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Comment Whatever the heck they want (Score 1) 336

You are spending like $150K/year minimum on each developer by the time benefits/real estate costs/etc are factored in. Don't you want every last bit of their productivity? Let them order whatever system they want from Best Buy and structure your security policies so that they don't get in the way of what they need to be done. Drive encryption/strong passwords/2FA/remote admin access would be reasonable, locked down list of allowed apps is not.

Comment Re: Such Charity (Score 1) 77

Yes, you will be happy to know that bathrooms in space are 100% unisex. However you might need to bring along an adapter to achieve hermetic seal with any non-standard equipment that you might have. Remember that a space bathroom needs to suck your stuff off or it will float around the cabin in tiny droplets.

On that subject, please don't try the pull out method if you get busy with a crewmate.

Comment Re:In 18 years, a college degree will cost $0 (Score 1) 374

That's a nice point of view for the wealthy. For someone who is not making much money and needs training for a better job, the question is not "Does VR work", it's "How VR can be made to work the best it possibly can". There is no need for a PhD to teach college freshmen. In fact, they pretty much make graduate TAs do the work. And there are highly educated people in developing countries who will be happy to earn what for them is good money providing one on one online help when needed.

Of course eventually there is a need for hands on work on real objects and certification. But we can pare that down where those who mastered virtual training travel to a specialized center for a week per semester while saving money by living at home for the rest of the time.

Comment In 18 years, a college degree will cost $0 (Score 1) 374

A few skills, such as software engineering, can be already acquired 100% online. In two decades, VR will make majority of high education possible to acquire without human labor, or with help of professors from parts of the world with low cost of living. At this point, we will probably just fund the remaining costs like we do for K-12 schools.

Oh sure, ultra rich will keep their private colleges with dorms, football teams and fraternities. These things will just be understood to have nothing to do with education.

Comment Re:Quick question (Score 1) 77

If you actually read the essay, the proposed alternatives to Democracy are not monarchy or aristocracy. It's moving into new niches which are free from centralized government control, such as cyberspace, outer space or seasteading.

On the other hand, you have been drinking some cool aid. It's a straightforward fact that the more areas of your life are subject to democratic control, the less free you are to follow your individual wishes. Of course, this is sometimes necessary, and a better alternative than a King or Queen making the call. But we should be striving to minimize the number of things people are forced to do with a gun to their head, no matter who is the gunman.

Comment Charge money for commenting (Score 1) 185

The problem for charging for anything on Internet is difficulty of assessing value. I do not know if an article will tell me anything new until I read it. Comments are a good case where I am obviously interested enough to chime in, and posting one gives me potentially huge audience. So it's a good opportunity to raise quality bar and help reward the author at the same time.

And those too cheap to pay can still go chime in on umm... content aggregator websites.

Comment Don't fucking reboot (Score 4, Insightful) 249

If you are going to insist on automatic updates, ensure that they can be applied to a running system, up to hotswapping parts of the kernel. Or just back off. My system is not a toy and is certainly not your toy. You don't get to decide if I get interrupted either today or 3 days later,

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