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Comment Re:TIOBE methodology is so flawed it's pointless (Score 1) 535

Dude, it's a long-term study. It doesn't matter if their metric isn't the absolute bestest metric you could come up with to measure impact etc. right now. What matters is that their metric works over several decades and that the results remain comparable between then and now.

tl;dr -- you want to look at the graphs, not the numbers.

Comment Re:TFS is a bit light on details (Score 2, Interesting) 181

Except that with multiprocess concurrency (i.e. non-multithreaded Apache on Unix), you actually gain in a NUMA setup like the Opterons have been from day 1. See, in the optimum case in a NUMA environment, the server process that handles a request gets an entire memory bus for itself. That's far more scalability than with multithreading in the absence of memory duplication, which AFAIR Linux doesn't implement on a per-thread basis in the same address space.

This is why Opterons practically own the 4-socket x86 space: unlike with Intel's older "hub-style" busses, on a NUMA system aggregate memory bandwidth goes up as sockets are added because the number of memory busses increases also.

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