your idea. These processes are already killed when you log out if you haven't done something to detach them from their PPID. That's already the default. Now the problem is that systemd will kill even processes you have done that to, unless you reconfigure systemd. That is not arduous, but changing the default behavior should not be the default. I am Jack's total lack of surprise that the systemd developers would change default behavior, since that's what they have been up to all along. I am also unsurprised that many slashdotters who lack perspective are willing to share their utterly worthless opinions with the rest of us. It's not that these guys are trying to make improvements that rankles. It's the slipshod quality of their efforts, and their arrogant insistence that they know better than the giants of computing history that figured this stuff out to begin with. They put together an extremely compelling system that we are still using, knocking off, and reinventing decades later, and these systemd tools are sure that they were a bunch of morons.

Comment Re:From a security perspective... (Score 1) 422

But instead of using "nohup /program/ &" you use "systemd-run --user -scope /program/".
So a slight change in syntax, not a big deal IMHO.

Because I use Unix and not Windows for servers, I expect scripts I wrote ten or twenty years ago to still function without changes. This particular problem could probably be solved by simply adding a wrapper script, but a) that's obviously something that should come with systemd and not including it is irresponsible, and b) making this the default is also irresponsible.

Comment Re: Well fuck you, systemd (Score 1) 422

In the movie Fahrenheit-451 you're the dude gleeful that all the clutter is being cleared away.

Perhaps there is a happy middle ground. It's a fact that a super-cheapass PC these days can run a whole bunch of virtual machines each more powerful than a PC of not that long ago. If you have anything that makes enough fan noise to bother anyone, then it's probably past time to let go of it for a whole bunch of reasons.

With that said, I'm still dragging an Amiga 1200 around

Comment Re: EU should act over forced upgrades via decepti (Score 4, Funny) 325

Care to share the actual damages you suffered at the hands of this free update reminder?

My time. I could have used it to better myself, or masturbate or whatever.

Please don't tell us you were tricked into installing it since you don't use Windows

Who told you that? I talk about using Windows all the time. I paid for Win7Pro, on purpose.

and according to you, you are the smartest motherfucker ever to walk the face of the earth.

Alas, I still talk to ACs, so that can't possibly be the case.

Comment Re:Vox (Score 1) 56

It's an "explainer cardstack" about a meme that I guarantee you have not heard of or seen if you are out of junior high school.

Sorry, I get some of my best memes (one might say "dankest", if they were some kind of retard) from someone who talks like they're still in junior high school. So alas, I do know waddup. And this is one of the dumbest memes that evar happened.

Comment Re:I don't have a FB account (Score 1) 49

Now imagine that some stranger that works at the art gallery (in a dark suit and sunglasses, 'cause it's creepier) sees your name sharpied under your photo, then goes through every other photograph that they have access to, including all those drunk frat party photos from the 90s

Well, thank god I was never in a frat, I don't have to worry about people thinking I'm a rapist. If people tagged me in photos that are out there the most incriminating thing you'd find out is that I'm a grower and not a shower.

Comment Re:Bullshit (Score 1) 320

No, they're vaguely related. They both involve taking and using something that you didn't create. Of course, they're related in much the same way that bumming a stick of chewing gum and stealing a car are related....

No. They're related in much the same way that copying a cookbook and picking up a copy of a take-home menu are related. The cookbook costs money, and you have to pay. The take-home menu is provided for your benefit, and it is free.

Comment Re:Subject of Comment (Score 0) 214

Blatantly false. When was the last time you bought even a toaster that wasn't made to a certain safety standard? They have to be grounded,

I've owned dozens of toasters, and only about two of them have been grounded. I think both of them were actually ovens. And I've owned non-grounded toaster ovens.

they have to have a certain amount of protection around the elements.

They do to get sold in most stores, but not to be sold in the USA. Most stores will only give shelf space to something with a UL mark (in the USA) or a CE mark (lots of other places.)

Houses have to be built to code,

Which mandates clapboard shitshacks

drugs are tested before going on the market.

Oh fuck, don't even get me started on how wrong you are there.

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