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Comment Re:Hardly secret or surprising (Score 1) 484

The only stealth fighters that crashed were...

S/N 79-0785 was lost on 20 April 1982 during takeoff on its maiden flight in California, recovered.
S/N 80-0792 was lost on 11 July 1986 in California, recovered
S/N 85-0815 was lost on 14 October 1987 in Nevada, recovered
S/N 82-0801 was lost on 4 August 1992 in New Mexico, recovered
S/N 86-0822 was lost on 10 May 1995 in New Mexico, recovered
S/N 81-0793 was lost on 14 September 1997 in Maryland during air show, recovered
S/N 82-0806 was lost on 27 March 1999 in Serbia, not recovered

No stealth fighters crashed or were lost in Iraq or Kuwait


Comment Re:Addicted much? (Score 2) 208

I know I really do not understand the need to be using your smart phone that much. I see people sitting in hot tubes at my gym using them, and it's like do you really need to be connected so much you can't be away from your phone for 30 min?

How did these people function pre-smartphone?!

Comment Re:Useful tool for some (Score 0) 265

I had the same disdain for social networking as most of the /. crowd until a very close friend who had moved far away lost her husband and requested that her friends join Facebook so she could correspond with us.

Why is she on facebook and not out looking for him!?!?!?!

Comment Re:Actually, the New Yorker article was quite tame (Score 1) 426

...ALL superstitions are evil because they are untrue, and propagation of lies is evil. Scientology is merely a newer lie more easily exposed.
Faith is shit, prove thy superstition or expect no respect, for superstition deserves none nor do believers therein.

In the absence of "superstitions" and/or faith or whatever you're ranting about, *there is no evil*. The whole concept of good and evil is based on the belief in something. Please at least try to be internally consistent when spouting about who does and does not deserve your respect. *rolls eyes*

Comment Re:If it can help reduce random violence (Score 2) 138

At the very least I'm are you gonna get laid going to such bars? I mean, unless you're married (and sometimes even if you are) isn't one of the main reasons for going to a bar is to find a good looking chick to hook up with?

That ain't gonna happen in a place where people are randomly throwing punches (or worse).

Poor english to english translation. They're confusing getting laid out with getting laid.

Comment Re:Eh, it was probably right (Score 1) 166

hey are on the low side here. We have several great teppanyaki places here. The only thing keeping benihaha from obscurity is their past reputation, their name, that they had deep pockets when they picked their location and yuppies who have no taste. There two locally owned teppanyaki places local to me and one fantastic sushi place. I love locally owned businesses as they pay taxes to local government and are a part of the community. In all three of those restaurants I am greeted by name if the server knows me and I've never gotten a bad meal.

You have to go look for them rather than stop in the mall's choke and puke outlot area or the faux trendy areas with 'upscale' chains that slop mystery sauce and near dehydrated veggies in a wok and serve it too you without having too much of the cooks sweat as an added awesome sauch.

Gah! Pretentious much?

Comment Re:type of game matters! (Score 1) 220

I think it is more to do with the competitive nature of games. In real life the best way to drive is considerately and somewhat cautiously, but in a game the only thing that really matters is beating everyone else to the finish line.

It sounds like somebody doesn't drive in a location with a lot of bad traffic.

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