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Comment Re: Why Not On Release Day And For A Regular Price (Score 1) 124

Not at all. There are movies that release directly to TV, YouTube, NetFlix, etc. There are games (I have some) that install directly and don't utilize the Internet. There is commercial software (I have some) that installs sans DRM and can magically be put on machines not connected to the Internet at all and still function fully.

Comment It ain't the movie. (Score 1) 124

It's the whole thing that I pay higher prices for.

I go to a theater to lose myself in cobbled up surroundings I'm not responsible for and simply order goodies off the shelf instead of having to cook them so I can nibble as I watch whatever it is on a huge screen with bombastic sound when required.

I'm going to pay twice the amount to forgo all the things I like about movie going why?

If I'm forgoing the theater, I certainly don't care enough about the viewing delay to shell out twice what I didn't the first time. Hell, if I'm popping $30, I'll wait for the DVD instead of a one-off viewing.

Comment Re:We're not doomed [Re:We're Doomed.] (Score 1) 361

There is now and has been for a while significant changes going on. Those in a frenzy however, either believe or really wish that it were possible to throw a switch of some nature and it all be magically done. Those types will complain until that last 1% has been switched and then look for something else to complain about. It's the hysteria that's annoying about all this.

Comment Re:Use Mahindra & Mahindra (Score 1) 491

And you will be known locally as a jackass, not someone with an opinion who simply bought another brand. It will be remembered, and in short order you will be severely hamstrung in simply doing business with a lot of people because they will simply avoid you. Things don't work the same way in rural communities as they do in cities where there's always someone at hand you haven't purposely screwed over. And we tend to see Joe as someone caught in the middle of things, not a hostile adversary.

Comment Re:Open Tractor(tm) (Score 1) 491

You see out here in the midwest folks are mighty proud of the color of their tractor.

You must live in a very different part of the MW than I do. Around here, no one give a crap about the color of their tractor, only if it's reliable and you can see many examples of one farmer owning multiple brands of tractors.

Comment Yay! (Score 1) 405

No, I think most people are much smarter than many self-declared intellectuals like to admit. Most readers will instead correctly conclude that todayâ(TM)s intelligencia is full of shit. And I canâ(TM)t even blame them for it.

  Again, yay!, a physicist that isn't a pompous comic fanboi. Seriously, I cruise physics and astro sites regularly and it's almost embarrassing how many comic book concepts are written about as if they were reality on just the barest of mathematical hints.

Comment Re:Don't do what Evan Brown did (Score 3, Informative) 75

That's happened a couple times with me. What I did was cross out the terms I didn't like, initial and date them and return the form. One time they simply counter signed and filed them, the other they didn't like it but after I told them that was the contract I'd sign, they did as well.

Never sign away anything you haven't been paid to do.

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